OnePlus One Flip Cover Review in 4K

  1. tomas.belchior
    Honeycomb Dec 20, 2014

    tomas.belchior , Dec 20, 2014 :
    I purchased the flip cover with my OPO and I have really liked it. Feels great, the cover flips to the back with ease, and it protects the phone all around. It would be good to see the notification light but my Pebble watch makes it a non-issue for me.

    Great review, BTW!

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  2. benluca
    KitKat Dec 20, 2014

    benluca , Dec 20, 2014 :
    That case is absolutely beautiful and the clear side(s) is a very nice touch. I've been using aftermarket (leather) case for mine and various other backs, etc. I like the One Plus logo and overall look & feel of that, looks like I'll be ordering one myself. Thank you for sharing this.

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