OnePlus battery exploded in pocket

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  1. PuresGift
    Honeycomb Aug 26, 2014

    PuresGift , Aug 26, 2014 :
    Original Thread: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/be-careful-my-one-has-burned.96724/
    Sorry, hadn't found it, @admins please close or delete...

    A user reported that his one exploded in his pocket!
    Without any reason he said. Whatch the pictures in the link.

    Official statment of OnePlus Carl Pei:
    I hope OnePlus will find the reason why that happened and will inform the users!
    OnePlus, please keep us up to date! @Carl @David S.

    Readmore: http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/0...ay-have-to-reevaluate-its-neversettle-policy/


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  2. GRBurst
    Eclair Aug 26, 2014

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  3. DRCH
    Marshmallow Aug 26, 2014

    DRCH , Aug 26, 2014 :
    1 guy under 100k...lol
    Happens With every phone
    If you realize it gets hot and the battery gets bigger, you should put it away
    But at this guy you can see, the battery is extremly bigger than normal, so the backplate is even deformed...
    Something like this doesnt happen, all of a sudden
    On my old phone the same happend :p but i realized as the Backcover was getting bigger
    I opened it and changed the battery ( OK in the OPO it is not changeble , but i see no challenge here)

  4. PuresGift
    Honeycomb Aug 26, 2014

    PuresGift , Aug 26, 2014 :
    Sorry, I used search function and couldn't found anything about it...

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  5. Milad
    Lollipop Aug 26, 2014

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  6. sien5
    Froyo Aug 26, 2014

    sien5 , Aug 26, 2014 :
    Ouch. But good on OnePlus for the response and actually reimbursing and all :). Let's hope this won't happen again.

  7. Ruta
    Project Manager Aug 26, 2014