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  1. Batman360
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Aug 7, 2020

    Batman360 , Aug 7, 2020 :
    Review Buds Header Image.png

    Me: Hey guys, just got my new OnePlus Buds!!

    Everyone else: “Share some photos fam!”, “How’s the sound quality?”, “Does it have bass?”, “How’s the battery backup?”, “Does the sound lag while playing games?”, “What if you walk away from your device while on call with the Buds on, does it lose connection or produce static noises?”, “Do they support Dolby?”, “How comfortable are they? Will they fall out of the ears if I get too excited while listening to a song and start to bang my hand?”, “How’s the noise cancellation while on call or in general?”, “Are they costly?”, “What gesture controls does it have?”, “What all do you get in the box?”, ………

    Me: Okay, hold my beer!! *cracks knuckles*

    First things first:


    Tested on devices: OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus Nord, Redmi Note 7 Pro (which can be considered as non-OnePlus device.), Laptop, Fire TV Stick.

    Duration of testing: 1 week (aggressive testing).

    Testing criteria:

    1.) Gaming.

    2.) Music (Spotify Premium, JioSaavn, Wynk, Gaana).

    3.) Streaming Platform (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Youtube).

    4.) Calls (voice calls, video calls, recording).

    5.) Standby (literally forgot that they were there in my ears on 4th day of testing).

    Now you know all the BTS details. Let’s move on to the things about OnePlus Buds that are on their official website and Amazon (but you are too lazy to read them).

    P.S. All the shots are Shot On OnePlus 7 Pro, edited in Lightroom and compressed by YaImCo.

    Nerdy Details and Company Claims:
    1.) What’s included in the box:


    a.) OnePlus Buds (resting there being all small and cute.)

    b.) Charging cable (because why not!)

    c.) User Guide (which no one reads but they have very useful information which I will highlight in a separate section.)

    d.) Safety Information and Warranty booklet (please do read this, as this tells you how to keep your buds safe, surely will save your trip to their service center.)

    My views on Unboxing satisfaction: Sliding the box out of the cover >>> Sliding into the DMs. The way the box just comes out is so satisfying, especially that "Shhhhh" sound it makes while it slides out.

    2.) Specifications:


    a.) Colors available: White, Nord Blue, Gray.

    b.) Dimensions: Earbuds: 18.81 x 16.13 x 37.89 mm
    Case: 52.21 x 59.62 x 24.4 mm

    c.) Weight: Earbuds: 4.7 gms.
    Case: 37 gms.

    d.) Driver: 13.4 mm dynamic driver.

    e.) Driver sensitivity: 97 dB ± 3dB @ 1 KHz

    f.) Frequency Response Range: 20Hz – 20KHz

    g.) Microphone sensitivity: -38 dB ± 2dB

    h.) Bluetooth Version: BT 5.0

    i.) Wireless Range: 10 meters

    j.) Charging Type: Wired- USB Type-C

    k.)Time to fully charge (Earbuds + Case): Approx. 80 mins

    l.) Rated Capacity: Case: 420mAh (yes 420 :p)

    m.) Earbuds Battery: 35mAh (per earbud)

    n.) Playtime after fully charged: Up to 7 hours (music playback) + 4 hours (phone call)
    Up to 30 hours (music playback)

    o.) Fast Charge: 10 mins for 10 hours (charging box+earbuds)
    10 mins for 2 hours play time for the earbuds.

    a.) 30 hours of playback in total, combining the charge in both earphones and the charging case.

    b.) Charging and battery test results are based on OnePlus laboratory results (25° C) with a standard OnePlus adapter.

    c.) 30-hour battery life while playing music with volume is set at 50%, in AAC mode. This changes depending on the volume you use the earphones on, environmental interface, usage habits, etc.

    d.) A 10 minute charge keeps your music going for 10 hours (10 hours of endurance is from a combination of earphones and the box. You will need to put the earphones into the box after 2 hours.). A 10 minute charge keeps your music going for 2 hours with the earphones only. Fast charge your OnePlus Buds with ease using a standard adapter or Type-C USB charging cable. Requires 5V⎓1.5A adapter or higher. Charging performance may vary.

