OnePlus Icons vs JVC HAFX1X (+Extra)

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    OmarFPG , Dec 16, 2015 :
    Christmas came in advanced this year, and I got my brand new OnePlus Icons, my old JVC HAFX1X (I had lost my first pair on a robbery, so I got a new set), and some TaoTronics Wireless Headset that I was provided at half price for reviewing purposes. :)

    Since I got them all at once, I figured, let's make a comparative review. First step:

    IMG_20151216_163225_01.jpg IMG_20151216_163401.jpg
    OnePlus is hands down the winner in this category. Undisputed champion. All the details in the box are awesome. First is a red box that if you look reaaal close you'll notice a "+" pattern repeated all over the box, with the Icons embossed in the middle of the cover as well. You remove the top to find another box, this time a blue one, with the 1+ logo and motto engraved in it. This inside box opens like a book to reveal finally the Icons, very secure in its place, with the leather bag in the middle, and extra tips in the bottom very secure in its place as well.
    IMG_20151216_172854.jpg IMG_20151216_163648.jpg

    Second place goes to TaoTronics, which have a simple box and the headphones fit and snug in a something that seems a hard foam rubber, when you remove it you'll see the case as a false bottom that you can remove and you'll find a small pouch with extra tips and the USB cable. (Side note here: they were better packaged in the box, I had taken them out before I took the picture, and wasn't able to place them as they were, lol. But they were presented better haha).

    And in third place the JVC, which simply came in a sealed plastic packaging (I really hate those kind of packaging, nearly impossible to open, lol. At least they're secure).

    OnePlus Icons: 5/5
    JVC HAFX1X: 3/5
    TaoTronics TT-BH08: 4/5

    It is important to note here that all three come with three sets of tips in large, medium and small sizes. And all three have something to carry them. So I'll review the carrying accessories since they're the real difference here.

    The JVC comes with a small hard case that is very fit, paired with the thickness of the cable makes them very hard to tangle. The small box looks great with the XX engraved in it. I gave them the first place since I like the small hard plastic case the best, the fit is perfect, even with the extra tips in them, and even all the user manuals and guarantee info that comes inside the case when you first get them. The case is very prone to scratches of course, so just try to keep it away from your keys, make sure you don't use the same pocket.

    The OnePlus Icons come in a very close second spot, with a high quality leather bag, it feels really great to the touch, it smells like leather. It opens and closes by magnets placed inside the fabric, so you won't even notice them nor they'll ruin the design. It also has the 1+ logo engraved in the lower right corner. The Icons are a bit tight inside this bag, it may have been good if it was just a bit bigger, but it's ok too. I don't think I'll place the extra tips inside this bag though.

    Finally, the TaoTronics have a small pouch that feels like neoprene, I guess this is according to the main target users of this set, since they're promoted as sweat proof, for gym, running, etc. It feels good to the touch as well, of course not leather-good, but still good. The bag also has the company logo printed in it. Since the headphones are very flexible they're easy to bend and fit inside the small bag, though they're a bit tight if you include the USB cable and extra tips in them.

    OnePlus Icons: 4.5/5
    JVC HAFX1X: 5/5
    TaoTronics TT-BH08: 3.5/5

    Build Quality
    The JVC come with a very thick cable, and having used them for over a year in the past, and not breaking down, I know they're build to last. (I have a small curse where one of the sides start to break down, usually the left one first. It may be very imperceptible for some, but I know is there. I can tell the difference, and it gets bigger day by day... With the JVC I didn't get to experience this in the time I had them. Paired with great sound quality, I had to get them again! :)). The buds are quite big, but they feel good in the ears, and you don't get tired of using them. They come labeled for left and right side but this is pretty much unnecessary, since you'll notice if you're using them on the wrong order by how uncomfortable they feel that way, and how comfortable they feel in the right order.

