Oneplus in my pocket since 2015 via OnePlus Nord

  1. Dj_chemie
    Honeycomb Sep 16, 2020

    Dj_chemie , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 16, 2020 :
    I was so impressed at the time of OnePlus One when I accidentally stumbled upon it on a website. Although it was the time of all new Galaxy S4 and HTC, OnePlus was a lonewolf. I happened to relate this new company with myself: innovative, daring and up-to-date. I was so longing to get my hands on it, but was unable to.
    Next year, as a matter of my perseverance, I got an invite for the all new OnePlus Two. My friends made fun of the name as it was still largely unknown here in the NL. Yet, a few OP users I met in public transport felt like my brothers. We talked a lot about the phone, how heavy and huge it is. I loved the second iteration. Had been my baby for 4 years.
    At some point, OnePlus seemed to exceed the expectations with their OnePlus 3T. I so badly wanted to experience it. So i borrowed my friends phone for about 6 months and it was so surreal to use it in the middle of iPhones and Galaxy lineups. Even though it was a short stint, I couldn't depart from it.
    In between I ran into iPhone SE because of the small screen (I couldn't find any OnePlus X at that time), but I kept it only for official purposes. For everything else it was my Oneplus.
    In 2018, I managed to get OnePlus 6. The first phone where I actually felt the speed. No other phones at that time felt like a formula 1 car. I was so impressed with it that i simply turn it on and off just to feel the speed. It was at that time i had a lot of financial troubles given my health situations. I had to sell a lot of things from home, including this extra phone. I regretted that decision a lot. Although now I am somewhat over that situation, i still missed my OnePlus 6.
    This month, i decided to get the OnePlus Nord. I had other choices like the Google pixel 4a or Poco X3. But I decided to get my everlasting love, my own OnePlus Nord and I always cherish the legacy of having the OnePlus yet again in my pocket. it will stay with me forever. i just love you OnePlus and the team behind it.

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