    e.) Only applicable when microphone is being used to record voice, such as taking a call or recording a voice message. Reduces ambient noise for the microphone.

    f.) Dolby Atmos (only supported on OnePlus 7 and above devices)

    g.) Dirac Audio Tuner (only supported on OnePlus Nord devices)

    h.) 103ms minimum latency (only applicable when Fnatic Mode is enabled on OnePlus 6 and above. Different games may generate different latencies)

    i.) IPX4: Data is based on test results in OnePlus labs. Earphones are IPX4 rated, but the box is not. Please avoid using the earphones during strenuous exercise or while in humid environment.

    j.) Customize the double tap function (only supported on OnePlus 6 and above devices): Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Bluetooth > OnePlus Buds’ Settings icon > Double click on left/right earbud

    k.) For OnePlus 6 and newer models, users should update regularly by OTA for the best user experience: Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Bluetooth > OnePlus Buds’ Settings icon > Auto-update firmware

    l.) Due to the nature of Bluetooth earphones, electromagnetic interference in the area may cause the connection to break. Based on the nature of wireless technology, when the device screen is on and transmits the Bluetooth sound signal at the same time, "delay" may occur in the audio and the video signals, meaning the sound may not synchronized with the picture.

    Enough of the official information, let’s get straight to the real world usage now.

    Charge up with Buds:


    The thing about battery is that, it dies! But with these Buds you would never feel it dying. OnePlus claims it to go for 30 hours. Well, I received the Buds on 6th August around 12:15pm IST, started using it at 12:20pm IST, with Left and Right Buds charged to 100% and the Case charged to 70% out of the box. The way I used my Buds on a single charge is described below:

    a.) Music: At 75-90% volume during day ~ 3 hours, 40-50% volume during night ~ 1 hour, every day for 3 days and 12 hours.

    b.) Gaming: Total of 4 hours of gaming in 3 days and 12 hours with 80-90% volume level.

    c.) Calls (voice and video included): Voice calling for approx. 2 hours and Video calling for approx. 4 hours in total during 3 days and 12 hours with 50% of volume.

    d.) Shows/Movies: Binge watched “The Simpsons” and watched 2 movies, total comprising of 4 hours per day in 3 days and 12 hours at 70% volume.

    e.) Standby (forgetting them in my ears): Total of 2 hours during 3 days and 12 hours.


    i.) Started charging the Buds for the first time at 9th August around 11:17pm IST and got a full charge of Buds + Case at 12:38am IST i.e. approx. 80mins. of charging.

    ii.) Full battery drainage of buds happens after approx. 6 total hours of listening to music at 70- 80% volume and watching shows at 70% volume.

    iii.) 10 minutes of charge gave around 8.5 hours of usage that is with Buds and Case included.

    iv.) 10 minutes of charge gave Buds around 1.75 hours of music playback at 80-90% volume.

    v.) When fully charged the LED on the Charging Case shows Green color and when drained, it shows Red color. The LED indicator is always Red while charging until it’s fully charged, then it shows Green color.

    vi.) Does not heat up while charging, except the LED area (heats a little). Depends on the nearby atmosphere, like if the AC is on, it will not heat up even a bit while charging.

    vii.) The case stops charging the buds when it’s at 10% charge. Now the buds are on their own battery backup which is about 6-7 hours depending on your usage.

    P.S. I never charged the buds completely after fully draining them. Kept them in a case for about 15 minutes and they showed 60% charged. Even you wouldn’t do that as you won’t be keeping the buds in your ears the whole time, you need to put them in the case and the case charges them back up.

    Rating: 10/10.

    All about being Burdenless:


    Note: I have a medium size ear i.e. the standard medium sized silicone ear-tips fits me perfectly. My mom’s and sister’s ears are small so the Buds really didn’t fit them and even if they fit with some adjustment to the angle, they felt really uncomfortable and for the larger ears like my dad’s they are perfect but falls out of the ears while head banging or running (not jogging, running).

