OnePlus CS, a never ending story?

  1. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Oct 27, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Oct 27, 2021 :
    July last year B_Wrath posted this thread.


    New developments last week is the reason to start this thread, so here we go (again?).

    What is it that makes a brand….? First of all a good product, that’s for sure but is that all? I don’t think so, There a lot of secondary conditions that needs to be met before even thinking about having a good product, maybe something “Oneplus” is lacking?

    So next question, what make a good company? The basics of a good company are well written down in all kinds of literature in many different ways and everyone has it’s own idea what makes a good company. At the end it all comes down to 10 things

    1. Well-conceived business plan

    2. Strong positive leadership

    3. Focus on strength

    4. Willing to take risks

    5. Inspire a positive company culture

    6. Encourage a healthy work environment

    7. Provide assessment and feedback

    8. Effective use of technology

    9. Develop social awareness

    10. Provide excellent customer support/service

    All these ten items are closely woven together and can’t be seen as individual subjects, “one can’t live without the other

    However I like to pick one, to be more specific, #10. Provide excellent customer service/support.

    To just make it very simple, I’ll try to explain what “OnePlus” Customer Support should be like in the shortest of ways:

    Customer Support should be personal. Every Customer should feel like they’re involved in a one-to-one conversation with a business, not filing a on-off support ticket that isn’t treated as part of a broader relationship. As a business, this requires responding within a reasonable period of time, honestly, personally and proactive.”

    This is just one sentence that’s probably all over the internet and for a reason.

    Loads of threads are created by different people from different regions with issues people have with OnePlus CS for years now. In all these years, since I joined, the same issues keep popping up. The sad part is that we as users see these threads, maybe read them and think, sad this happens and I hope it gets solved asap. Mods are being tagged to jump in and often the issue gets solved due to their interventions…… another “incident” solved.

    Are these incidents tough? I say they’re not, it’s structural and OnePlus takes advantage about the fact people on the forums see these threads as incidents. With taking advantage I mean, they don’t use the information to improve because issues get solved or disappear in the background in a jungle of threads, so why bother.

    So let take @B_Wrath ‘s tread as an example, he had issues with getting information from OnePlus, which might be an understatement, he couldn’t get hold of them at all, so he opened a thread. From one came to the other and more people got involved even @Amanda W.@dsmonteiro @Trista W. got involved. In the discussion. Things were discussed, ideas were exchanged and some even some solutions were offered. More than one and a half year later, the exact same thing happened again. So what about all that has been discussed and what about the solution that were given? They either were not implemented or didn’t work can be the only conclusion.

    Now I come to the next part of the problem. In the above mentioned thread, the possible solutions given were all related to this this one specific issue. What I mean to say is, someone has an issue, opens a thread, how can we solve this issue. That’s fine……..for incidents but what if incidents are structural, isn’t that the time someone steps in and changes things at the front end, at CS. I wonder if there is any feedback given from the forums back to the “organisation”, does “OnePlus” check the forums on these specific threads or maybe, do they have any idea what’s going on or do they even care? That’s a lot of questions in just one sentence…….

    Now you, as a reader of this post could say: “Yes, this is nice and good you’re telling us all this but isn’t this just based on a certain sentiment after reading some threads about issues people have/had?” I dare to say it isn’t, I do quite a bit of reading on the forums and since a couple of months I’ve been collecting threads that involve people complaining about “OnePlus” CS and about their issues not getting solved. I’m most certain I only see just part of them but these are enough to come to some kind of personal conclusion. It’s of no use to post all kinds of links to different threads right now but I have them available.

    Another question could be: “Why even bother to post this again, you won’t get answers”, the answer is simple, first for myself. If I watch myself in the mirror, I can look at myself and tell me I at least tried, that’s the main reason. Another reason is that, even the chance might be very slim, some Staff Member will read this and for once doesn’t look away and gives this post some kind of reply and third, isn’t it maybe time to open up the ancient discussion again and I mean on a “general level” instead of on “issue level” because I think it’s not just CS but it’s way bigger. (a short story on that : https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...rt-a-users-tale.1266520/page-13#post-23498564)

    It’s like connecting dots, once you connected the dots, you get to see what it is.

