OnePlus GameBox: Stay at home and play games

  1. Lokesh Dutta
    Froyo Apr 5, 2020

    Lokesh Dutta , Apr 5, 2020 :
    How well you know each other.?


    This game all about how well you know each other it can be play in between the colleagues, Friends, Family. The game rule is simple we have to confess to any team member or any Advice. Here we need a internet connectivity and any of the video calling app through which we can connect each of the team member. One person who take care the backend partof the game. There will be a single easy form where member has to fill a form created using google forms. where he or she has to write a confess to any team member or any Advice and sepcify the name of person in to it but in the front end only confess or advice is displayed to the team member and the name of the person who wrote this confession or advice. so the rest of the people has to identify to whom he or she confessing or advising. who correctly identify the will get a one point. Most correct answering member will win the game. It shows how well we know each other. It helps to more understanding and fun with each other. very easy and create bond with each other.
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  2. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Apr 5, 2020

    Venky61 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    I would love to play this game :D
    I think the Raffle should also have the roll the dice option like Community Chest to try the luck but with lesser odds :)

  3. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Apr 5, 2020

    camohan , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Indeed.. Me too.
    I plan to give more thought to it and make it more better.
    Once things are back to normal I will make it into 20x20 inch cardboard game and who knows we could play this over zoom or when we met during OEFs in our free time.

    Nice idea on roll the dice on raffle..!

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  4. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Apr 5, 2020

    Venky61 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    I am sold when you say Cardboard :D

  5. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Apr 5, 2020

    Cheetosdust , Apr 5, 2020 :
    I don't have - and I won't get - a OnePlus GameBox, so your best chance is to try and win it with a great game idea. ;)

    Good luck! :cool:

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  7. U1586059082309
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2020

    U1586059082309 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Here's a detailed description of how I imagine a one plus game would be like
    Rather than players only able to upgrade their in game characters 1+ game would allow players to upgrade the game itself through leveling up
    The game would start with a typical console type game with up,down,left,right and A,B,X,O .
    This would have the same classical graphic design scheme as that of Mario or Pokemon games.
    This game would have your character able to move around , shoot, and break boxes that have been spread around the arena.Enemies with different points on Their heads 10 or 20 with different health will randomly pop up on the arena and the players will be given 1 minute to score the required points based on the level.
    Around the arenas several fragments of mythical items ( such as the trident,lava gun, earthquake charm..) would be hidden in boxes which the player would need to open while fighting off enemies . After completing around 20 of these levels each of a higher difficulty than the next a level boss would appear that can only be defeated using the powers of the items that the player would have collected. once the player defeats the boss '1+' logo would flash and the game itself would upgrade .
    In the second stage the game would resemble some free-run modern games.the character would be continuosly running so the player would have to guide it through obstacle but by swipes now.the player similarly would have to clear off any enemies by aiming and shooting the enemies (bonus points for headshots).the game would give instructions such as ' score 100 points in the next 40 secs for bonus 400 point but the charecter could neglect such missions and keep on playing it casually as a free-run game.several other items that the player could not use earlier in the boss fight could be used now anytime and there would be more tactical equipments to find during the run as well ( such as sticky bomb or ice rain or zombie call) if the player is unable to shoot a enemy before he runs past it the enemy would start to follow it and deal damage if the charecter is stopped in its path by a obstacle.the player could clear off enemies following him using only his items which he can throw back as well ( *he can only shoot ahead).after gaining points and leveling up another 20 levels or so again the '1+' logo would flash the game would level up again.this time graphics and gaming experience like those of heavy pc games.the game changes to a virtual walk around type with fpp perspective the enemies ,the walls ,the items all looking realistic ang truly giving the feeling as if the person has entered inside the game.the game remains the same achieving certain points on a limited time using your weapons and items to level up but now has the option of higher connectivity and now PvP is available.the game has slowly transistied from classical 2d 3rd person perspective games to 3d fpp high end immersive game and all of this is upto the player to level up to unlock it.the game would have several updates from time to time adding new levels each time and maybe who knows another 1+ flash if there is something better to achieve.never settle.😁

  8. Angelo_Fernandes , via OnePlus 6T , Apr 5, 2020 :
    OnePlus gamebox should be where in where only OnePlus users can scan the QR codes uniquely and then be able to access the gamebox. Moreover there should be a separate competition for gaming on the OnePlus. Since OnePlus values it's community more than any other thing. By doing such small prize giveaways in the gamebox. It will also lead many users to switch towards OnePlus devices. I feel OnePlus should adapt this idea. 🥺[e]1f44f[/e]

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  9. R1586012682524
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2020

    R1586012682524 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    It would be better if it is a portable device,and comes with a support of all types screen size including smartphones to smart tv!!Thank You,,
    Love You ''One Plus''!!