    Now this being a plastic earbud, the day-wise comfort is as below:

    Day-1: The Charging Case in reality is smaller than shown in pictures, looks cute though. Coming to the Buds themselves, they felt hell lot lighter, fits perfectly, does not fall out of ears while running, head banging, no pain in ears. Though this was my first-time using earphone with plastic eartip after 7-8 years, so felt kind of weird at first, kept adjusting the Buds for no reason.

    Day-2: Constantly using the Buds for more that 2-3 hours, my ears started paining a bit at first and a little more after using it frequently. Felt really uncomfortable on this day had to give my ears a bit of rest as the buds felt like they were poking my ears.

    Day-3: The pain in the ear eased and I decided to use the Buds again and this time they felt normal in my ears again, didn’t feel any pain, they rested comfortably and didn’t even feel they were there. I guess my ears got used to the plastic tip, used it on standby for an hour and watched shows for 2-3 hours without any pain.

    Day-4: A little bit of pain came back while using the Buds but faded off quickly. Also, I found out that they are really comfortable while you use them with your ears pressed against the pillow while laying down.

    Day-5: Perfect fit, no pain, no weirdness, no uncomfortable-ness. And yes, they still DON’T fall out of the ears and here’s the aggressive head-bang test for you guys:

    So, don’t judge them by just one day of usage, give some time to your ears to adjust to the plastic eartip but again people with small ears, I don’t suggest you buying them.

    And oh about the charging case: So small that it could fit anywhere without you even noticing. Got the pouch from your previous BW-1 and BW-2? Use it here, the cute little charging case fits perfectly in that pouch.

    P.S. I suggested the team in AMA to make a pouch that could fit the Bullets wireless 1, 2 and Z perfectly in them, instead they came out with new TWS. Cards played right!! :p

    Headbang Test:

    P.S. If the video doesn't play in community app, kindly open it in browser.

    Rating: 8/10.

    Bang-bang, Boom, Footsteps Approaching, Vroom!!
    Games I played using the Buds: PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, Asphalt 9, PES 2020, Clash Royale, Zynga Poker. (Stop looking for Fortnite, it’s dead!)

    P.S. All these games were played on OnePlus 7 Pro.

    With Fnatic Mode “Off”: No latency/lag was faced in any of the game except in PUBG, normal users won’t notice it, but it lags just a bit and you will experience it while jumping (taking off and landing) or hearing your footsteps or others’.

    With Fnatic Mode “On”: “Am I wearing a TWS Buds? Seems I’m using a wired earphone!” I say this not because it feels like my Buds as wired to the phone but because I didn’t feel any sound lag or latency while playing any of the games including PUBG this time, everything was crisp clear and on-time! Every shot fired were heard accurately.

    Also, in Battle Royale games, my voice was clearly heard to my squad, every command, every Fs, every winning “YESSS” was perfectly communicated.

    Rating: 9.5/10.



    a.) Music:

    OnePlus 7 Pro: With Dolby Atmos “Scenario Based Enhancement” set to Dynamic and “Style Preference” set to Balance, the sound output was good, not the best but for this price point it is better than its competitions. At 90-100% volume, the bass is really good, every other instruments and vocals can be heard very clearly. At 70-90% the bass is good, definitely gives the thumps needed. Even at 50% the sound is decent with less bass ofcourse but I won’t be complaining because I am liking the sound it produces. They do not provide the in-ear experience but I am shocked and amazed, that they maintained an amazing sound quality with the plastic eartip. I really couldn’t hear outside world after the volume hits 60% and above. But the sound leaks outside at 80% and above volume.

    OnePlus Nord: With Dirac Audio Tuner in OnePlus Nord, I first used it setting “Scenario Based Enhancement” to Dynamic with “Style Preference” turned off. And it gave the same output as when paired with OnePlus 7 Pro. I didn’t feel any difference. But when I switched the Style Preference to Bass Boost, the thumps got crispier, well I’m a fan of bass and this setting gave me the exact fanboy moment.

    Redmi Note 7 Pro: With no Audio Tuner in this, the sound was still okay, highs were good, mids were pretty okay and lows were low. Bass output at 85% and up volume was really good. But with the tuner installed, the Buds would work pretty well.

    b.) Movies/Shows:

    OnePlus 7 Pro/Nord: Crisp and clear audio, perfectly surrounded balanced sound. No lag between audio and video at all. Even at 40% volume at night, I could hear all the dialogues perfectly without subtitles. All over a perfect sync.

