OnePlus Buds: 30 Hours of Burdenless Audio Experience

  1. Pete
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    Pete , Jul 14, 2020 :

    Hi friends,

    Today, I want to share with you all something we've been doing for a while but never really talked about: headphones.

    Headphones are perhaps the most frequently used accessory with smartphones, and they were also one of the first products we ever developed.

    We decided to make our first headphones in 2015, and then in 2018, alongside the OnePlus 6, we introduced our first wireless headphones: Bullets Wireless.

    Just like with our smartphones, when we make headphones we start with the fundamentals, not of the engineering specs, but of the experience in using them. How should they look, feel, and sound? What can we do to make them faster, easier, and more effortless to use?

    And now, we’re welcoming a new member to our family of OnePlus headphones: our first true wireless earbuds, the OnePlus Buds.

    There’s a lot of demand in the market for true wireless earbuds nowadays, with many different types already available. But if you've tried them, you might have also realized that it's hard to find any that give you great performance at a reasonable price.

    With the OnePlus Buds, we think we’ve hit that sweet spot.

    A More Ergonomic Design

    Headphones are a very personal thing, and true wireless earbuds even more so.

    In fact, we've even found that some people who use true wireless earbuds use them more than use their phones.

    So when designing the OnePlus Buds, we wanted to make them more than comfortable enough for long wear.

    To do that, we used a half-in-ear design so the earbuds feel comfortable all day long.

    On top of that, we carefully refined the shape many times to make sure they sit securely in most people’s ears, so you can stay on the move without worrying about them coming loose.

    One Charge, 30 Hours of Use

    We noticed that, comparing to smartphones, our consumers charge their headphones on a less regular basis.

    With the OnePlus Buds, we wanted to take away some of the “anxiety” that comes with that unpredictability. Here, we gave the OnePlus Buds industry-leading battery life.

    To be specific, they are good for over seven hours of continuous use, and can be fully topped up more than three times from just their charging case, giving you up to 30 hours of use before you have to plug in again.

    The most important thing is that, even as their batteries run for longer, the OnePlus Buds are still exceedingly light at just 4.6 grams, while the charging case is just 36 grams, so they’ll never be a burden in your pocket.

    The Burdenless Experience

    Finally, and most importantly, everything comes down to the user experience itself.

    Compared to traditional wireless headphones, true wireless earbuds are much more demanding in terms of design and engineering. The sound quality, controls, connection stability—everything has to work just right.

    So we have taken the time to test, refine, and optimize, over and over again, to get every detail right. It’s the same approach we have always taken with our phones: creating a “burdenless” user experience, something that works just the way you need it to, without ever imposing on or limiting you in any way.

    The OnePlus Buds aim to give you that effortless, burdenless experience with a wide range of smartphones. But we also made a series of deeper optimizations to ensure that the OnePlus Buds work as seamlessly as possible with OnePlus phones. For instance, when in gaming mode on your OnePlus device, the OnePlus Buds achieve ultra-low latency, approaching the speed of wired headphones.

    There are so many details that went into these little devices, and much more to share, so I hope you’ll stay tuned for more once they launch.

    I hope that once you’ll try them, you’ll love them as much as we do.

    Never Settle

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    Awesome News!

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    Now that is some spectacular exciting news @Pete , looking forward for the final launch and experiencing it myself asap🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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