    The Icons come with a braided cable right until the middle, where they split. Starting from that point they're two thin cables, one of which has the controls in them. The earbuds are quite big, bigger than the JVC, and they have an odd shape as well, supposed to fit better in the ears. I can confirm they do fit well but the default tips are a bit too big and soft. I switched them for one of the tips on the box, the bigger one in there, which happen to be the middle size (they come with the big size by default), and they fit better in my opinion. They're also labeled properly but I guess they'd feel uncomfortable if used in the wrong order. In the right order they're quite comfortable actually. I also like that they have the 1+ icon on the buds, and on the controller, where they have the word ONEPLUS as well.

    The TaoTronics have the oddest shape when it comes to the buds, thanks god they're labeled properly so I figured out how to wear them, lol. But once you figure this out, you wear them over the ear and they feel very fit, I guess you could easily take them to the gym or running. They're comfortable as well. The material is a very flexible and bendy rubber, I like this I think they'll last a lot, since they're built to use under heavy conditions. If only they would offer a variety of colors.

    The cables for the Icons and the JVC are almost as long, but the JVC win by a small margin. The TT of course are wireless.

    OnePlus Icons: 5/5
    JVC HAFX1X: 5/5
    TaoTronics TT-BH08: 4.5/5

    This. Is. It. The moment you've been waiting for. The real showdown. Full disclosure: I had a total bias for the JVC coming from over a year of use with them and not having found a contender for them yet. I of course tested them first to remember old times. I was curious how they were going to sound using them now on the OnePlus X against my previous Motorola Moto G.

    I put the JVC HAFX1X on and I was not disappointed. The sound is loud enough to give you a permanent tinnitus after moderate exposure to them, yet there's no distortion to be found. You can hear every detail with them, you'll feel you're right there, live in front of your favorite artist. You won't be disappointed. And I still absolutely love the bass in them.

    Next up: The OnePlus Icons. I must say, I'm feeling nervous right now... 3... 2... 1... Play! All volume up again, maximum volume for all tests... First thing I notice: they don't sound as loud as the JVC. Of course, they don't distort either. I can hear lots of details with them too, I like the bass in them, they seem to be have a bit more pouch actually.

    I'll do a second round with a bass heavy song hold on. This time I'm using the Icons first, then the JVC. Yup. Bass is there, and sound is very clear in every aspect. The Icons deliver. Back to the JVC. They definitely sound louder, the bass has more strength in them too. They're very close, they sound similar, just the JVC a bit louder and with a more powerful bass (if you're into both loud volume and strong bass, they're for you).

    I did some more tests today (one day later) with some more genres. I can confirm the JVC have higher highs and bass, and the Icons sound a bit more balanced. So depending on what you're about to listen each one may be better. I'm quite happy with both, and I'll keep using both for sure. Please note I'm not an expert audiophile in any way so of course this isn't a professional review, just my personal opinion. You're welcome to try both and let me know how it goes for you. :)

    Oh yeah, and I also have to test the TaoTronics. :p I don't expect them to be a match for any of the other two, just for the simple fact of being wireless, maybe I should compare them to my MEElectronics Air-Fi rumble, but since this ones came with the other two, I'll make this just an extra in the review. Let's see how this goes.

    I was starting to get worried about them until I found where to increase the volume with the built in controls. They seem to be independent from the cellphone. They can sound very loud too, but they distort a little bit in full volume. Other than that they do sound very nice as well, even more considering they're wireless. The bass is strong here too (I love a nice bass), even stronger than the Icons. They aren't as clear as the other two of course, and again, they distort just a little bit in full volume. But they're good enough to pump you up while exercising I guess. :)

    OnePlus Icons: 10/10
    JVC HAFX1X: 10/10
    TaoTronics TT-BH08: 8/10

    Total Scores (or TL;DR):
    OnePlus Icons: 24.5 / 25
    JVC HAFX1X: 23/ 25 (but a bit louder, and better for bass heavy songs :))
    TaoTronics TT-BH08: 20 / 25

    If you want me to do some more tests with them, please let me know. I'm aware there are still some aspects to be reviewed / compared, and I intent to include them here soon.

