OnePlus Accessory Testers Recruitment

  1. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Aug 28, 2020

    Crystal Z. , Aug 28, 2020 :

    Hey everyone,

    How many electronic accessory products do you have with you? Whether it is an old recorder, or the latest gaming pad, our life becomes more interesting because of them.

    Now, your knowledge of them might make your life even more colorful! By sharing your experience on either your your most memorable, or most used accessory product in the community (Not limited to OnePlus products), you stand to become an official OnePlus Accessory Tester, for an exclusive opportunity of testing at least 3 products over the course of a year.

    Post the review in Accessories subforum, with a tag [Accessory Review Challenge] in your title so that we don't miss it.

    As we're stepping into 5G era, it would be cool if there're various review formats, such as vlog, gif, video, images, etc. Text can be an auxiliary tool or the main structure of your review. You make the decision.

    The challenge will be closed on Sept 15, and the best 5-10 reviewers will be able to experience future OnePlus accessory and gear prototype product before anyone else. You'll not only have the chance to try exciting new products, but also have direct connection with the product teams.

    • To enter, you must post your review of an accessory you own in Accessories subforum, with a tag [Accessory Review Challenge]. This should be new content, written by you.
    • Entries will be accepted until September 15, 11:59PM EST.
    • We only accept one entry per user, so make it count!
    • The winners will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), as they will be testing prototypes.
    • Testers will be able to test at least 3 new accessory products in a year.
    • Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

    Show us your talent!
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  2. Dresa91
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  3. IamIRONSman
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  6. fragargon
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    fragargon , Aug 28, 2020 :
    Hy Christal,

    Sounds interesting challenge.
    I will update the title'review made few days ago.

    edit: Title's thread updated :)

    Happy WE
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  7. alexjuillard
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  8. Batman360
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    Batman360 , Aug 28, 2020 :
    @Crystal Z. the reviews are best under User reviews instead of accessories. Could you please change it, as some of us already have accessories reviews under User Review sub forum and we don't want to nake a duplicate thread of the same.

  9. Batman360
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Aug 28, 2020

    Batman360 , Aug 28, 2020 :
    Yes very much! Thanks alot for the tag🔥

    Hahaha!! I wish they worked like that😂😂

  10. luxuskamel
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  15. NiyasAhamed
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  16. Girish.Pranav
    Jelly Bean Aug 28, 2020

    Girish.Pranav , Aug 28, 2020 :
    @Crystal Z., Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I was planning to post one of my review soon, now this gives me another good reason to do that! All the best for the others who are participating!

  17. Starcommander
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  18. Javvadibabajee
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