Oneplus does a good painting job ..camera issues

  1. O1514822293757 Jelly Bean Jan 3, 2018

    O1514822293757, Jan 3, 2018 :
    that's wht I thought...
    u can say *** a thousand times.
    guys still don't know how the 5T captures a face...
    no point arguing with u....

  2. Dunnow Lollipop Jan 3, 2018

    Dunnow, Jan 3, 2018 :
    WHAT are you talking about capturing faces dude? The post you quoted had NOTHING to do with it...

  3. O1514822293757 Jelly Bean Jan 3, 2018

    O1514822293757, Jan 3, 2018 :
    or maybe my bad ....
    maybe I was trying to reply to some other guy...

  4. Raresch Froyo Jan 3, 2018

    Raresch, Jan 3, 2018 :
    Hy there. I don't really know if someone had ever answers to this because there are like 29 pages of text, but I have a suggestion. Try using the camera for background tree with leaves, or grass. Some scene with lots of foliage. There you might be able to see it if you zoom in.

  5. O1514822293757 Jelly Bean Jan 3, 2018

    O1514822293757, Jan 3, 2018 :
    u will not find answers to these posts..reason being most people are trolling the 5T camera.
    these shots are shot keeping in mind the composition and the light present at that particular moment..these pics shows that the 5T has got a top notch cam.

  6. Xc_hx007 Donut Jan 3, 2018

    Xc_hx007, Jan 3, 2018 :
    why is it so hard for you to accept this when so many people are complaining about this ... or are you just trying to satisfy yourself for changing from 3t to 5t

  7. TurboBot Froyo Jan 3, 2018

    TurboBot, Jan 3, 2018 :
    Here's the deal: This "oil-painting" issue is mostly a result of HDR. Detail retention is better in photos where HDR is disabled. That said, detail retention with HDR disabled isn't the best, but it's definitely not as horrid as it is with HDR set to auto or HDR being forced. Also, it is true that there are quite a few trolls here that make blanket statements about this device (as well as in relation to other or previous devices they have had) and do not provide photographic evidence. However, that does not negate the fact that the outrageously aggressive denoise applied in HDR photos is an issue that indeed needs to be corrected for eventually. If I'm not mistaken, denoise application with HDR off in lower-light scenarios is still aggressive; I will have to test this issue when I receive my device.

    He does not go into detail regarding this, but the 5T does overall better camera wise than the 3T, given that this so-called "oil-painting" effect is mainly the result of a poor HDR processing algorithm and denoise application is nowhere near as drastic with HDR disabled. Better color profiles, slightly better exposure compensation and dynamic range, similar contrast in photos. I could go more into detail, but that is not what the OnePlus 5T sub is for.

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  8. Xc_hx007 Donut Jan 3, 2018

    Xc_hx007, Jan 3, 2018 :
    plz see the posts 112 and 235

  9. Raresch Froyo Jan 3, 2018

    Raresch, Jan 3, 2018 :
    Hy there. Actually there are some problems. But I have searched for comparison and I have got this german review site: https://www.mobilegeeks.de/artikel/...htc-u11-lg-v30-huawei-mate-10-pro-oneplus-5t/ where there are lots of photos takes in similar condition.

    And even thou in some cases the Oneplus 5T shows the oil effect everyone is complaining about, it didn't stop it to take a 2nd place in a 3000 people vote poll.

    Also, when You are looking for problems in photos, you can see the same effect, in a lesser manner, but it is still there, in all photos except Pixel 2XL. This makes you question: If Samsung or Huawei couldn't do it perfectly, did Oneplus had the power to do it so?

    OP 5T - Top left / Pixel 2XL - Top right / Note 8 - Bottom left / Mate 10 Pro - Bottom right
    Desktop Screenshot 2018.01.02 -
    The photos seen in full size look good and differences are small, where only Pixel 2 XL pops out with that dynamic range from its HDR+
    Desktop Screenshot 2018.01.02 -

    In a forest like scenario, the same thing happens. Except Pixel 2 XL, the other 3 kinda make the same oil effect in various degrees. I feel like Samsung did actually worse that OP here.
    Desktop Screenshot 2018.01.02 -

    But then, again the whole photo looks nice, and I can not differentiate between them (Mate 10 Pro does have a blown out sky, thou).
    Desktop Screenshot 2018.01.02 -

    But when you compare it to a Google Camera port (the right photo in the thumbnail bellow), you can actually see that there are some problems with the software - going full oil paint in the left one (stock camera) - or dots in the Google Camera.
    Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.28 -

    But then, you go outside and try it in different real life scenarios, and you got pictures like this, which are pretty good and quite awesome (some of them) for my opinion, with very good color accuracy and plenty of detail (not over-saturated like Samsung, not yellowish like Pixel 2 XL, no overexpose of the sky like Mate 10 Pro), beating my old Nexus 5X (which had died, so no comparison :( ) in some cases.
    IMG_20171229_202205.jpg IMG_20180101_154508.jpg
    All of them are point and shoot (well, the first one is actually Portrait Mode). But as long as you see the pictures in full size, even on PC screens, and not zoomed in, they are actually good: no noise, no oil effect and plenty of detail.

    So what is actually happening?

    But truth to be said: there is no foliage in my photos. And yes, as we can see the software struggling with foliage in the photos above, but then, again, if we go nick picking we can see that there are foliage problems in Samsung's and Huawei's software as well.

    Do we want it better? Of course we want it better @OnePlus, especially because it seems a software problem, if we compare it to the Google Camera. So, maybe, we should have some faith? But of course, we should not let the tread die. I would actually ditch the Oreo update, if the team needs more time to fix the camera.

