OnePlus Gallery hidden feature not working when we go through WhatsApp

  1. im_harsh09
    Gingerbread Aug 31, 2019

    im_harsh09 , Aug 31, 2019 :
    Recently OnePlus gallery is updated to version 3.5.5 which included hide photos option. but these hidden photos are Directly accessible when one goes through WhatsApp. They should not be meant to visible, right.? m using OnePlus 7.

  2. dibon
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

    dibon , Sep 3, 2019 :
    if you want to hide any file in android, just add dot at the begining of the file name. i.e.: photo.jpg --> .photo.jpg

    then you can see hidden files by choosing "show hidden" in file manager app.

  3. sushanthgoudcheruku
    Froyo Sep 10, 2019

    sushanthgoudcheruku , Sep 10, 2019 :
    Better Use Lockbox on your mobile to hide any photo.

    To Hide photos in Lockbox:

    1st Step: Go to "File Manager">> Scroll down and Tap on Lockbox>>Set a password for the Lockbox>>After opening Lockbox close it again once you set password.

    2nd Step: Go to "File Manager">>Click on "Storage" option on Button of the screen>>Tap on "Internal Storage">>Open Folder in which images are saved>>Now without opening the image long press on the image that you want to hide from the list of images which appears>>Tap on 3 dots on top right corner of the screen>>Select Move to "Lockbox"

    To view Hidden Images:

    3rd Step: Go to "File Manager">> Open "Lockbox">>Enter Password to open>> This shows all the images hidden in the lockbox and you cannot view them from any other app as they are hidden now.

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