ONEPLUS A5010_43_200423 Voice input issue via OnePlus 5T

  1. Prahlad_Rebala
    Cupcake Jun 5, 2020

    Prahlad_Rebala , via OnePlus 5T , Jun 5, 2020 :
    I am currently on Android 10 beta version - ONEPLUS A5010_43_200423.

    my voice input does not work for Zoom, Google Meet and House party. I have enabled access to the mic but still doesn't work.

    However it works in whatsapp. is this a known issue.

    Appreciate your help and inputs.

  2. SurajLoharia
    KitKat Jun 5, 2020

    SurajLoharia , Jun 5, 2020 :
    why haven't you flash the stable version yet
    you want to be on beta ?

    yes its known issue. and its better to continue in beta thread

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  3. Prahlad_Rebala
    Cupcake Jun 5, 2020

  4. Teekar.2023
    Gingerbread Jun 6, 2020

    Teekar.2023 , via OnePlus 5T , Jun 6, 2020 :
    You can download "oxygen updater" from the Google play store. This app let's you download and install official stable and ob builds very quickly before it even arrives in your region.

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