  10. arun047
    Froyo Apr 5, 2020

    arun047 , via OnePlus 5T , Apr 5, 2020 :
    From the start, We got 13 awesome mobile models from OnePlus till now. I'm sure there were many changes happened in terms of design until we get the final product. And I assume we created hundreds of wallpapers for each model and chose few out of it as a final list.
    My idea is a simple puzzle game in mobile to join pieces of pictures to create a wallpaper. We will have mobile model name as level name, starting from 1,2 till 8. From each model, We will use exclusive wallpaper created for that which we didn't release as a puzzle picture. Winner gets to have the wallpaper on finishing the level.
    Finally who finishes all levels, gets exclusive 8 series wallpaper.

    How do you like getting a collection of oneplus wallpapers?!

  11. arun047
    Froyo Apr 5, 2020

    arun047 , via OnePlus 5T , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Good one

  12. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer Apr 5, 2020

    YRJ , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Hello Folks,
    I present to you my idea of what a OnePlus game should/would be!

    Ever since I joined the community, I have felt as if I have transitioned into a whole new world, where I have a virtual home. Some people merely think of this place as a tech forum, logging in only to see if @Manu J. has announced a new software update for your phone or to check if AOD is coming soon!

    However, for me this place is much more. I get to see photos from all over the world ( @cdnfarmer @B.I.T.S. @TibiTibi ), learn what is happening thousands of miles away. Read different ideas and be able to get a glimpse of people's creativity! Looking at you @MaiBeret , thanks to the amazing contests that @Crystal Z. @Trista W. @Zach X. come up with which allows the creative juices to flow.

    We are at a confluence where awesome peeps meet. In other words it is a small happy little place we have here. I would like to call it Never Settle Ville!

    My idea of a OnePlus game is to reproduce this very space in an animated working form, something that people can be a part of and enjoy. Like everything OnePlus, this game too will be made together with the community!

    A full fledged 3D interactive city simulator, run by some of the very capable OnePlus community users whose tasks are to jointly develop the city and most importantly, have fun plus it is also inhabited by the OnePlus community :D

    Allow me to explain how this will work

    Like every city, Never Settle Ville shall have a mayor,
    I take the liberty to appoint @Amanda W. as the mayor for this town.

    The Administration will naturally be headed by our community's passionate Admin team, @Zach X. @Crystal Z. and @Trista W.

    Never Settle Ville is undoubtedly a happy place, but should things go out of hand we need a robust team that can handle the situation. I request the Moderator team to maintain Never Settle Ville with the same expertise, how they handle the forums.

    To strengthen the city's foundation and make it tomorrow ready, I invite the S/W team headed by @Manu J. and @David Y. to apply the same burdenless philosophy and make it a world leader with it's groundbreaking Fast, stable and efficient techniques!

    At the heart of the city will be the OnePlus technological centre, @Carl and @Pete can be found hanging around here. Don't be surprised if you see @Una peeping out of one of the office windows.
    Don't forget to check out the international bee museum, the also sell the finest honey known to mankind!

    Creativity lies at the core of Never Settle Ville, I am pleased to announce that @buntycubal will be the creative head of the town. With Buntycubal at the chair, the city will always be Halloween ready ;)

    Since this is a relatively new town, we will need a guide both for helping people learn about the history of the town and attract tourism. For this two departments will work jointly. The photography experts will help capture stunning visuals and starting point experts will act as a beacon for the town.

    As a town having people coming from all over the world, belonging to different cultures it needs a community club! I would like to call it the Wormhole Building. (I named it just now, has nothing to do with any existing clubs :rolleyes: )
    I would like to appoint a very capable president for the community club and I'm sure we all can agree there could be no better person than Mr. Community Consultant one of the best men in the business, @dsmonteiro :cool:

    Ofcourse, the town is still in the planning phase and an embryo idea. If you have any ideas and if anyone is interested in converting this idea into a reality, I welcome you to do so. :D

    Would you play such a game? What more addition can you think of? ;)

    Thank you for reading.
    Never Settle ;)

  13. Starcommander
    Lollipop Apr 5, 2020

    Starcommander , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Sim city OnePlus version 😉

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  14. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Apr 5, 2020

    Dresa91 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    this is a great game idea, too:)

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  15. Helder_DAlmeida , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Congratulations 🎊 @YRJ i love it! A city of Oneplus in which each member will play a role as part of it. Of course I would play! It is a pride to see another idea from friends of the wormhole and I hope you are also successful and chosen!

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  16. sigafdo07
    Eclair Apr 5, 2020

  17. W1586093068801
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2020

    W1586093068801 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Hai one+ team,
    The game we are playing in our quarantine period. Just see it. It would be unforgettable game on your life time with lot of recall memories. The game NEVER QUIT.

    Attached Files:

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  18. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Apr 5, 2020

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  19. Max52
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2020

    Max52 , via OnePlus 6T , Apr 5, 2020 :
    Kind of a play on Shot On OnePlus. My game requires a phone/camera, 2 friends and a house. Pick any adjective for eachother, blue, green, large, lumpy, whatever you'd like. Then, grab your cameras and find 5 items that could be described by your adjective. Snap a good, artsy picture of the 5 objects. Once both people finish, pick your favorite of the 5 pictures and have your other friend decide which picture is the best!

    Winner can be the judge for the next round or pick the adjectives for the next round.