OnePlus One Initial Hands On and Thoughts

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    adityaa , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Hello all,

    I have received my OnePlus One today that is 7th August, 2014 after a long journey. Link to its journey :p : Here.
    Ok I have been using it for about now 5-6 hours. So, will start with the pro's I found.


    • Screen is large, beautiful and stunning. Color reproduction is good not too much saturated or under saturated I would say balanced.
    • By God's grace my OPO don't have the yellow band on the bottom. If its even present I can't find it.
    • Dual Mono speakers are pretty loud. When I say loud I mean it.
    • User Interface is smooth and snappy. Not noticed any lag what so ever.
    • Camera is damn good I am not a pro photographer but I must say the pics I taken just blew my mind. Superb back as well as front cam.
    • Textures back feels great in hand.
    • Gaming is smooth and lag free till now. Tested : Zombie Tsunami, Leo's fortune, NOVA 3, Dead Triggers 2, Asphalt 8. 3 Gig of ram doing its job pretty good.
    • 4k playback capability.
    • Tons of customization from CM. To fully customize it to your liking
    Ok. So, these were the pro's which I felt in my initial testing. Let's take a look at con's also.

    • The biggest or I would say the only con I felt in my OPO is it's getting heated in just perfomancing normal tasks. Like : Running benchmarks, Using camera for about 15-20 mins. It got pretty hot while I putted it in charge. It just got pretty heated only in 10-15mins of charge. Don't know whether its a software bug, or it is normal. I don't know be the judge urself.
    • Another issue I am facing is off USB attaching to PC. Whenever I am trying to copy anything to my OPO from my PC. First few files goes smoothly other get stuck. Don't know why. But it is annoying me.
    So, this is the only con/problem that I faced till now.

    Unboxing Video

    Note : Sorry for the poor quality. Shoot by my brother's XOLO Opus. And I was using only my one hand. So kindly bear it. And pardon my english, accent and any grammatical mistakes. It is my first time :)

    I too got the update from CM after about 2hrs I guess. But I have taken images of b4 updating and after updating. So, guys can check what got changed. I am also uploading few sample of OPO camera that I took today.

    Note 2: Images with "(opus)" means these images I took by my brother mobile. Xolo Opus so, don't get confused with OPO and these images. I am also attaching my package image that I got from Bluedart. May be someone find it helpful.

    @Sanjeev31aug @shadow47 @aryamn @tatrahumvee @anandyesudian @gauravnishan @shrinathji @saravananone @Deepak @ravi4ever @sahilkhurana @yo_nisarg

    Some images OP Forum couldn't handle. Thus uploaded on 3rd party website. These images taken by OPO :) Link

    Have any questions? Feel free to ask :)

    Update - I also want to add that I find the backlight of the touch capacitive button quite bright. Becoz I find it watchable in indoors and outdoors also. This can differ from person to person. So, its just my preference.

    Update 2: 1 more con updated.

    Edit : Detection Issue : Its not the issue with OPO. Let me clear that because I have seen this issue in multiple phones nowadays which get detected as a Media Device. Instead of Mass storage.

    Update 3 : 9th August, 2014. Now I am confirmed that I have some heating issues going on. Because just using of camera for about 10-15mins the camera portion and the front speaker grill were causing too much heat. Which is not normal AFAIK!

    Update 4 : 9th August, 2014. Many of the users were asking for the image samples. So, here are the Link.

    PS : I am not a pro photographer. But in the images I have used "Auto Mode", "HDR Mode", "Beauty Mode". And I have used "Auto Focus" & "Macro Focus". With shutter speed b/w "Auto" and "4sec". Suggest me some good setting so that I can take some good images of your liking. @gkg

    Disclaimer : I have used 3rd party website for uploading because OP forum not letting me to upload images above 2mb.

    Update 5: 9th August, 2014. I have received my Ozrly Tempered Glass Cover & OnePlus Official Clear Back Case. Below are the images. I have installed it. But unfortunately 2 bubble got left under screen. But a big deal because that is not visible until you try to watch it precisely :p. I have updated all the images kindly look in the attachments.