    Fire TV Stick: Lags a little in the first pair, but then syncs perfectly with the video being played on the TV. Audio output is same as in OnePlus 7 Pro/ Nord.

    Rating: 8.5/10.

    Calls (Voice + Video) + Recording:


    Let’s categorize this section in 2 parts for better understanding:

    i.) The Ayee:

    a.) Audio is clear during voice calls. I could hear the person on the other end of the call clearly and vice versa.

    b.) Audio is clear during video calls. No lags between the audio and video, and if the lag occurs, that’s due to the cheap internet connect you have :p

    c.) I record audio while playing guitar and here even the recording seems to be decent via Buds. It’s amazing how these small cuties can capture so much of audio and that too pretty clearly.

    d.) No unexpected call/connection drops while on call.

    ii.) The Nayy:

    a.) I didn’t feel any environmental noise cancellation happening. The person on the other end of the call could hear the air coming from my fan and ac, even could hear the water running, car honks were audible too and this was same in the case of voice recordings. Hope it gets better with firmware updates.

    Rating: 8/10.

    All about Satisfaction:


    Have you heard of “Love at first sight”? I had exactly that just after unboxing it and have the first glance at them. I would literally not change anything about the Charging Case. I had my doubts about the Nord Blue color but damn it’s the best of all three, my second preference would be Gray. The signature Bullets Wireless design of concentric circles on the back of eartips is love! :hearteyes: Coming to the Buds itself, my ears my grown habitual to them now, but I would still prefer silicone eartips as they can fit any ear-type, may it be small, medium or large. Also, the stem could have been shorter but this one is fine too as it is easy to take the Buds out of the ears by pulling them out by the stem so that you don’t accidentally use the gestures on the Buds.

    The clicky-ness of the Charging Case is as satisfying as popping the bubble wraps or even better. I wish I could open and close the case the whole time without it being damaged but wouldn’t risk taking that chance (would be a cool new fidgeting toy though). The insertion of the Buds back into the case is even more satisfying, those magnets just suck the Buds in the case effortlessly again with a satisfying sound. The pulling out of Buds from the case could have been made easier too but it’s okay like this too.

    Satisfying Clicks:

    I am very much enjoying the all over design of both the Case and the Buds. My whole family loved how small the size of the case is to be honest and the Nord Blue color is just a cherry on top. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself 😉

    Rating: 10/10.


    Gesturing Gestures:

    OnePlus 7 Pro: Currently running Open Beta 17 build without the gesture support. So, the stock gestures I got are:

    a.) Double tap to pick up/end the call (both earbuds).

    b.) Double tap to skip to the next song (both earbuds).

    c.) Taking one earbud out of your ears to pause the music and again putting it in your ears to resume the music. This could happen even in the videos.

    d.) Press and hold down on a bud for 3 seconds to switch between paired devices.

    e.) Press and hold down on a bud for 5 seconds to reject a call.

    P.S. The music can still be played with one earbud in the ear, just hit the play button on your phone or touch the eartip sensor on the earbud that you took out of your ears to resume the music.

    Yes, I know, I feel like a caveman right now as I have to be near my phone to use TWS.

    OnePlus Nord: Well this have the gesture support but not of much use as of now, see for yourself:

    a.) Double tap on Right earbud: Choose only one:

    i.) Next Track.
    ii.) Previous Track.
    iii.) Google Assistant.
    iv.) Play/Pause.

    b.) Double tap on Left earbud: Choose only one:

    i.) Next Track.
    ii.) Previous Track.
    iii.) Google Assistant.
    iv.) Play/Pause.

    c.), d.) and e.) are same as in OnePlus 7 Pro running on Open Beta 17 build.

    Redmi Note 7 Pro: Exactly same as the OnePlus 7 Pro running on Open Beta 17 build.

    I really think they should come up with more gestures real soon. Some of the gesture ideas will be mentioned later in another section of this review.

    Rating: 5/10.