    Do we need to go all the rage on the community forums and start making fun or insulting each others as we can see in so many post? Of course not. We are in the same team as consummers. Also, we should backup our claims with photos samples, because we are debating photo quality.

    Don't get me wrong, I was disappointing by the camera at first, but after using it and sending pics to my friends for opinions and just looking for the good parts: color accuracy, dynamic range, sharpness in good-lighting, they outnumber the occasionally bad and over-processed foliage, that we know it can be better and is really visible only when you are really looking for it.

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  10. TurboBot Froyo Jan 3, 2018

    TurboBot, Jan 3, 2018 :
    I looked at those posts. One of them showed a picture of a cake that was quite good as far as color accuracy goes and retained a decent amount of detail. Post #112 had no pictures and instead talked about telephoto lenses and things of that nature. Post #111 did have a poorly detailed photo, but that looked to be taken with either forced HDR or auto-HDR (I believe auto-HDR is on in complete auto mode) given how it was processed. As for post #235, I can't exactly tell what settings the photo was taken with.

  11. TurboBot Froyo Jan 4, 2018

    TurboBot, Jan 4, 2018 :
    Very analytical and beneficial post. In short, what is happening is the aggressive denoise application on images from the OnePlus 5T, notably in low-light, supplementing the even more intense smearing of details manifested by HDR being forced or set on auto.

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  12. Dino_Fattorini Froyo Jan 4, 2018

    Dino_Fattorini, Jan 4, 2018 :
    Stop talking about things you don't know. Noise reduction is exaggerated and causes problems. Instead of continuing to talk about nothing, since there are people like me who live with photography (I have a STUDIO and I deal with international advertising photography) do the courtesy to stop writing, because not only does not improve the experience of Users, but not even the right input that the company needs to improve. The OnePlus T-camera has a smaller sensor than the other GooglePixel, Iphone, and Samsung. It is about a 30% smaller, it means that it enters less light and the digital noise is more amplified. Digital noise is the biggest problem for all cameras in the world, not just for mobile phones. However a reduction effect of the genre is exaggerated, and it goes to remove all the micro-details (so they are called) of the photograph. It's too invasive noise reduction. They have to find a more efficient noise reduction algorithm. Also, as the sensor is smaller with a higher pixel density, the noise will be more difficult to manage than other competitors that have larger sensors, and thus capture less noise. End. Stop talking about nothing man.

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  14. monissh12 Eclair Jan 4, 2018

  15. thejoemaya Gingerbread Jan 4, 2018

    thejoemaya, Jan 4, 2018 :
    Can you share the original image rather than the blow up image. I think this picture is taken from way far with beauty option on and zoomed in.

  16. O1514822293757 Jelly Bean Jan 4, 2018

    O1514822293757, Jan 4, 2018 :
    spot on buddy..pixel 2 wins most of the time.
    also seen good unbiased comparison between the iPhone x and the 5T on YouTube.
    but just see how much is the difference ... and blowing it all out and hunting for mistakes everywhere and complaining will not serve any purpose either.
    also do u mind paying so much for the pixel2 or the iPhone x to get that little extra detail...if it's justified for any one, the he shud definitely get the costly phone..for me I pit my camera against the very best in the business now...the pixel and the iPhone x.
    i find that 5T is not far off behind the leaders,infact in lot of real world scenarios it has fared well and maybe better..
    so my 5T performane is very well justified for what I have paid for it.
    and instead of shedding more for the pixel or the iPhone x, I prefer to buy a proper dslr and do serious photography.
    that's my take...

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  17. Dino_Fattorini Froyo Jan 4, 2018

    Dino_Fattorini, Jan 4, 2018 :
    Last night I was having dinner with my brother who has the Samsung S8 (same cost as the 5T). Out of curiosity I did the same photo in RAW with the two cameras (so as to clear the stock program variable). I put them to the PC both, and the result is that the Samsung S8 is much but much sharper. Same thing for the noise, it has less, plus the autofocus is much more accurate and faster. Point. It is an objective fact, it is not to be discussed, and it is normal that it is so, the sensor of these phones is much larger, and it is normal that they work better. Here no one wants to make a term of comparison if better or worse, however the oil effect must be removed, and even if the camera will not be sharp, clean, as fast as that of the competitors, it is not a problem. The problem is to have those oil stains that in the RAW file (digital negative) are not there. It means that the problem is SOFTWARE, the stock program that applies a heavy post production. No one wants the camera like that of the other brands that go better, you just want a JPEG without that obscene effect. For everything else, even if it's not the best camera in the market, that's fine once it will correct this thing. The DSRL weighs 10 times more than a cellphone, I have 140kg of Flash and DSLR when I turn to work, the problem not what to buy, but have in my pocket a device that allows you to take "normal" pictures.

  18. O1514822293757 Jelly Bean Jan 4, 2018

    O1514822293757, Jan 4, 2018 :
    why don't u report the bug with proofs to the development team..
    it would all do us a favour and help us to get the shots better..
    surely who would not like the camera quality to improve further.

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  19. Ehsan Nazeer Honeycomb Jan 4, 2018

    Ehsan Nazeer, Jan 4, 2018 :
    I dont hate the camera or anything but anotger reason y ppl are freaking out is simply bcoz the pixel 2 is available for 39000 rs and when thats compared to the 5t then the issue arises ..as i told u b4 its a good camera ..but a camera which is not flawed due to the software and i think u should check out dino fittoris post ..he is a professional

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  20. Ehsan Nazeer Honeycomb Jan 4, 2018

    Ehsan Nazeer, Jan 4, 2018 :