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  1. Prakash_Mudliyar , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 22, 2020 :



    I had only used OnePlus 5 before OnePlus Nord and like after it launches I just had it for an year so I have not explored the customisation feature of the oos and I don't know how it works with the other OnePlus devices. However, let me share what I have noticed in OnePlus Nord.

    The icon shape can be changed is what I see in the customisation section in the settings but no matter what icon shape I have set the only place where the change is happening is with the quick slider icons and the settings page icons. The app icons remain unchanged. I am not aware if this is how it works or if it's a bug but I would appreciate if I could get an option to change the icon shape of the over phone app icons including the others icons as usual.

  2. subrat_op
    Froyo Oct 22, 2020

    subrat_op , Oct 22, 2020 :
    System icons - is only for the quick tile and phone's settings menu.

    Icon packs - is for your apps icon.

    (If you want to customize there are lots of icon packs are available on playstore.)
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  3. Prakash_Mudliyar , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Note: since android 10 every phone has got an option to change the icon shape to the desired ones. I see the same option is not available for OnePlus in the developer option. Well I wondered that it should happen via the customisation section unfortunately no luck.
    OnePlus should implement this, why would I download icon pack for shape change when this is already a part being implemented in early android versions.
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  4. KaranRIyer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 25, 2020

    KaranRIyer , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Submit ur feedback on the community app then.


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