OnePlus One, Not Charging (Fixed)!!! Added video.

  1. richcoluzzi Cupcake Jun 15, 2017

    richcoluzzi, Jun 15, 2017 :
    Sorry to jump in here with a un related post but my OPO has been unable to connect to any blu tooth source since the last update. It tries but either pairing is rejected or connects than drops in seconds. Tried all the go abounds in previous posts. Contacted OPO and they want to do a remote push of an OS downgrade in the hope that blutooth would come back. Has anyone experienced this, knows of a better solution, or has done the OS downgrade. Thanks and appreciate any help or direction.

  2. expresso971 Cupcake Jun 16, 2017

    expresso971, Jun 16, 2017 :
    BluTooth not Holding I also have a One Plus 1 and have been having blutooth issues. The phone will not pair with any device ever since the last push from OPO. I noticed others having the same issue. I have tried all the "work around" but still nothing. OPO has no idea of when this will be addressed. The best they could do is to offer an OS downgrade and hopefully I will again have blutooth. Has anyone else experienced this and did the OS downgrade work. Thanks.

  3. Ideodian Cupcake Jun 15, 2018

    Ideodian, Jun 15, 2018 :

    I hope it gives you an idea of how I got power back. I'm not saying it will work for everyone. You may have a different problem like a bad wire or plug. Just try it out and see if it jump starts back to life. This was live by the way. I thought it wasn't going to work and give me a dead, blank screen. So I was rather surprised to see the low charge screen stay on and then get to the battery icon.
    1. Charge for a day.
    2. Take off charger for a night.
    3. Plug back in for a half an hour if you get the low battery screen to stay on. Don't hit power until after the 30 minutes even if the screen turns off. Assume it's charging.
    4. Power it on and that's it! Continue to let it charge and don't let it die down to 0% again.

    Good Luck![/QUOTE]


    I tried this method but sadly it didn't work for me. I got to to point where I replugged the phone after leaving it unplugged for 12 hours, but still the same screen came back: POWERED by android, still no signs of the battery charging screen. I tried to hit power button but it merely switched it off and automatically turned it back on again, to block on the same screen again.

    What should I do now? :/

    Thanks for your help.