  2. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Oct 27, 2021

    Caomhin , Oct 27, 2021 :
    Excellently written piece highlighting the vagaries of CS. Seems they can very reactive instead of proactive. A lot of their advice tells them to take it to the Community, or hang up, or pass the buck.

    The Community is extremely useful, but can only take an issue so far. CS should have some form of chain of custody to take ownership of an issue. Unfortunately this doesn't happen. Its either passed from pillar to post or just falls by the wayside. We only see what happens when someone complains in the Community. Then it's either fixed with suggestions give, feedback or possibly escalated by a Mod. Which is fair enough but not good enough as many times its repeat that verbatim

    Many companies are only as good as the support you provide, this is particularly true of tech companies as a lot of the time there is no physical person to deal with. Nearly always online. But if a company wants to improve its image, support is where you start. Not end.

    Anyway thanks for the post (Again) @Bobbie63

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  3. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Oct 27, 2021

    Alvie , Oct 27, 2021 :
    Funny that you just made this thread today, I have been having some issues with the customer service too. Also, specifically with referral points.


    They keep saying they apologize and can understand the issue yet do nothing to fix it, even after I explain with more details.

    The responses are so robotic, and in my case always the same. I have 3 screenshots of different responses - you'd be mistaken for thinking they are the same but they actually have some small differences. Just fix my problem rather than saying the same thing over and over and over and over again. And if you can't fix it, just be clear. It's annoying that we even have to bring these issues to the forums just to get someone human that can follow every step of the issue to look into them and respond. I get that it's not an easy or glamorous job being a customer support agent, but they should be able to follow a complaint rather than having to start from the beginning with every reply.




  4. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Oct 27, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Oct 27, 2021 :
    Hi Alvie, thanks for reading my thread and I’m sorry to read about the issues you have with OnePlus CS. What you described is exactly on of the reasons I started this thread. I’ve been here on the forums a couple of years now and all I see is the same issues popping up. The replies you get seems to be symptomatic for OnePlus, deliberate or not, I don’t know. It’s sad to see how people are treated by CS, without having an alternative way of getting a “normal” reply or things sorted out. A minimum effort is made, again and again, to just hear what a customer has to say.

    The only solution, and that’s for people that can find their way to this community, is to post their issues here on the forums and hope it get picked up by someone. I’ve tagged a mod in your thread where you described your issue and hope she will be able to be of assistance. Unfortunately tagging a mod is the only tool we have to escalate things further. Every time I tag a mod I feel sorry for them that yet another “incident” needs to be escalated that could have been prevented. It almost seems “OnePlus” just doesn’t want to learn from the mistakes they made in the past and that they are fine the way things are going.

    Personally, I do hope one day “OnePlus” picks up the issues people are experiencing and that are explained on these forums and start to do something with this information. Until then, all we can do is rely on mods, that are doing a great job btw.

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  5. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Oct 27, 2021

    Alvie , Oct 27, 2021 :
    Thanks Bobbie, I really appreciate it. And yes, the mods are doing an amazing job, but this shouldn't be on their shoulders - and if OnePlus decide this is the way forward, the mods should be compensated for their time.

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  6. rhyd1am
    KitKat Community Expert Oct 27, 2021

    rhyd1am , Oct 27, 2021 :
    In strong agreement with what you mention @Bobbie63

    It's unfortunate that the subject of CS gets brought up so often over the years. Personally I would like to believe that OnePlus are aware of the need to improve CS (not sure how that would be done). Perhaps given time, and with the closer integration of OPPO and OP, OP will have more resources available to improve the situation.

    Very well written thread by the way mate 👍🙂

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  7. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Oct 28, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Oct 28, 2021 :
    Thanks for you reply, can’t say if it’s well written, the only thing that matters to me I get the message conveyed. I’m truly not a @Cheetosdust. He can write a book about the Mailman putting a letter in the mailbox and it’ll be a bestseller.

    About the hope of OnePlus improving the CS, I sure hope they will. I don’t know if the “merger” with OPPO will change much though. I’m still trying to figure out what changes it’ll bring or maybe I should say, I wonder if anything will change organisation wise. I don’t think all of a sudden OnePlus will have all kinds of resources and infrastructure available the didn’t have before.

    But only time will tell I guess.

