OnePlus GameBox: Stay at home and play games

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  2. Param Sangani 1509
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    Param Sangani 1509 , Apr 3, 2020 :
    I have changed my username from K12( something ) to this so please don't think it's someone else it's me . I have written the ideas of Apex Legends and battle royale and quiz 😅✌️✌️🙏

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    S1585933318969 , Apr 3, 2020 :
    Nice i.am excited about this nice I'm imagine best battle game like pubg are s the best mobile game

  4. Bhaveshp001
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    Bhaveshp001 , via OnePlus 3 , Apr 3, 2020 :
    Hello OnePlus Family,

    OnePlus game should be like as their phones. OnePlus is famous for giving freedom to users for doing anything to the phone like rooting or changing OS etc.

    So in my opinion, The OnePlus game should be open world game with map customisable by users on their own. Not only creation of maps, they can easily shareable to world.

    I hope I have made understandable statement.


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    K1585930242902 , Apr 3, 2020 :
    Game name is:
    (Trageary with five)

    So first off all we have to decide how many members are going to play the game if the player are five than each one of them have to give some answers for the question according to the rule of game after that the according to the capability the player will gate the respective characters from game 1st will be (leader).2nd will be (lady host ).
    3rd will be (bravery man). 4 will be (chatur).5 will be
    (Tappu the small boy child)
    When every one will gate there specified character
    They will directly take them to the survival zone in which the all of them to perform a special role in which leader have to take some specified decisions according to the task provided in the survival zone
    Leader will decide who will do a task after that every one will gate there specified task In which three of them( .bravery man .tappu.chatur )were select there choices and have taken to the place of
    Where task is been carried out each one have to perform the task every single mistake will alert the beep sound and task will become fail every character will gate four chance in the game
    Where if one of them loose thare task have to carry the character in a sack in which thave to lose their speed in the game the remaining two player( the lady host and leader) have to surch for the key and through which exit door will open they all provided the diff difficult task such as fighting with demons
    With snake and task fight will help them to gate the key . After that the 3 players the chatur the tappu and the bravery man will complete theater task such as the tappu will fight the demon while surviving into his cave and have to find the exit door
    Then Chatur have to fight with leady demon and have to achieve hers faith and then ask for a help to find the exit door in which he have to give and answer for the asked question from lady demon
    And have carry some specified task .
    After that the .bravery man will have to fight continously with snakes reptiles and and forest giants . If each one one of them will loss thare task
    The brave leady and leader have to carry the sack of player in which they wont to revive the player they have to surch and find the doctor from forest if they are ready to lift a
    Sack then the can allowed to left but instead of leader and lady hot is died any one than thave to revive first and than task will continue in case they well loss to revive or demon will kill the both leady host and leader the game will be exit and player will lose the game if the leady host and leader will win the key or once the got the key they will open the exit door of each player from the key and take them out and game will be won by the team

    Name created by :Chetan Arun sontakke
    Email add chetansontakke897@gmail.com

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    S1585932956852 , Apr 3, 2020 :

    One Integers

    Learning is very important even when it feels like the world is going to end and what better way to learn except MATHS so OneIntegers its a board game where a player rolls a dice and then picks a card with either a negative(-) or a positive(+) depending on which the player has to move either left or right meaning either in the positive direction or the negative direction. On each block there will be a color(Red,Green,Blue,Yellow) if it is a red block then the player has to take a card from the dares deck if its a Green then the player gets a point, the blue blocks are very rare and if a player lands on it then their opponents will have to give that player an item.If a player lands on a yelow block then nothing happens.The first player to reach a certain number of points wins(The points are set at the begining of the game).

    This game will have random computer generated blocks

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    K1585930242902 , Apr 3, 2020 :

  12. H1585933997816 , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 3, 2020 :
    I think it would be a online game in which the user get challenges and the user had to make different things from limited metarial which will shown on phone and then after completing the challenges he/she had to send the pic of that thing to OnePlus and then the user will be allowed to reach to next level and then he will get a qr code after scanning that code a spinning wheel will be shown on user mobile screen and the user had to tap on the spinning wheel if he/she had a good luck he/she can win a woucher this will help user to be creative and it will be a good way to pass the time in quarantine and the person will stay at home and search the metarial to complete the challenges and win the gift voucher like 20 rs paytm cash discount on bus ticket or plane ticket and i think the game name's should be ( discover the mind)
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    Y1585933656667 , Apr 3, 2020 :
    My suggestion are less because one plus is always will be in top notch Soo in specification wise it must be value for money and the price range should be at average so normal people could afford these game box.
    The main thing is the UI the user interface for that it must support Android and if possible iOS also.And the ui must be simple and easily understandable for the user and main thing now a days #vediogame streaming so if the gamere/user wish to show his gameplay to the public then it must fecilitate his need.The game box must support all games to its max level.I possible the controls should be provided of the game box.
    This are my suggestions so I thank One plus for giving this opportunity and wish good luck for the future
    Goo corona, corona goo✋✋
    #stay home stay safe

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