    Connect and pair quickly with your Buds:

    Ever been left alone while pairing with a buddy in a group project and there’s no one to pair with you? Well with the OnePlus Buds you will never have a pairing issue and they will definitely not leave you alone. Let me show you how they pair with ease with the following devices:

    a.) OnePlus 7 Pro: Just open and case and voila!! You will get a notification to pair your device with the Buds. No need to click any buttons or anything, just tap on “Pair Now” and it’s done. It’s that simple! And you will hear a chime when you put an earbud in your ear, to notify you that now you are ready to listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite show.

    Screenshot_20200806-122644__01.jpg Screenshot_20200806-122655__01.jpg Screenshot_20200806-122703__01.jpg Screenshot_20200806-124338__01.jpg

    When Battery Level is:


    It shows (battery percentage of Buds):


    b.) OnePlus Nord: Same in the case with OnePlus Nord. Just open the case and your job is done.


    c.) Redmi Note 7 Pro: Open the charging case and click on the small button on the back of the case, you will see a white light blinking, that will show that the case is in pairing mode. Now open the Bluetooth setting on your Non-OnePlus device (in this case Redmi Note 7 Pro) and then select OnePlus Buds to pair with them. Make sure your device is discoverable.

    P.S. Keep the Buds within 20cms. of range with your device to pair them with it.

    d.) Laptop: Same as in other Non-OnePlus devices. Click on the button on the back of the Buds to go into pairing mode and then go to your laptop’s Bluetooth settings and select the Buds to pair with them.

    e.) Fire TV Stick: Same is the case with Fire TV Stick as with Laptop/Non-OnePlus devices.

    The range of these Buds is not so good (approx. 5-6 meters and less with walls in between) even as they support Bluetooth v5.0. You wouldn’t face any connection drops while roaming in your room though. But if you live in a mansion then the things can get pretty different :p . If there is interference like a thick wall while roaming, some breaking off might occur in the connection or if you are listening to some song, the song may not play smoothly due to the interference.

    Rating: 7/10.

    Bonus features that you might miss:

    a.) LED Indications:

    i.) Bud(s) in the charging case: One Bud.
    Light Indication: Shows the battery level of the bud in the case.
    Light Color: Green- Battery Level > 20%
    Red- Battery Level < 20%.

    ii.) Bud(s) in the charging case: Two Buds.

    Light Indication: Shows the charging level of the bud with less power in the case.
    Light Color: Green- Battery Level > 20%
    Red- Battery Level < 20%.

    iii.) Bud(s) in the charging case: No Bud. :(
    Light Indication: Showing the battery level of the case itself.
    Light Color: Green- The case can fully charge the OnePlus Buds.
    Red- The case cannot fully charge the OnePlus Buds.

    b.) Make sure the bottom of the Buds is clean otherwise the charging may be affected.

    c.) Factory Resetting Buds:

    Step-1: Put the two Buds into the charging case and do not close the cover.

    Step-2: Press and hold the setup button (the only button on the case) for 10 seconds. If the LED indicator flashes red, release the button, the Buds are reset.

    Step-3: After the reset, the Buds will automatically be available for pairing when the cover is opened and the LED indicator will flash white.

    d.) Don’t forget to turn on auto-update (in Buds Bluetooth settings on the device) after you get the Buds support update on your OnePlus phone.

    e.) If you lose your OnePlus Buds and they are still connected to your device, just go to the Buds settings on your OnePlus device and tap on “Find My OnePlus Buds” and then tap Play Ringtone, the Buds will beep to help you find them. Do not play the ringtone when the Buds are in your ears, it may damage your hearing. If you permanently lose one of the earbud, just order a replacement of one new earbud by going to OnePlus’s support section on their official website and when you get the replacement bud, insert it in the charging case with the old earbud and press the button on the case for 3 seconds and both the earbuds will be paired with each other.

    f.) Don’t forget to read the Safety Information/Warranty Guide included in the box to learn how to protect your Buds from any harm and what all damaged does the warranty covers.

