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    gopinathr , Jun 11, 2017 :
    Here I vote.


    Announcing that OnePlus 2 won't get upgrade just ahead of your next flagship killer device is poor marketing. What's happening OnePlus.

    Crazy strategies. :)

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  16. Pym C.
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    Pym C. , Jun 19, 2017 :
    Dear Friends,

    Thank you to all of the students who entered. We were astounded by the quality of the submissions, which made shortlisting 20 a near impossible task. We are very grateful to those who took the time to review the submissions and cast their votes to decide the final 5 teams.

    On a bright and sunny Friday afternoon, the 5 teams and judges descended on The Hoxton, in Holborn. After a brief introduction, it was time to draw lots to decide which team would go first. Each team had ten minutes to present and did so expertly!

    Once each team had presented, the judges assembled to compare notes and scores. The decision was so hard that they requested extra time for deliberation! After what must have felt like hours for the students, they were are brought back in.

    The Final results were:

    1. AD²
    "Two undergrad students, studying Media Production and Product Design. We share the same passion for bringing new and experimental ideas to the table, and strive to create work that engages our audiences in our respective fields."

    Adam REASON (Bournemouth University), Adam HOSKIN (Bournemouth University).

    2. 1+1+1
    "I Brushed Fast and Won a Phone - You Won't Believe How!!!"

    Cai WILLIAMS (University of wales), Methavee CHALOEYJITR (University of wales), Norramon TENGCHAROENSUK (University of wales).

    3. Innovation Space
    "We want to invite consumers to never settle for less than they deserve, to do something new, dream big and go further to fulfil their dreams. By using the space theme we illustrate the unlimited possibilities that consumers can have with OnePlus!"

    Victoria VALDES BENAVIDES (University of Essex), Iva BLAZECKI (University of Essex).

    4. Yixaxis
    "Technology is our passion but also a challenge for the human race. Never Settle. Join the #OnePlusRevolution."

    Adrián IRIARTE (Udima), Belle HALILI (Ateneo de Manila University).

    5. Urban Innovation
    "The idea behind Urban Innovation's marketing style is to encourage members of the public to actively involve themselves with OnePlus as a brand, working together to discover what we want to show them."

    Seth SPAIN (University of Exeter), Giles MUNN (University of Glasgow).


    The two Adams will be joining us later in the summer to make their idea a reality!

    Thanks again for everyone's participation - we hope to run another challenge soon.


  17. SoniaB
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    SoniaB , Jun 19, 2017 :
    Nice one @Pym C.
    But it might me missed as not a new thread :oops:

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