OnePlus crash & won't reboot

  1. eudesr
    Cupcake Jun 21, 2015

    eudesr , Jun 21, 2015 :

    Yesterday, I install the last OTA for CM 12, everything was fine. First, I have to install TWRP because I encrypt my OnePlus One ( and the previous TWRP version have a bug aroud decrypt the data ). Everything was okay, after the update, I reinstall supersu which have been erase ( as usual after an update).

    Later, I was listening music, tchat on FB when the screen frooze. First, I press the power button twice ( sometime, shutdown/wakeup the screen fix some little glitch ), but this time, nothing. The screen won't wake up. Then, I try a hard reboot ( power + volume down ), it vibrate, but nothing. Still a black screen.

    Since, when a retry a reboot / hard reboot, the phone vibrate, but the screen won't wake up :'(
    I can't access to fastboot/recovery mode, so I'm not able to reboot the device from my computer also :|

    Du you have any ideas how to "wake up" my OnePlus ?

    - Encrypted device
    - TWRP
    - rooted
    - CM12.0 YNG1TAS213 ( the last OTA update )
    - the batery was full few hours before the crash

    Now, I hope that once the battery will be at 0% (in few days...) , then I hope a "proper reboot + charge " will "solve" that :/

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