  8. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Oct 28, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Oct 28, 2021 :

    Being reactive, that’s one of the reasons I created this thread. The question however is, what does it take to get “OnePlus” to become proactive? A lot of sweat and tears from the user having issues, them finding their way to this community, the people on the forums that sees the issue and tags a mod and the mod to escalate this back to CS. That’s quite a few stations one has to pass.

    I’ve been scrolling through some of the complaints people posted, I got like 70 or 80 threads on my watch list since April this year. The things I read there are somewhat unbelievable and repetitive. Also improvements as suggested earlier by OnePlus staff members haven’t been implemented or aren’t executed. So one even could doubt the reactiveness as all support gets initiated by either fellow users or moderators.

    Imagine the number of people that just give up, that doesn’t know of the existence of this community nor what they could mean to them. I’m pretty sure a lot of people just give up and move on. Guess that’s of no concern to OnePlus as new customers still buy their products and people leaving don’t show up in the annual figures.

  9. Aaron2017
    Lollipop Oct 30, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Oct 30, 2021 :
    Very well written (again).👍 Doesn't matter if you get answers this time or not (i'm gonna go with not), things like these need to be said as well. I decided to take a look at the forum again yesterday, i came across 2 lovely CS stories in the first 10 minutes or so, that alone proves this thread is worthy of writing again. You might not get somewhere with this (hopefully you will of course) but at least you're letting them know things don't go unnoticed, even if the powers that be don't give any answers.

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  10. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Nov 3, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Nov 3, 2021 :
    I think I know what stories you meant. Like I mentioned in the last link I shared, it's not just CS that's giving people problems, it all throughout every step in the process. CS is the final stage where everything stacks up. That doesn't mean they're not part of all this, on the contrary, they should pass all relevant information to the responsible people or departments. There seem to be no feedback bottom to top, nor seems there any structural feedback from for instance these forums. What better place to collect the data about the performance than these forums? Sure those weird polls you get after you filled a complaint, that doesn't really do much I think. Here is where the issues get described. And from just doing the reading I did, the first common denominator in most cases is communication.

    I'm pretty sure I don't get a reply, that station passed a long time ago. It seems "OnePlus" is doing fine as some big DIY project where you just keep fiddling around to keep the results up to par.

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  11. Aaron2017
    Lollipop Nov 6, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Nov 6, 2021 :
    Ah yes, i found in my time here with OnePlus that communication isn't in their dictionary. Communication from their side alone would already make things a little better, it's amazing what difference one sentence can make. I read a long term review by GSMArena of the 9 pro the other day, the reviewer listed the bugs he had and said he contacted OnePlus about them as well. While he said their PR was quick in responding, the higher those bugs got passed up the chain, to what supposed to be the right people for dealing with bugs, the less (read none) communication there was. I think that describes perfectly the experience regular users have when dealing with CS. It probably won't change anything, but it's at least good to see one of the bigger reviewers putting this in their review. It's sad to have to say this, because it should be because of the users experience, but i think that's the only way that they might change things (although that's only a very small sparkle of hope), if more reviewers would say this.

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  12. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Nov 11, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Nov 11, 2021 :
    Yes, I’ve read that article on GSMArena. They still got some reply though, even if it was just the PR department. Regular users have no alternatives, all the have is CS, if they won’t get an answer there, there is no option to to go an alternative way to get an answer. It is said before, not getting an answer is even worse than a negative answer. I mean I’d rather have explained why something doesn’t happen than getting just no reply at all even if they don’t know, just say it. Now it’s just like hiding for the facts and hoping it’ll blow by.

    it would be nice if some media, reviewer or influencer, whatever they call themselves would also pick up things like this. It’s not all about putting a phone together, that’s the easiest part, slap the best parts together, get some people to make and OS and you have a phone. That’s however not all, it’s also what comes after that.

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  13. Aaron2017
    Lollipop Nov 17, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Nov 17, 2021 :
    Yeah, my guess is they only got a reply from PR because they're well known reviewers, who probably didn't even have to pay for their device. As you say, regular users, the real paying customers aren't always so lucky. Yup, even if it's a answer i really wouldn't want to hear, i would still want that answer instead of getting nothing at all, that just adds oil to an already well burning fire. Indeed, thing is most of these "famous" YouTubers and influencers only use a phone for like a month or so, sometimes not even that long, until a new phone comes along for them to review. So i think most of them have no idea how things are with CS, if they experience a bug or something they put it down to a hiccup that comes with a newly launched phone and say that it'll probably be fixed with a software update and be done with it. Only if they do a long term review they might highlight things that still aren't fixed and reach out to them, just like GSMArena did.

