Oneplus Nord Slow Charging times - 70% in 30mins via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble

  1. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Jul 30, 2020 :
    My Oneplus Nord is not charging as fast as advertised...

    I put it on charge at 8.07am, it was at 6%battery. Came to check it at 8:37 and it was on 52%battery.

    Does it have to be fully discharged to get maximum charging speed?!

    Anyone else had this?




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  3. Driftstar123
    Cupcake Jul 30, 2020

  4. Shiba±06
    Gingerbread Jul 31, 2020

    Shiba±06 , Jul 31, 2020 :
    Mine was 100% in 45 minutes.
    The difference (so far I can see) was that I had it on airplane mode ✈
    Not ideal if you want to be reachable of course on the other hand 45 minutes!😬

    I started charging with 4% left

    Someone in another thread said;
    The charging time is pretty quick but be aware that there is an option that might put it slower "Optimized Charging" disable it

    That might help?
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  5. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Jul 31, 2020 :
    Ahhh! SOLVED!

    lol it was my own fault all this time!

    When I unboxed the NORD, I left the new OP WARP30t cable in the box and took out the WARP30t power adapter to use with my old OP DASH charge cable - at this time I never realised the was a difference between my OP DASH & OP WARP30t cable as they look completely identical lol. (please see attached)

    Little did I know that the OP DASH charge cable would not be compatible with the WARP30T power brick - even though it showed me the WARP charging animation when connected. The OP DASH charge cable obviously caps the charging to dash charge speeds lol.

    I used the ampere app to measure the charging frequency. When using the new Warp30t cable with the WARP30T power brick, I got the speeds that I expected :D

    I'll post the ampere charging speeds below for Yall.


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  7. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Jul 31, 2020 :
    Normal Discharge Speeds...
    WARP 30T Cable and charger:
    WARP 30T Cable + OP DASH charger:
    Dash Charge Cable Plus + Warp 30t charger:
    DASH Charge Cable and power brick:
    It seems the dash charge cable kinda matches the WARP30T cable when the phone is under 30%battery

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  8. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Jul 31, 2020 :
    And here are the Oneplus Nord Charging rates when it is above 30% battery:

    Dash Charging Cable + WARP30T power brick:
    Dash Charging Cable and Power Brick:
    WARP30T charging cable and power brick:
    WARP 30tcable and Dash charge Power Brick
    So it looks like when above 30% battery, the combination of using the old DASH Charging Cable + new WARP30T Power Brick gives the worst charging performance.

    E = WARP30T charge cable
    L= Dash Charge Cable

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  9. SNIP44
    Gingerbread Jul 31, 2020


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  14. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Jul 31, 2020 :
    So I'm at 67% battery at the moment.

    I'm fully aware that the higher the battery percentage, the slower the charge rate goes in order to protect the battery.

    However I'm confused as to why...

    - any cable I use in the warp charger wall plug caps out at 2800mA charging rate.
    - any cable I use in the older dash charging wall plug still caps out at 3300mA.

    Proper weird.

    I'm using Ampere to measure the charge rate.


  15. mike_r1971
    Gingerbread Jul 31, 2020

    mike_r1971 , Jul 31, 2020 :
    ...Or your theory is correct and OnePlus are shipping some devices with the incorrect cables for the Warp charge brick, which wouldn’t actually surprise me, given the amount of issues people are having with this device!

    I’m seriously considering cancelling my preorder 🙁, was soo excited for this product but just keep seeing more problems with the Nord, each new thread brings up more reasons to reconsider if its a good idea getting this phone.

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  16. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Jul 31, 2020 :
    Don't get me started on that 'preorder' stuff! I didn't even get an extra phone case or the flask with my NORD Preorder box... But I'll see if there's already a thread for this... 🙄🙄🙄

  17. kkloon
    Froyo Jul 31, 2020

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  19. King from North
    Froyo Aug 1, 2020

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  20. JjamoTvHD , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Aug 1, 2020 :
    Thanks bro... I turned it all the way off! Still charging really slowly though :(

    It's weird coz... My phone actually charges much faster when I use the dash charge cable with the dash charge wall plug 😕😕

    It's only when I try to charge with my WARP charger, that my phone acts weird.

    Perhaps it's my WARP charger that's the problem? Oneplus have contacted me to send them diagnostics anyway :/

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