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  1. anunayC
    Honeycomb Nov 5, 2020

    anunayC , Nov 5, 2020 :

    Hey everyone,

    I’m Anunay, an 18-year-old, long-time community member! I'm very shy when it comes to creating threads on the forums, but you might have seen me hanging around in the replies or on Twitter.

    What better topic for my first thread than the visit to the newly inaugurated OnePlus Nizam Palace?

    I spoke to the Store Manager Syed Sarfaraz, it was a pleasure talking to him. Here's everything that I found out about OnePlus's biggest experience store in the world!

    The OnePlus Nizam Palace. The rich city of Hyderabad gets another monument, OnePlus’s largest experience store yet. Although OnePlus has a lot of experience stores and service centers all across the country, this time they got everything under one roof.

    storefront (3).jpg

    Let’s start with the exterior!


    No restrictions!” The open and fluid design of the store is open for anyone and everyone from the storefront to the topmost terrace and even the office space is accessible to anybody!

    The elegant design of the store with the two-tone design, red brick on the front, and inside matching well with the white marble flooring and tops of every corner. At night the tiles illuminate the glimmering moonlight onto the ceiling creating an amazing effect!

    As OnePlus stated, the aluminum facade symbolized a bright and lustrous future whereas the red brick wall beneath represents the brand's loyal, rooted community, depicting its strong foundation cemented by the brand's impenetrable core values.

    IMG_20201104_120748-01Ocomp.jpeg The grand entrance of the OnePlus Nizam Palace.

    Now that everything is based online, why open a store?

    OnePlus has been growing its offline presence for quite a while now, but this time they wanted to set a benchmark retail experience.

    The customers can not only experience OnePlus products but also buy it then and there. Every customer that buys a product from the store gets additional discounts and goodies as well! (Not sure if this is a limited time thing).

    Macro mode photo testing area.

    Gaming and Experience Zone

    The Gaming Zone is still unfinished as of now. They have set up demo devices and an open wifi network for all visitors to game and experience the latest that OnePlus has to offer.

    The experience zone had a bunch of audio accessories, phones, TVs, and cases to test and try out. There's also an additional seating area for Dolby Atmos testing on TVs and a neat little corner to watch events!

    You can also find a dedicated unboxing zone where users can hang out and unbox their newly-bought devices.

    Seating and TV Experience Zone

    Service Centre

    Gotta say this was one of THE MOST organized service centers I’ve seen!

    It was spaced out, well maintained, considering the fact that the service center was already functional and open to the public for a few weeks. There’s a simple ~10 step process to follow for your phone to get serviced. Seemed very easy even for the non-techie crowd out there.

    The best part is that there are dedicated cubicles for each customer so they can watch their phone getting fixed live, right in front of them, which I feel is very exciting and gives you relief that the phone isn’t being tampered with, “ensures transparency in the service provided”.

    There were also Red Cable Club priority lines, so if you are ever in a rush and are a part of the RCC you can get some priority there!

    Individual cubicle spaces for each customer!

    COVID Safety Measures

    Mr. Sarfaraz told me that they're taking utmost care regarding safety and I could see that.

    Temperature checks for everyone who entered the store, wearing a mask was mandatory (and people without masks weren't allowed entry! Yes there were a few fearless souls 😳) Even inside the store, there were strict social distancing seating areas and lines (although not many people seemed to follow it).

    Other than that, there was quite a lot of ventilation and the open design of the store made it easier for everyone to spread out!

    Service Desks

    And the most anticipated question of all...

    How was the OnePlus Coffee?

    Well. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but it was closed due to COVID restrictions. So maybe once everything settles down I can update this thread with my experience there! 🥳

    IMG_20201104_144151_012-01.jpeg The Neon-ish OnePlus Coffee sign!

    Closing thoughts

    Overall the Nizam Palace is a tight-knit community space with very welcoming employees. It’s certainly a worthy place to experience for all the avid OnePlus fans out there!

    Here are a few more photos of the store:

    Lil B&W edit ;)

    The main storefront, display phones weren't placed yet

    TV experience zone

    The team behind the store! 😍

    Special thanks to @YRJ and @dsmonteiro for helping me out with this thread. I can't thank you and the other members of the Writers’ Club enough, for your support and questions about the space.

    @YRJ told me to describe the store in one word. Keeping up with its name I would say it is ROYAL.

    Any other questions? Don't hesitate to drop a reply on this thread. (I might visit the store again, soon! So yeah, anything else someone wants me to check out let me know!)

    Thanks for reading! This was such fun to write! ❤️

    ~ @anunayC

    Never Settle.
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  9. Oreo.
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Nov 5, 2020

    Oreo. , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 5, 2020 :
    We need one here toooooooooo! (In Ahmedabad)


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  12. Siddvank
    Froyo Nov 5, 2020

    Siddvank , via OnePlus 5T , Nov 5, 2020 :
    Not so good customer service. Staff is not well trained and I experienced lot of mismanagement at the service center. Hopefully they will improve it over time

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