OnePlus Buds Pro unbalanced audio troubleshoot via OnePlus Community App

  1. J1638741104380 , via OnePlus Community App , May 16, 2022 :
    So, I own a OP Buds Pro for about 6 months now, an event happened recently with it, I paired the buds to a Amazfit Verge and borrowed the buds to a colleague and then the left side started to get lower volume than the right one (which I think is the master unit and left is slave), I "solved" the problem by using balance audio on accessibility settings but it started getting worse and worse, like the speaker was muffled, I called OnePlus support they suggested a replacement and I live in Brazil, the Buds was bought on USA.
    Then I started to thinker with the faulty bud, I cleaned both of them, removed the rubber tips, the I put some moist on the audio out canal, I shrugged it a bit on a piece of clean cloth, then I put the audio out canal on my mouth and sucked air from inside, on the top of the buds there's a mesh where proximity sensor lies and also serves as an air vent, this one I blowed air inside of the unit, this resolved my problem so much that I also did with right unit, now they sound like brand new, excellent audio as before.

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  2. Cornnnn
    Cupcake May 21, 2022

    Cornnnn , May 21, 2022 :
    Bro thanks!

    For my OnePlus budz pro, my left piece started to decrease it's volume pretty significantly, to the point that it was irritating that only my right piece is blasting audio while the left is basically mute.

    To add to op's post to troubleshoot:
    1) Use any moist cloth or even directly dip in water then use a cloth to loosen the dirt.
    2) Use the mesh that op mentioned to blow air in, HOWEVER, pulse your breath in and out because there is no direct route for the air to exit via the audio output. But you pulse your breath to push and release(don't pull/suck) because you place pressure on the speaker diaphragm to push the loosened dirt out.(pretty much a good seal separating the audio output and internal components)

    If you push and pull( your breath) on the mesh you can hear the diaphragm "pop" back and forth. Please don't do that, clearly because you may damage the speaker diaphragm.

    I did this to both the L-R pieces and I can hear audio as if I just bought the budz pro fresh.
    Please do reply if this worked/didn't work for you!!