OnePlus Buds Pro: widget OR shortcut

  1. chiswicksingh
    Donut Jan 13, 2022

    chiswicksingh , Jan 13, 2022 :
    Is there a shortcut or a widget that can be used to quickly access the OnePlus Buds Pro settings from my OnePlus 9 phone?


    Phone: OnePlus 9 (UK)
    Android Version: 11
    Model: LE2113
    Build Version: Oxygen OS

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  2. Toyguy22
    Honeycomb Jan 16, 2022

    Toyguy22 , Jan 16, 2022 :
    Afaik, I don't believe there's a widget or shortcut that can take you directly to your OnePlus Buds Pro settings in just one single tap. Maybe it might be possible if your phone is rooted but I wouldn't know.

    However, you could try this to at least take you directly to your Bluetooth settings in just one tap: tap and hold an empty space on your homescreen, select Widgets, scroll down to Settings widgets, tap and hold the Settings shortcut widget (should be a 1 x 1 widget), find an empty spot on your homescreen where you want to place it and release your finger, then select Bluetooth and it will make a Bluetooth settings widget/icon on your homescreen. After tapping the Bluetooth settings widget/icon, you would then just need to tap on the sprocket/cog icon to the right of the OnePlus Buds Pro listing to open its settings - so, in total, that would be two taps to get to the OnePlus Buds Pro settings by using the Bluetooth settings widget.

    If you really need a one tap solution, you might have better luck asking over at the XDA forums (assuming you have a rooted phone or are willing to do so) but, again, I have no clue as it's beyond my level of expertise.

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  3. B_Wrath
    Moderator Moderator Jan 16, 2022

    B_Wrath , Jan 16, 2022 :
    Update to Android 12 and you'll have a widget in the shelf.

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  4. chiswicksingh
    Donut Jan 17, 2022

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  5. nickbclifford
    Cupcake Mar 9, 2022

    nickbclifford , Mar 9, 2022 :
    I'm a couple months late, but in case anyone else comes across this thread while Googling around like I did - here's how I solved this on my rooted 9 Pro with Tasker.

    The Buds Pro settings menu requires some system permissions to open, so unfortunately you cannot just use any of the various shortcut maker apps that are out there (Nova Launcher's activity shortcuts, Activity Launcher, Shortcut Maker, etc.) - unless OnePlus decides to remove this restriction one day, you need root to bypass these permissions. The easiest way to do this is to run the Android activity manager as root inside a shell. Luckily, Tasker makes this quite easy.

    Create a new task in Tasker, then add a new "Run Shell" action.

    Once Tasker dumps you into the Action Edit menu, enter the following command: am start -n com.oplus.melody/.ui.component.detail.DetailMainActivity
    Make sure to tick the Use Root checkbox as well.


    You can now exit the Action Edit menu.

    Now, in order to create a shortcut, you'll need to assign an icon to this task. Tap the icon below to bring up Tasker's icon selection menu, and choose whatever icon you'd like. I made an icon myself inspired by the OnePlus colors/brand, feel free to use it: https://imgur.com/slcoDdL


    Your task is now fully set up and ready to create a shortcut for! To do this, open the widgets menu in your launcher (I use Nova Launcher), and select Tasker's "Task Shortcut" widget.


    Once you drag it to your homescreen, it will prompt you to choose a task - simply pick the one you just created, and it will appear with the icon you set earlier.


    Et voilà, you now have a shortcut for your Buds Pro settings menu! (Note for Magisk users: you may want to disable Tasker notifications inside the superuser menu so that you don't get an annoying toast popping up every time you use this shortcut.)

    I hope this helps!