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    Jaseelyoonus , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 5, 2021 :
    I have been using the OnePlus Nord for almost a month now and this is my honest opinion about the device...I wanted to get the nord since the teasers were out and I was so hyped about the device..but when the device came out I heard a lot of negative reviews from users..I was skeptical at first but I decided to buy one since I wanted to get into the OnePlus experience so badly..So I got one.
    I was never a hardcore gamer or a heavy user by any means..but I did game every once a while..and I use all the social media apps frequently..I owned a flagship phone of a different brand but I never really enjoyed the user experience of it..nor did I use it to its full potential..that is why I chose to get rid of it and get the nord..
    The nord is NOT a flagship device by any means..
    But it does not slack off on its performance either.
    A normal person who does not game all that much and only uses it for general purposes like instagram, surfing and youtube can't actually tell that it's a mid range chipped device..the 90hz screen is just the icing on the top making everything seem buttery smooth..gaming too on the OnePlus Nord seems good enough for an average user...the only segment where I feel the OnePlus Nord lacks is the camera department..don't get me wrong the system takes decent images in well lit environments and is more than enough for your instagram stories and uploads..
    But it isn't as good as say the op8 series..which has the exact same hardware..but it can only get better through software updates..there is one thing to note Though..that the op8 series contains a flagship processor while our nord contains a mid range chip..so the image processing capacity differs..
    The battery life is alright..not the best..but not the worst either..it can hardly make it through the day but thanks to the superfast warp charging system..battery life never became an issue for me.
    I've also seen forums claiming connectivity issues but my unit has none of it till date.
    I think the main reason why it's facing a lot of criticism is because people expected too much cos of the hype it had created before launch..
    The phone does exactly what it claimed to be..everything that you will ever need..to the average user; it is a perfectly balanced phone..for those who need the best of everything please consider the flagship models and for rest of y'all the Nord the best phone you can get for the price :)

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    Shailender Sharma , Jan 8, 2021 :
    Just restart your device after couple of days or once in a week.

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