OnePlus One Durability

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  1. dizzle16
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2014

    dizzle16 , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Android authority just dropped a story about the OPO durability with a video of the different tests it's exposed to.

    Pulled from the article:

    "The OnePlus One is put through several tests including a sit test where 25kg (55 pounds) are pressed against it, one thousand times. After that, OnePlus demonstrates the screen drop tests, which apparently consists of 40,000 small drops, a tumble test, and an impact test with a 1.2m drop and 2 impacts per surface.

    That’s not all, the video also shows a USB stress test, ports durability test, weather test where its exposed to ten minutes of simulated rain, and a heat test where the phone spends 4 hours in 55 Celsius (131F) heat. Bottom-line, OnePlus’ video makes it clear that their stress testing process is pretty thorough"

    Check out the video as well as there are more tests. Kind understand now why they scraped the bamboo covers if their quality standards are this high. Makes me proud(er) to own one


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  2. Wah007
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2014

  3. 1poipoy57
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 3, 2014

    1poipoy57 , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Thank you for the good job.

  4. Fsumark
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2014

    Fsumark , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Seems like some good testing to go through. Wonder if most manufacturers go through the same or similar processes.

  5. JD03
    Honeycomb Oct 3, 2014

    JD03 , Oct 3, 2014 :
    I don't think every phone goes through the test. In fact they don't. Its a 1/1000 procedure and it's a fact. Plus the screen drop was contained so the phone wouldn't bounce anywhere but go straight down on a flat, probably frictionless surface to reduce damage. Also, we did not see what happened after the tumble test, no where in the video did we see someone take it out and show the camera.
    No hate on opo cause I own one, but its just what companies do.

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  6. michaelfacc
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2014

  7. TommyGun1
    Donut Oct 3, 2014

  8. unsinn
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2014

    unsinn , Oct 3, 2014 :
    i still do wonder why all of the "sit tests" are conducted with only 55 pounds. my teenager is pretty skinny and is about 130 pounds. our average adult in the united states is (google it) almost 200 pounds. and rather than sitting evenly on a flat surface, it (the back pocketed phone) is usually leaned on against an edge like a low wall or rail with the butt pressing along the whole surface, or sat upon on a sofa or curved, hard school chair. i've replaced (and yelled) enough to know.
    droppage is inevitably over rough concrete or asphalt...

  9. simon28
    Honeycomb Oct 3, 2014

    simon28 , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Why only 55lbs? Just for 1 but cheek?

  10. josereyesec
    Eclair Oct 3, 2014

  11. dizzle16
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2014

    dizzle16 , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Yeah one cheek. But who the hell puts their phone in their back pocket

  12. josereyesec
    Eclair Oct 3, 2014

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  13. Brunor17
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2014

  14. aaroneb
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2014

    aaroneb , Oct 3, 2014 :
    The sit test was probably only 55 lbs because when you sit on it you don't put you're entire body weight on it, only the top half of you. Just try putting a bathroom scale on a chair and sit on it with your feet on the ground; I guarantee it won't display your full body weight.

  15. ani007garg
    Donut Oct 3, 2014

    ani007garg , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Excellent ..now fans can remain assured of a par quality product

  16. unsinn
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2014

    unsinn , Oct 3, 2014 :
    it ends up being about 2/3 of my weight. so a 55 pound test butt represents a 82.5 pound person...

  17. dizzle16
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2014

    dizzle16 , Oct 3, 2014 :

    My wife is 5 foot even. Only weighs a little over a hundred pounds. A 82 pound person isn't as far fetched as you think lol. I think it's only 55lbs for leg pressure. Again, who consciously sits on their phone in their back pocket

  18. unsinn
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2014

    unsinn , Oct 3, 2014 :
    it's not only back pocketing, i had my phone on the arm of the sofa and someone came by and sat on it. though a lot of the women i see around here have VPL (Visible Phone Lines) on their back end.

  19. Jaxis
    Froyo Oct 3, 2014

    Jaxis , Oct 3, 2014 :
    Definitely not Apple products... :rolleyes:

  20. aaroneb
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2014

    aaroneb , Oct 3, 2014 :
    I guess the butt test at 55lb is a little inadequate. But I'm glad they at least tested something similar, I have sat on my phone more than once; never on a hard surface though