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  1. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Jelly Bean Nov 30, 2020

    Yash Pratap Singh. , Nov 30, 2020 :
    Hey everyone!
    A few months ago, OnePlus introduced a new segment in the Red Cable Club, and that is - OnePlus Prive.
    It had a lot of new benefits and features like Red Coins, Prive Tokens, and Prive Life — which had a collection of accessories for the OnePlus fans — bottles, bags, T-shirts, hoodies, etc.

    There are many threads which review accessories like OnePlus Buds, Bullets, etc. which are helpful additions to your daily digital lives and improve your tech ecosystem (check out @Batman360 's amazing article).

    But what about those accessories which we use in our day to day lives, but do not require a battery or a phone to help us do our tasks, with the OnePlus style. That's right! I am talking about OnePlus Bottles, Explorer Backpacks, Prive Hoodies, Prive T-Shirts and the Never Settle Swiss Army Knife!

    So, @Aarav Sahni and I had the idea for a thread solely dedicated to these accessories. And along with our reviewer friends (@Starcommander @Shubham_Ag. @KaranRIyer), some helpers (@Venky61 @dsmonteiro @YRJ ) and The Wormhole, we have created a list of the best review threads for all the OnePlus Lifestyle Accessories available for OnePlus fans!😁

    Take a look at this review compilation prepared us which will give you an in - depth description and a fun review😊 of the OnePlus Lifestyle Accessories!
    Just sit back, relax, click on the product names and enjoy the amazing reviews!👇

    1. OnePlus Explorer Backpack (by @Aarav Sahni)
    Short Description - the OnePlus Explorer Backpack is really worth the price. The OnePlus Explorer Backpack is designed from the ground up with a bold new aesthetic, liters of space, and reliable durability! The result is a highly usable companion designed to make life easier, faster, and more comfortable.

    Price - ₹4,990 (IN) / £99 (UK) / $99 (US)

    Link to buy - https://www.oneplus.in/product/oneplus-explorer-backpack (IN)

    Click here for UK
    Click here for US

    2. OnePlus Stainless Steel Flask (by @Yash Pratap Singh.)
    Short Description - A shiny, really shiny beautiful bottle with a minimalistic design and a classic OnePlus Logo and text on the front, which definitely keeps its promises to keep beverage hot for 8 hrs and cold for 12 hrs! Keeps you hydrated wherever you go, so that you Never Settle!

    Price - 100 RedCoins + ₹1,499

    Link to buy - https://www.oneplus.in/prive/product/water-bottle-silver

    3. OnePlus Never Settle Hoodie (by @KaranRIyer)
    Short Description - On an all the Hoodie is a Cool, Good quality material and style statement that can be worn by Exclusive Red Cable members only which you can flaunt amongst your friends.

    Price - 100 RedCoins + ₹1,999

    Link to buy - https://www.oneplus.in/prive/product/embroidered-hoodie-black-l

    4. OnePlus X Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (by @Starcommander)
    Short Description - This co-branded swiss army knife has a mark of OnePlus on it, with OnePlus logo on one face, and the signature tag line ‘Never Settle’ on the other. This knife is an amazing accessory for those who have a special liking for OnePlus.

    Price - 100 RedCoins + ₹999

    Link to buy (voucher) -https://www.oneplus.in/prive/product/victorinox-411-off-voucher

    5. OnePlus Reflective T-shirt (by @Shubham_Ag. )
    Short Description - One of their coolest t-shirts with a very good quality. Proudly wear this in any of the future OnePlus events whenever you get a chance. They’ve used a not so normal kind of a reflective print on this t-shirt. It is a high-quality print for sure, which doesn't feel light as if it'd come out the next wash.

    Price - 100 RedCoins + ₹399

    Link to buy - https://www.oneplus.in/prive/product/ss20-reflective-t-shirt

    (If you have any queries regarding the products, or would like to ask a specific question about it, post it on the respective product review thread!)

    Thanks for reading!👍

    Which product do you think, is the best accessory for a OnePlus Fan?

    Which accessory are you planning to buy next?

    Let us know!😃

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    Thanks a lot for your support!

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