Oneplus Nord Call Quality is very bad

  1. Mashex
    Cupcake Aug 8, 2020

    Mashex , Aug 8, 2020 :

    I got the Oneplus Nord yesterday.

    The call quality is turning out to be pretty bad for the receiver. When I'm calling someone, sometimes the microphone quality as received on the other end of the call is turning out to be a bit choppy,

    But the majority, of the time, the I can't properly hear what the other person is saying, almost to the point that it is getting hard to decipher what the other person is saying

    I have tried calling different phones, and also compared it with an oneplus 5 and 7t, and it certainly has some issue.

    Has anyone experienced this, and to the oneplus support team, can you look into the same, and let me know if this is a software issue or a hardware problem? So that I can get it replaced in time if the need arises.

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  2. Varun Penumaka
    Staff Staff Member Aug 8, 2020

    Varun Penumaka , Aug 8, 2020 :
    Thank you feedback, could you share your bandwidth to catch log so that we could figure out what happened.

  3. Mashex
    Cupcake Aug 8, 2020

    Mashex , Aug 8, 2020 :
    I appreciate your reply, but could you let me know where to find the bandwidth to catch log.

  4. Yogesh_Kurane
    Honeycomb Aug 10, 2020

    Yogesh_Kurane , Aug 10, 2020 :
    Have an issue when others are calling..

    The calling party hears an echo when I am connected with an earphone on Nord, removing earphone stops the echoing. Have tried replacing earphones still the same issue. Works perfectly find with whatsapp calls.

    Where do I report it ? Is this the right place or shall I create a new thread

  5. A big sword
    OnePlus Bug Hunter Aug 10, 2020

    A big sword , Aug 10, 2020 :
    Hi guys:
    Do you use Bluetooth headsets?Maybe you can provide logs to oneplus engineers,they can check and solve the problem

  6. Midhunz
    Staff Aug 10, 2020

    Midhunz , Aug 10, 2020 :
    May I know which operator SIM card are you using and how about the signal strength at your place.
    To know the signal strength .. Go to About phone>> Status>> SIM status>> Signal Strength (the value shown).


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  7. Mithun_Aiyappa
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2020

    Mithun_Aiyappa , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 10, 2020 :
    Same here, whenever my phone is on 4g phone gets disconnected from call and i need to put netwrk selection to 2 g for long call. Such a bad experience on calling. Kindly help to resolve

  8. Keyur2030
    Donut Aug 11, 2020

    Keyur2030 , Aug 11, 2020 :
    Hi Mithun,
    Can you please share few details. which operator are you using ? issue observed always 100% ? issue happen with single sim only ?

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  9. Y1597246273930
    Cupcake Aug 12, 2020

    Y1597246273930 , Aug 12, 2020 :
    I am also having the same problem. Every single call is getting automatically dropped after a minute or so. operator - Airtel. Location - Chennai, India. using single sim. Signal strength - 116dbm24asu.
    Please help.

  10. Ruqhaiya Taskeen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Staff Member Aug 26, 2020

    Ruqhaiya Taskeen , Aug 26, 2020 :
    It would be our pleasure to resolve the issue that you are facing. We have dropped you a message for more details required to get this sorted out. Hope you would get back to us at the earliest.

    Ruqhaiya Taskeen

  11. kelvinjk
    Froyo Sep 6, 2020

    kelvinjk , Sep 6, 2020 :
    I got two Nords for my family members and both are experiencing very poor quality, especially when they are working from home these past few weeks, people can barely hear them on conference calls and when people are calling them, takes over 1 minute for the call to connect (1 minute of silence and then ringing).

  12. G_Richik_Kundu_(Ryknex)_
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2020

    G_Richik_Kundu_(Ryknex)_ , Oct 16, 2020 :
    Same here I gifted my fiance a Nord , and I can barely hear her voice. What I feel is, the secondary noise-cancelling microphone is aggressive way too much to distort the original voice. This needs to get fixed ASAP.

  13. P1614202817917
    Cupcake Mar 29, 2021

    P1614202817917 , Mar 29, 2021 :
    I am having the same problem here.