OnePlus One unlocking issues

  1. danielpacheco Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    danielpacheco, Jun 14, 2016 :
    Hi everybody,

    I'm seeming to have some issues with my OPO (Android v6.01, CyanogenMod v13.1) with regards to unlocking. The two main issues are:

    1. It not being able to wake up period. Sometimes the power/unlcok button just doesn't wake the phone. This happens randomly, and I solve it by waking via charging, or by trying to reboot the phone (which doesn't always work because the power button seems to be wonky)
    2. Sometimes when I wake my phone it randomly buzzes and goes straight to the camera by itself.
    Does anybody know or suggest any fixes for these issues?

  2. kishorevenky Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2016

    kishorevenky, Jun 14, 2016 :
    1) this might be a software issue and you can try fixing by going to recovery and clearing cache. If that fails you might have to try a factory reset
    2) that is a gesture in which double pressing the power button opens the camera. Go to settings-> buttons and scroll down to power button section and disable that feature.

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