OnePlus Bullets Wireless - They Sound Great... and They Feel Great!

  1. Bob X. Bullets Wireless Product Manager Staff Member Jun 5, 2018

    Bob X., Jun 5, 2018 :

    As you probably can tell, we are buzzing with excitement about our next product, the Bullets Wireless. We believe we have created a wireless audio solution that allows you freedom without compromising on sound quality, giving you the best of both worlds.

    But it's not just about exceptional sound quality. Wireless earphones should also be so comfortable that you don't even notice you're wearing them.

    We spent two years testing different prototypes, not just to perfect the sound quality, but also to get the look and feel right. We wanted these earphones to be comfortable, convenient and stylish.

    The light aluminum casings that we’ve used for the Bullets Wireless are at just the precise weight to make them heavy enough to ensure a secure, ergonomic, comfortable fit. We know how frustrating it is when an earphone pops out during a workout. The earphones are connected by a stretch-resistant wire, and the battery and control bars rest on your neck. It’s a snug fit, ensuring your earphones are right there whenever you want them.

    We wanted every aspect of this product to be about convenience, and that's the reason why we've made the earbuds clip together magnetically. Put them together to turn them off. Separate them to turn them on or to answer a call. It's a neat and easy storage solution that also prevents unnecessary battery usage.

    And of course, if you’re taking a product outdoors, it’s got to be durable. So naturally we’ve ensured that the Bullets Wireless are water resistant to everyday use. They can cope with sweat, splashes and rain.


    We had one further challenge to overcome. Charging time. Battery has always been a consumer pain point when it comes to wireless audio, and we were determined to find a solution. That's why we’ve integrated OnePlus Fast Charge into the earphones.

    Now, with any international safety standard Type-C USB cable, you’ll get up to five hours of uninterrupted listening from just 10 minutes of charging. If you’re on your way out and haven't powered up your earphones, from now on, it won’t be a problem.

    We've been working hard to make sure the Bullets Wireless sound great and feel fantastic. Now we're looking forward to your feedback. For more information, please click here.

    Never Settle.


    The separate to call feature works in conjunction with the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6.

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    Would gladly give it to you, if i was able to buy it in the first place.
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  4. camohan Lollipop Moderator Jun 19, 2018

    camohan, Jun 19, 2018 :
    Wow...!! 2 years in making, thats a good amount of efforts that has gone in.

    This is really a great initiative to get feedback from community to improve the existing functionalities.

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    I'm not buying but....

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    back in stock Soon™

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    Any chance it could be in stock for more then 2 minutes?, I had it in my cart and it went out of stock before I could pay.

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    out of stock in India. it's not good OnePlus. "marketing strategy?????". this is not good..... disappointed. looking for a different one