OnePlus Fridays 02: A Chance to Win the OnePlus 8T 5G and more!

  1. Joel Jacob
    India Community Specialist Staff Member Sep 25, 2020

    Joel Jacob , Sep 25, 2020 :
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    It’s our second ever edition of OnePlus Fridays!

    With OnePlus Fridays, we bring special limited sales, discounts and chances to win OnePlus Products on a weekly basis.

    Here’s what we got for you this time:

    A chance to win the OnePlus 8T 5G. All you have to do is hit ‘Notify Me’ here & participate in the lucky draw. You could also win a OnePlus Bullet Wireless or a voucher that gives you 5% off on accessories on oneplus.in.

    You can also get hold of the long-awaited OnePlus Buds Gray & Nord. Along with this we got some more special OnePlus Friday offers:
    • Free Protective case on purchase of the OnePlus 7T Pro

    • Free OnePlus 8 André Limited Edition Protective Case on purchase of the OnePlus 8 5G

    • 10% off on all the OnePlus 7T series cases

    • 10% off on OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones & OnePlus 7T Pro protective case bundle.
    What’s more? You can have instant discount of INR 3000 on OnePlus 7T Pro & the OnePlus 8 Series 5G and, Up to INR 8000 on the OnePlus TV Q1 series with ICICI bank Credit Cards.

    Head here to take part!

    Have a great Friday and see you next week!

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    camohan , Sep 25, 2020 :
    It's empty box and more luck is what I get when I draw.
    Singing in the tune of its only words and words are what I have to take your heart away.....

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  8. Y1598594999480 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Sep 25, 2020 :
    Don't buy OnePlus 8 pro and OnePlus products, because am sharing my experience and I didn't get any reply from OnePlus after sending mail to them.

    I have given the mail content for your reference.

    *Mail copy* :

    I have a tiny peel off over my phone back cover. Its have come with my phone when I purchased. Last two days before only I was noticed the tiny defect when I wipe and clean my mobile. I had a discussion with your customer care and they diverted me to the nearest service center of me. Very next day, I walked in your center and the person who sat in front office, she (experience d person) cannot identify the defect untilled I shows the defect to her. After phone has been transferred to your engineer and he diagnosed and come to me to say it will not cover under warranty as very simply. I enquired him for the reason to avoided my warranty as my set has not crossed not even one month from the date of purchase, then he didn't have any words. Then he told he will speak with your service athourity and will let me know the status. I didn't receive any updation from them for 2 hour and I made calls to the center but they already made it as busy for all the time.

    I made call to your customer care to update the experience which I got from your service center. There was a person Mr.Sandeep has took my phone and we had a long discussion about the same and finally he had agreed after discussing with his senior that he will send a approval mail to me with in one hour to replace the mobile as I don't want any service for my OnePlus 8 pro is having a quality issue.
    But it was not happened. Again I called your call center and one lady took and she told she cannot see any call details in your system, which I made to your call center before, when I asked about the committed mail. I told her, I am ready to share the voice recording when I made from last call with sandeep,if she wants. Then she also committed she will escalate the same and she will send the mail with in one hour. That also not happened. Again I called your call center and Mr.prathwi had took my phone and I said the whole story 3rd time. After hearing the same he suggested me to got the center and give a call to the customer care ,if service center persons are accepting, this is a product quality issue, he will give an approval to replace the mobile. While we are talking the call was dropped without making a conclusion. Again I called the call center My fortune I got Mr.prathwi again. When I asked the reason for the last call drop he simply told there was a power issue and because call was dropped. Then I took your service center manager online and over phone the center manager has said, "There is an approval for back cover replacement under warranty, as this is quality issue.if it is under DOA period they would have replaced my mobile without making any query." When he finished I asked to Mr.Prathwi to keep the word which he had given to me that he will give the replacement mail when the service center has accepted. But he declined his word simply and said to me to go for the replacement of back cover. What a pathetic experience I got from OnePlus. No-one is there to understand customer feelings and companies goodwill. I spent my whole day behind of my phone because of your product quality issue which still not resolved.

    I have all these recordings and photo proofs. I am going to show all these infront of public as well as am going for legal support.

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    Padhu10 , Sep 25, 2020 :
    I have ordered One plus 7T pro Friday deal and nice idea for promoting one plus

  14. rajshah2412
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    rajshah2412 , Sep 26, 2020 :
    Thanks for the information @Joel Jacob
    Friday is indeed one the best days of the week which is made even better with the OnePlus Fridays.
    Offers and Promotions look good and definitely worth a look.
    Good work team.

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