OnePlus Buds Z2 Review - The Budget Pro?

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    Iamhasannaqvi , Jan 16, 2022 :
    Hello Community!

    I hope you guys enjoyed the New Year celebrations!

    Here I am with my review of Buds Z2. I received the Buds Z2 on 11th January and I have been using this ever since. Previously I was using Buds Z and I can see the superiority already.

    I will be reviewing the Buds Z2 based on the below listed contents.

    Contents -

    • Unboxing
    • Design And Build
    • Fit And Comfort
    • Battery And Charging
    • ANC And IP Rating
    • Pricing
    • Conclusion

    The day of 11th January. I was eagerly waiting for the Buds Z2's arrival, and there was a knock on my door. It was a delivery man from DHL. He handed me over the package and after signing for the package I went straight to my room for unboxing.

    Below is the list of content that you'll receive in the box.

    • Buds Z2 charging case and buds.
    • A quick start guide.
    • Safety and warranty card.
    • USB Type-C charging cable.
    • Two extra silicone eartips.
    • Red Cable Club Card.
    The packaging in which Buds Z2 comes is similar to Buds Z, the iconic red and white box. As soon as you open the box, the first thing that you see would be the OnePlus Buds Z2 charging case with buds resting on white plastic.

    Underneath the white plastic, you'll see a red box with accessories which contains Quick start guide, Safety and Warranty card, A type-C charging cable and two extra pairs of silicon eartips. Underneath the red box you'll find a Red Cable Club card.

    I have always appreciated the small efforts by OnePlus that makes the unboxing experience more joyful. A small sentence such as "Enjoy your new buds" can take the unboxing experience to the whole new level.

    Now let's talk about the design and build of Buds Z2. It comes in two color variants Pear White and Obsidian Black. I happen to have Pearl White. The charging case is identical to the Buds Z charging case. However, the dimensions of the charging case are slightly on the smaller size. I tried to apply one of the Buds Z covers and it didn't fit. In addition there are few tweaks in the design of Buds Z2 which sets them aprt from Buds Z.

    Build of the charging case as well as buds is somewhat similar to it's predecessor. However, the charging case is snappier this time. And I hope there are some hardware improvements. With Buds Z after few months, I noticed that the charging case was having issues while opening and closing. It got loose a bit and same was the case with buds. There were issues while charging the buds. Even though I placed the buds properly, those weren't charging and after replacing those again and again it charged.

    The build of charging case as well as buds seems to be premium than it's predecessor Buds Z. Although, the glossy finish is prone to gather more dust and smudges. I think a matte finish similar to Buds Pro would have been a great touch to OnePlus Buds Z2. While riding a bike or while I am at the gym, buds tend to gather too much dust due to the glossy finish.

    When it comes to fit and comfort, these buds checks all the boxes. First of all there is a change in it's ear piece. Previously, in Buds Z it was circular and now they are oval shaped in Buds Z2. I used the same eartips which were pre installed and these are perfect fit for me. I have used these buds while running, riding a bike and even when I am at the gym. With my experience using these buds I can assure that it would just not fall off from your ears.

    So your question would be are these buds comfortable? For me these are. At first I felt uncomfortable using these buds and the silicone ear tips were popping out when I was removing them from my ears. This only happened a couple of times, and it doesn't happen anymore. These are far more comfortable than Buds Z that I can assure.

    I would say that the battery is something that makes these buds superior from Buds Z. The battery capacity of the Charging case is 520 mAh while each earbuds battery capacity is 40 mAh. OnePlus claims to offer 38 hours of combined playback when ANC is turned off, and a whopping 27 hours of playback time when ANC is turned on. When fully charged buds can provide up to 5 hours of playback time with ANC on and up to 7 hours when ANC is turned off. When it comes to calling, buds can last up to 3.5 hours.

    I haven't had a chance to check these states as yet. But I will be spending some time and sharing my findings about the actual states with you guys. I am sure that these buds will perform best and there might be a minor here and there, but will see.

    Now comes the best part Active Noise Cancellation and IP rating.

    ANC - On the the OnePlus store and sites, it states that Buds Z2 offers two Noise Cancellation modes Faint and Extreme. However, you won't find these two modes with the same name in Bluetooth settings. There are two Noise cancellation modes one is Max Noise cancellation which is Extreme and the other is Noise Cancellation which we can refer to as Faint.

    I have used both Noise Cancellation modes and they are awesome. I haven't had any past experience using earbuds with Noise cancellation before, so I can't rate this on a scale of 1 to 10. But it does the work as promised. Both Noise Cancellation modes offers 25 dB to 40 dB noise reduction based on the mode you choose.

    There is also mode called Transperancy which allows you to hear your surroundings. I recently went hiking and this mode worked like a charm. Even when you are listening to something this mode allows you to make yourself aware of your surroundings. I enjoyed my music and also sounds of nature as well, when I went for the hike.

    IP Rating - With regards to IP rating, there is also an improvement from last gen Buds Z. The earbuds offer IP55 rating and charging case offers IPX4 water & sweat resistance. Last gen Buds Z didn't offer any IP rating for charging case.

    The maximum retail price for Buds Z2 in India is 5999 rupees. However, the lauch price is 4999 which is good.

    After using these buds for few days I can say that these are the pro budget buds. The sound quality is improved than previous gen Buds Z and people who likes to enjoy their music with bass will really appreciate these buds. Noise cancellation modes and transperancy modes works well. So that's the plus point too.

    When we see the price these buds are available to buy for 4999 and the buds Z were around 2999. So this question would definitely come to those who are using Buds Z, Are these buds worth spending more? And my answer would be how much improvements these buds have from it's predecessor. From Noise cancellation to more battery backup. These buds offers majority of the features that Buds Pro has so I'll leave it up to you to decide.

    Few things that I would like to point out that I don't like. First is the glossy finish, OnePlus could have gone with matte finish. I have used these buds for few days and I can say that both charging case and buds are dust magnets. I have to constantly clean these from time to time. Another thing is OnePlus could have made few changes in charging case and alignments where buds rests. These are the points that I think would make these buds more appealing.

    Thanks for reading my review on Buds Z2 and I hope this helps you while making the decision of buying one for yourself or for your loved ones.

    Please do let me know if there are any questions and I will definitely try to answer those questions to the best of my knowledge.

    Hasan Naqvi

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