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  14. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Dec 1, 2021 at 11:56 AM

    Bobbie63 , Dec 1, 2021 at 11:56 AM :
    The lastest development I now read is the fact that if you apply for a repair, OnePlus denies responsibility. (here's a link where it starts and still is ongoing)


    So someone applies for a repair at OnePlus, sends it off, no feedback on anything, asks OnePlus CS for an update and gets the message to contact the third party Oneplus uses in the UK.

    Until today there has been no update on his repair, other than waiting for part, OnePlus CS washes their hands in innocence and keeps linking the customer back to that tird party.

    My question now is:
    • If I submit a repair with OnePlus, who is responsible for dealing with it? There is no mention on the website of any tird party nor them being responsible for the repair.
    That's just one question, I got a lot more but if I don't get this simple question answered, it's of no use asking them but maybe @dsmonteiro can answer this one?

    Sorry David to tag you again but i'm just trying to help out people here on the forums and for that I try to find out how things work or should work. The last couple of weeks I have have seen just weird issue people have with CS.

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  15. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Dec 1, 2021 at 12:02 PM

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Dec 1, 2021 at 12:02 PM :
    I can only state EU Consumer rules, and can only assume there is a law to back these up somewhere. But if you make a purchase direct from OnePlus. And you book a repair from them directly, then OnePlus themselves are responsible for the device no matter who they contract to do the job.

    Your Warranty is with OnePlus as they are the seller and also responsible directly for any repairs requested. If they use a 3rd party repair company, the responsibility stays with OnePlus.

    That's my take on it as far as the EU is concerned. Rest of the world may have different consumer rules and laws.

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  16. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Dec 1, 2021 at 12:08 PM

    Bobbie63 , Dec 1, 2021 at 12:08 PM :
    That’s my guess also, including the UK. I almost can’t imagine they have changed this since Brexit tbh. I know SBE in the UK popped up after Brexit, so my guess is, they wanted to make things easier for the users and have a local party repair the devices instead of sending it off to Poland. This however doesn’t dismiss OnePlus from their responsibility for the repairs in my opinion, even when it’s a payed repair.

    I hold my breath on what happens if it’s a warranty repair………

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  17. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Dec 1, 2021 at 12:18 PM

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Dec 1, 2021 at 12:18 PM :
    As far as I know, the EU rules & laws I mentioned above, that the UK adopted originally still stand. So the same rules and laws should still apply. I can't see the UK diverging too far from the EU on the warranty details. And as far as I know, they haven't done so yet either.

    Paid or warranty, if OnePlus themselves accept the phone for repair, and it's confirmed by official email or notification, then responsibility is down to the company accepting that repair, in this case OnePlus. And they have to follow up all relevant information from their end, even if its a 3rd party company OnePlus take on to do the job. Paid or Warranty, makes no difference.

    Personally I would be getting on to Trading Standards if it was me. Be all over the company who communicated the return and repair, and it's they who will have accepted the responsibility to fix and return the product.

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  18. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Dec 1, 2021 at 12:26 PM

    Bobbie63 , Dec 1, 2021 at 12:26 PM :
    I would do the same thing tbh, I’d take it to the end one way or the other. I don’t think we have something like Trading Standards or so but there is always alternative ways. Things like this are a matter of principles for me. Even if I have absolutely no business with OnePlus CS whatsoever, nor ever will.

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  19. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Dec 1, 2021 at 12:48 PM

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Dec 1, 2021 at 12:48 PM :
    You probably have a consumer watchdog of some sort who can raise the issue if presented to them.

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  20. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Dec 1, 2021 at 7:35 PM

    Bobbie63 , Dec 1, 2021 at 7:35 PM :
    We do have these kind of organisations and it would be a good alternative even if it's just to go public on the issues like this. Like I said, I've seen the weirdest issues people have with Oneplus and it's about time someone steps up a notch and find a way to get these kind of issues solved, one way or the other.

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