Oneplus one help desk

  1. KilleB Gingerbread Dec 5, 2014

    KilleB, Dec 5, 2014 :
    Hi everyone! My charger was damaged a month ago so I contacted Opo to get a new one. They asked me to send some pictures, so I send them. They accepted my request and they send me a new charger.

    Everyone said Opo help desk is bad and they never answer back. They answered me back in 3 days and 1 received a new charger in 2 weeks.

    That means Opo help service is better than the most other company help services. Everyone was complaining about the help serves of Opo.

    Great work Opo!

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  2. Marina17 Cupcake Jul 22, 2019

    Marina17, Jul 22, 2019 :
    The OnePlus help desk is so customer friendly...

    I recently had a product malfunctioning and I reported it to them immediately and to my surprise they contacted me within minutes and guided me through.And i got the replacement within no time.

    I'm so glad that OnePlus services are not like the other so called brands.

  3. camohan Marshmallow Moderator Jul 22, 2019

    camohan, Jul 22, 2019 :
    It's good to know that you had a wonderful experience. But you replied to a 5 year old thread.

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  4. Marina17 Cupcake Jul 22, 2019

  5. camohan Marshmallow Moderator Jul 22, 2019