    Thanks all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review. I certainly had fun doing it.
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    OmarFPG , Dec 17, 2015 :
    Total Scores (or TL;DR):
    OnePlus Icons: 24.5 / 25
    JVC HAFX1X: 23/ 25 (but a bit louder, and better for bass heavy songs :))
    TaoTronics TT-BH08: 20 / 25


    Yeah they're pretty close. And right now they cost about the same. Just when I got my JVC last year they were barely $25, When I went to buy them this year they were around $55. So pretty much the same as the Icons. Just in my opinion, slightly better if you're into music at very high volume without distortion, and bass heavy. :)

    The Icons are a great purchase too, I don't regret buying them, they're a very great item for the price indeed. And they're very good looking, they feel very premium right from the moment you even get the box in your hands. Quite comfortable I may add.
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  4. OmarFPG
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    OmarFPG , Dec 18, 2015 :
    I've been doing some more trials, with other genres here and there. I think the JVC have stronger highs and bass compared to the Icons, the Icons seem to be more balanced in this. I'll keep trying more and more genres, and definitely will keep using both, since both are terrific choices. :)
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    OmarFPG , Dec 18, 2015 :
    Please refer to this part of my review:

    But yeah I give the Icons 10/10. From my very limited experience, they're great. I had given them 9.5 at first but after some more tests I actually decided to upgrade it to 10/10 on sound quality. :)

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    OmarFPG , Dec 26, 2015 :
    Have you tried them against all the 3 quoted earphones to claim this? I'm eager to try the Pistons 3, I've seen a lot of recommendations. But I doubt they'd be better than my JVC's! :p I still have to find something that tops them. The Icons came really close.

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    OmarFPG , Jan 6, 2016 :
    I just got the famous Xiaomi Mi Piston 3's today, from Gear Best: http://www.gearbest.com/earphones/pp_169225.html

    It was long overdue, mostly because I didn't knew where to get them, since I've seen them in lots of places and mostly I don't know if they're knock offs. This seems like the real deal, and they ship to Venezuela and accept PayPal! :D That was enough to make my mind.

    I'll share my thoughts on them in about a month when I get them (I got free shipping of course xD but paid the tracking number and insurance which was just about $3-4 :) better that than $41 on expedite shipping)

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    Mr. BG , Jan 7, 2016 :
    I got them too, in the mail yesterday, they need some breaking in I tell you.

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    OmarFPG , Jan 7, 2016 :
    Congrats on the new set! I just checked mine and seems they've been shipped already! Let's hope for a quick and non eventual delivery. :)

    You mention a interesting topic there, about burning in headphones. I've read a lot on that matter, specially on head-fi. It's interesting. I haven't tested this theory, I usually just wear them and if any break in or burning in or baking in happens, it'll be while I use them over time. We'll see how it goes with the Pistons!

    I have however, used two pairs, for a long time, then a brand new set. My JVC after being stolen and I got a new ones, and an old Aiwa HP-J31 (I really miss them!), that I had two pairs as well, after the first ones had a little accident I got a new one (I also miss the time where you could get stuff in this country, lol!).

    On both cases the sound was great, just as I remembered it. Of course, I may remember wrong, the gap of time between the old pair and the new pair could've made me forget, or the difference may not have been significant in those cases, but it is still something that interest me and that I'd like to try thoroughly.

    I'd like to do some proper testing about this. I'd take 3 headsets, a fairly used pair, and two new ones of the same; one going through the burn in process and one just out of the box, and compare all three. Should be a nice experiment.

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    OmarFPG , Feb 22, 2016 :
    Almost 7 weeks later, Pistons arrived today! :D Pictures and tests later on.

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    Mr. BG , Feb 22, 2016 :
    They took their time didn't they? ;)

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    doekus , May 17, 2016 :

  17. X1519386046443
    Froyo Jun 14, 2018

    X1519386046443 , Jun 14, 2018 :
    hey! I get jvc xx earphones today, they great! but the thing is that I can't initialize them at sound settings. there still my previous earphones jbl. tell me how can I initialize jvc? or maybe they are not in a list of earphones... idk