OnePlus Nord Accessories Review [Accessory Review Challenge] via OnePlus Nord

  1. GurditSingh
    Eclair Aug 31, 2020

    GurditSingh , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 31, 2020 :
    Currently I am using the OnePlus Nord Sandstone Case blue and the OnePlus Nord 3d tempered glass.

    Here's my review:

    Sandstone case:


    ✓The case is amazing, it has raised lips which gives extra protection (protection is important ◠‿◕) the Sandstone texture, OnePlus says, has been refined over six generations so that you always have a great grip.

    × The edges near the port are too sharp, I thought it was a defect in my product but when I purchased the black one I noticed the same thing!!

    It really is very disturbing because my last finger rests there and the rough edges makes it very uncomfortable.

    ✓The buttons feel more tactile and provide amazing texture because of the case.

    ✓The case snaps perfectly and is definitely worth the price :)

    OnePlus Nord tempered glass:


    × Most of the tempered glasses have 0.5-1mm border on the edges(so that the case fits perfectly fine), there were certain inconsistencies with this glass.

    ×It has border for the hole punch camera which is great but when looked from certain angle it covers the display slightly which is annoying.

    ×The bezels are quite inconsistent too, when looked off axis you could spot it, from head its perfectly fine

    ✓ The quality of the glass is great, OnePlus has also given an alignment plate which makes the process much easier.

    × It costs 990 INR which is way too much for a tempered glass.

    I hope these inconsistencies weren't present in official glass and cases.

    Anyways I had fun reviewing them ;)


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