    Before Back Cover

    After Back Cover

    Thickness of Tempered Glass
    tempered_glass thick ness.jpg

    Update 6: 11th August, 2014. I just clicked few images of my mom's hand because yesterday was Raksha Bandhan. So, she have applied mehendi over it. I couldn't resist myself for taking images of that. So, I just took it. And it came out so nicely. All the detailing and crispness. Check out yourself. And I also took a image of an insect :p that too came too soo good. Hope this helps someone in getting idea of the camera of OPO. :) Link for the image : http://someimage.com/eKOz @gkg @Sanjeev31aug
    @anandyesudian @aryamn

    Update 7: 13th August, 2014. I was getting multiple request for the names and purchase link of my "Tempered Glass" and "Back Case". So, below are the links of my glass protector and back case cover.

    Official OPO Clear Back Case : http://goo.gl/k0Nb61
    Orzly Tempered Glass Protector : http://goo.gl/OZZ1By

    Update 8: 17th August, 2014. After Updating my OPO to 30O. My initial thoughts upon that update. Link

    Update 9: 17th August, 2014. As I stated in my previous update that I have updated my OnePlus One to XPH30O. So, I get the ability of "Clear Image Mode" also. So, below are the samples.

    Well today I went to market and found some good apples So, I bought them for my mother. So, I thought what else would be good instead of these apples to check the camera on :p

    I have taken 4 images in 4 different modes. Auto, Clear Image, HDR, Beauty.

    Auto Mode: http://someimage.com/qlEwxWb
    Clear Image Mode: http://someimage.com/Tpt3xAe
    HDR Mode: http://someimage.com/sze0c0u
    Beauty Mode: http://someimage.com/A2RVb6j

    If above host is not working for you. Download the images from here. Link
    @gkg Hope you find this helpful.

    Update 10: 22nd August, 2014. Today in the afternoon I received my Xiaomi Piston V2 headphones. And they are damn good. It sounds so crisp and loud that I can't explain. Overall happy with my purchase. Below are the images of my Xiaomi Piston V2 headphones.


    Note : If above host not working kindly download the images from here. Link

    Purchase Link : http://www.ebay.in/itm/281408504027
    Use coupon Code : MOBIKWIK01

    Update 11: 26th August, 2014. Today I have received my Sandisk Dual USB 32gb Pen Drive. And the best thing about that thumb drive is that it is OTG ready and as soon as I plugged that in my OPO it just detected and started to work. So, below are the images of the pendrive. Cheers


    To Be Continued......

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    aryamn , Aug 8, 2014 :
    Mine too does not have any yellow tint at bottom…
    No heating issue found so far... I playback music for more than 3 hrs...
    I do not play games... so nothing to say about that...
    Camera is pretty good.. that's it... I use DSLR for that... so if I compare DSLR, Idol X+ and HTC Sensation (8MP), Sony Z2 and Xolo i1010 (Sony Sensor)... OPO win the match between mobiles... its similar to DSLR's small size images....but indoor performance is not that good... its just okay...

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    It seems people are loosing hope...
    no one is active right this time...

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    IQUOTE="aryamn, post: 3890628, member: 106698"]It seems people are loosing hope...
    no one is active right this time...[/QUOTE]
    I am with my opo

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    Oh sorry

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    It's still the same waiting for next update

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    aryamn , Aug 8, 2014 :
    Booked a support ticket regarding invoice....
    PPOBox do not deliver original invoice (with IMEI) with shipment...
    As if you have lost your phone and want to book complaint at police station... they would ask for invoice...
    Why this is very much needed in india..
    Everybody is very well know our policing....
    All the members who have received their phone... book a support ticket regarding...this...
    Hope they will mail us duplicate / original scanned copy...

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    adityaa , Aug 8, 2014 :
    I doubt they received any invoice or bill. If they have got it they must have sent us.

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    same here