Oneplus one delayed...

  1. starfury
    Jelly Bean Jun 10, 2014

    starfury , Jun 10, 2014 :
    Let's be honest, there are basically two main groups here ... those looking for a device designed to run CM out of the box, and those lured in by the notion of flagship features at a budget price. The majority in both of these camps are in this for the long haul and aren't going anywhere any time soon. As long as OP can manage to get the One "working as intended" and available to the general public before someone else delivers on either/both of those concepts, they will still have a success on their hands.

  2. meatlocker
    Cupcake Jun 10, 2014

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  3. saminpgh
    KitKat Jun 10, 2014

    saminpgh , Jun 10, 2014 :
    Yeah and apparently we are complaining right? Even the tech blogs are keeping up on how much of a mess this invite system is.

  4. pradeepbommi
    Gingerbread Jun 10, 2014

    pradeepbommi , Jun 10, 2014 :
    good, please start jumping guys, if the invite system is still necessary till then, we will get them quicker :p

  5. oneplusdoc
    Jelly Bean Jun 10, 2014

  6. jida
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2014

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  7. scruff72
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2014

    scruff72 , Jun 10, 2014 :
    I am looking at the LG G3.... but I want an unlocked version. I don't want to be weighed down by a bunch of junk on the phone.

  8. TeamValor91
    Community Veteran Jun 10, 2014

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  9. jeanxito
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 10, 2014

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  10. manolitoramakers
    Cupcake Jun 10, 2014

  11. jerrah
    Jelly Bean Jun 10, 2014

    jerrah , Jun 10, 2014 :
    theres like 40 threads on this, and 5 on the front page, why is there another!

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  12. Wardlee
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 10, 2014

    Wardlee , Jun 10, 2014 :
    You are new here and you probably don't understand them... If they ship an "unfinished" phone the complaints will start to come. If they don't ship it to us because they want to ship it in a perfect condition the complaints about the delay comes to.
    Not a good position for them.
    Sorry for the grammar btw :p

  13. parsa5
    Jelly Bean Jun 10, 2014

  14. Hemo
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2014

    Hemo , Jun 10, 2014 :
    I don't see any problems if it is on software only then it is ok most of the phone got the first updates fix most issues not big deal
    they can update the software any time simply.:rolleyes:
    I hope and i wish that we will not see hardware issue in future.:)

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  15. LostPorcupine
    KitKat Jun 10, 2014

    LostPorcupine , Jun 10, 2014 :
    This isn't new; this was announced days ago. It's not delayed yet, just going to be slower ship-out for contest winners. They haven't said anything about actual release delays yet.

  16. oneplusdoc
    Jelly Bean Jun 10, 2014

    oneplusdoc , Jun 10, 2014 :
    To accumulate number of posting in here, I suppose...

  17. wizard
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 10, 2014

  18. Cabinet
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 10, 2014

    Cabinet , Jun 10, 2014 :
    I don't really mind to be honest. I knew OnePlus wasn't ready to release the phone yet. I mean they started less than 200 days ago, built a phone with godly specs without sacrificing anything, and CM11S features integrated without having root access. It's pretty insane what they've accomplished already. I don't expect them to make everything perfect in this short amount of time.

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  19. gee2012ad
    Gingerbread Jun 10, 2014

  20. LostPorcupine
    KitKat Jun 10, 2014

    LostPorcupine , Jun 10, 2014 :
    Enjoy your phone, looks like it'll be a good one.

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