    Drawbacks + Ideas/Suggestions:


    i.) Drawbacks:

    a.) No silicone tips (hurts the ear in the beginning).

    b.) Less gestures and less customization options.

    c.) Difficulty in pairing to a new device when the Case is left at 10% charge, had to charge a little.

    d.) Negligible Environmental-Noise Cancellation during calls.

    e.) Taking out the earbuds from the case is not much satisfying (personal preference).

    f.) "Ring Buds" feature in “Find My Device” (in Buds Bluetooth settings) doesn’t work most of the time and when it works the beep sound is really really low. The beep is audible when the buds are near your ear, hence not serving the exact purpose of it.

    g.) Accidental touches on the Buds reads it as a gesture at times (occurrence 10-20%).

    h.) Bluetooth range is bad, even after having v5.0.

    i.) Where is the soft red carrying pouch when it’s needed? :p

    ii.) Ideas/Suggestions:

    a.) Gesture control suggestions:

    i.) Swipe up (both earbuds): Volume Up.
    ii.) Swipe down (both earbuds): Volume Down.
    iii.) Single tap (right bud): Play.
    iv.) Single tap (left bud): Pause.
    v.) Double tap (right earbud): Skip to next track.
    vi.) Double tap (left earbud): Skip to previous track.
    vii.)Triple tap (both earbuds): Lower the volume to 30-40%.

    b.) Silicone eartips included inside the box for better comfort.

    c.) Shorter stem (if possible).

    d.) Maybe having an extra button on the case that would push the buds upwards, so that it would be easier to take out the Buds with much satisfaction.

    e.) Included red carry pouch inside the box.



    Compared By: @Batman360
    For users reading it on the Community App, the image might be blurred, so here's the drive link for easy and clear viewing: LINK

    Thankyou all for staying with me and reading the whole review. I hope the review and comparison was helpful for you all to make a wise purchase.

    Stay Safe!
    Never Settle!
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    The fact that you didn't miss a single part is truly mesmerising. Tbh I didn't had any high hopes with the battery but you pointed a valid point that earphones won't be on the ear always. Thank you for this amazing review.

    PS: one bottle please 😭😂
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    Lol that happened this time too then I thought your previous review and read that manual!
    Indeed it's better, you learnt things on your newproduct. :)

    I told you ;)


    Hope they send us soon a micro enhanced firmware

    happens to me too

    I forgot to mention this!:rolleyes:

    out the 3 minuute delay, I had to manually resume it (tested this with my laptop though)

    I didn' know this, the reason i quoted this part. good catch!

    LOL you like the pouch :p

    I agree, I heard the earbuds disconnecting in spot at home where the BWZ played without any disconnection

    simply a lever mecanism with small ring would help ;)

    Congratulations, this means a lot of work! [e]1f609[/e]
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    Tbh these Buds were really difficult to review, had to test every aspect to be sure. So, took my time and kept typing until everything was tested. I'm sure there would be some more things that I left out but 4k words are enough for the review I guess😂

    P.S. let me get some more bottles, both are in usage as of now😂

    Thanks alot man! 😄

    Hahaha, that was intentional 😜😂

    Thankyou fir reading the whole review Frag😍🔥
    And yes these guides are really handy!
    Connecting to laptop took some time, correct, but I didn't face any issue in audi and video sync.
    I really wish that firmware update fixes the connection issue.
    The lever mechanism idea is amazing too🔥🔥
    P.S. I love the pouch ❤️😍

    Thankyouu so much!! 😄 And I really hope they re-introduce pouch with future audio products.

    Ayeee thankss bruh!! 🔥😍

    Thankyou soo much Cakepips!! These cute little bad boy buds are too much work for a review 😂🙈

    Thankyou soo much SRD 😍😊🔥
    Who doesn't want to work with OnePlus? 😉
    I hope it's not too lengthy 🙈
    And thanks alot for tagging our community's hero🔥

    Thankyou soo much!! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it😊

    Ayee thanks alot for pushing the thread to Recommended section 😍😍🙈🙈
    You're a Rockstar 🤟😎🔥

    Cut them some slack, they are just for 5k and at this price point, they do justice to the price. 😉

    Also, guys I added a Headbang Video to the review, check it out too😉


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