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  1. Abhishek@nord
    Honeycomb Nov 28, 2020

    Abhishek@nord , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 28, 2020 :
    Dear all,
    I am creating this thread not for asking any software update or to add an OnePlus dialer, messenger,etc in the nord,
    I understand that there is no ETA and I also understand that Google apps were promoted at the time of sale and I too have no problem with Google phone, messenger,etc.
    Nord is my first OnePlus phone. In the past, I used a couple of Xiaomi and Samsung phones. Infact, Nord is my first ever personal smartphone as I am a student but fortunately, I had my class 10th boards and the results were declared in the month of July and about one week later, that is, on 21st July OnePlus Nord was launched. I scored decent in my boards and I got a choice to purchase a phone within the range of ₹30,000 and there were rumours circulating in the air that Nord could be launched in this range.
    Finally the day came and I watched the launch event. Every feature of the phone was looking good but when Carl announced the pricing, ₹29,999 for it's top-end variant, I left thinking about any other smartphone and just insisted on having Nord.
    I had high expectations from OnePlus Nord. When I ordered and received the package on 12th August and I was very happy, but now that happiness is slowly slowly converting into anger. I am not disappointed with the phone but i am disappointed by the fact that problems are not yet resolved. In spite of 4-5 updates, the problems are not yet resolved. From 10.5.4 to 10.5.9 (latest) the problems are not yet resolved. We faced issues in online multiplayer games when playing via mobile data ( For example:- Garena Free Fire, for which I complained in August by giving feedbacks and creating threads ). In every Google app( Google, Chrome , Maps , YouTube,etc.), It keeps on showing "You're offline, Check your connection and try again" when mobile data is on 🤣🤣. That's strange. Basically, all the problems caused in Nord are a result of some network based glitch and I think for network, there were many updates which were rolled out but I don't know what exactly are they doing.
    It's my request that in the upcoming updates, please try to fix all the problems.


  2. Shailender Sharma
    Lollipop Nov 28, 2020

    Shailender Sharma , Nov 28, 2020 :
    Hopefully issues get resolved with OxygenOS 11 update in future.


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  4. pablofg1978
    Nougat Head Moderator Nov 28, 2020

    pablofg1978 , Nov 28, 2020 :
    Hello there,
    Please use the feedback page to submit your issues to oneplus, you only had submitted one bug report

    If you want your issues to be sorted, you need to report them properly

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  5. Shubjn
    Froyo Nov 28, 2020

    Shubjn , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 28, 2020 :
    I think u have not read the matter properly.
    Issue was raised properly on correct platform but resloved.
    Now days OnePlus doesn't provide time to there customer. #Attitude

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  6. pablofg1978
    Nougat Head Moderator Nov 28, 2020

    pablofg1978 , Nov 28, 2020 :
    This is a community forum, this is not the correct platform to submit your issues, use the feedback page

  7. ankit908raj
    Donut Nov 29, 2020

    ankit908raj , Nov 29, 2020 :
    I got my OnePlus Nord 4 days ago. Except Google Maps I have never faced connection issue in any other app, be it Google discover feed or chrome. Sometimes the page fails to load but that get resolved by a single drag down refresh.
    When I drive I usually turn on my vpn so the google Map issue doesn't bother me at all. Can you please specify when exactly and how frequently do you face the connection problem?

  8. docpahwa
    Cupcake Nov 29, 2020

  9. arunu979
    Donut Nov 29, 2020

    arunu979 , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 29, 2020 :
    Exactly the same problem I raised.....but Never settle attitude is bad in service. Green colour in screen is the real issue they are not bothered at all.....they said Amoled comes with this only.....OMG.

    If it is true.....look at other brand like samsung, vivo and many more with Amoled....but No green screen issue.


  10. Vny Singh
    Eclair Nov 29, 2020

  11. ranaakash3773
    Eclair Nov 30, 2020

  12. Abhishek@nord
    Honeycomb Nov 30, 2020

    Abhishek@nord , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 30, 2020 :
    See if they will push an update to resolve the problems of network hardware, then it will be for every Nord user so let's wait and watch.