OnePlus One would you buy again?

  1. phonehog
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 20, 2014

    phonehog , Nov 20, 2014 :
    100% yes! & Bought 4 myself.
    Never have need customer service help in 10 years of owning smartphones.
    The help desk for me is forums such as these & XDA.

    Generally People who can't DIY better be prepared to pay more for the hand holding in life.
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  2. hln1969
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 20, 2014

    hln1969 , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Yes hopefully buying another now ive pre tested my sons.
    He loves the face recognition..boys and their gadgets!
    Ive not found customer service too bad. Very friendly and get back to me in a couple of days.
    If there's any teething probs that come up later, then hopefully they'll be sorted for the one plus two production although I would imagine the price will be dearer as the oneplus' name will be out there.
    Really happy with phone but wouldn't get less than 64gb as theres no external memory ..so far so good tho

  3. FargoBison
    Honeycomb Nov 20, 2014

    FargoBison , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Best phone I have had yet, wouldn't even think twice about buying it again.

  4. ZakariyyaaR
    Eclair Nov 20, 2014

    ZakariyyaaR , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Bigger battery and a 2k display? Maybe resolution slightly higher than 1080p but not to the extent of 2k. That would nullify the points of a bigger battery. In addition, the phone cost would increase, fingerprint scanners would definitely increase.

    Another thing which makes me wonder, CM. Amazing devs, CM11s is great for most. A fingerprint scanner, wouldn't that just create a hell of a lot more bugs? Besides it does have its downsides. Could be a major security flaw if the libs related to scanner were to be bugged.

  5. koltiwa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 20, 2014

    koltiwa , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Best phone I've had and battery life is brilliant, but needs to support more LTE bands. The quickest speed I've had on Three UK is 8meg.

  6. maniajjarapu
    Cupcake Nov 20, 2014

  7. Boricua
    Jelly Bean Nov 20, 2014

  8. jackdsparker
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 20, 2014

    jackdsparker , Nov 20, 2014 :

    I think the way things are going in the tech world, its either you have the best specs and newest stuff or you fail as a flagship handset, So a 1.5/2K display would be great. a bigger battery would compensate the the higher res display and the finger print scanner would unlock the device, but rumor has it OP are thinking of making there own Custom OS so it would be intergrated into the OS without bugs, hopefully ;)

  9. jmsanchezseco
    Eclair Nov 20, 2014

  10. Carlosfer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 20, 2014

  11. a.gumrah
    Honeycomb Nov 20, 2014

  12. martin.stefanov
    Jelly Bean Nov 20, 2014

  13. dehoyosc
    Froyo Nov 20, 2014

    dehoyosc , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Yes, I'm a happy customer with a perfectly working unit. No lag no mayor issues.

  14. airoid
    Froyo Nov 20, 2014

    airoid , Nov 20, 2014 :
    I regret buying it. But I will consider oneplus 2 if they fix some of the issues.

    * yellow screen
    * touch screen sometimes not response to the touch.
    * buggy of course. By the time cm11s is stable, there already leaked android 6.0 lol.

  15. Timotis
    Jelly Bean Nov 20, 2014

  16. ZakariyyaaR
    Eclair Nov 20, 2014

    ZakariyyaaR , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Just mentioned it in another post, if they do create their custom OS, it better be optimised like hell. Their scenario is similar to iPhones. Very small number of devices, currently one but we're talking about the second generation so at that time two devices to work with. That gives them such an advantage over other brands and they should use it to their full advtange. Make it a consistent, strong, daily driver which makes Apple fanboys jealous.
    Yeah I'd go for the 1.5k display, don't really mind the fingerprint scanner but I'd still pick this over the S5 or the iPhone 6 any day.

  17. skarpinis
    Gingerbread Nov 20, 2014

    skarpinis , Nov 20, 2014 :
    agree for me no as well at present, I like design sandstone back, specs, but quality need improving.

  18. ronwantsaphone
    Donut Nov 20, 2014

    ronwantsaphone , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Yes 100%

  19. jackdsparker
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 20, 2014

    jackdsparker , Nov 20, 2014 :
    Heres a really good thread about why the iphone is quick with 1/3 the specs so yes, they should optimize it to hell. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14...roblems-for-intel-qualcomm-samsung-and-nvidia

    theres also another article but i couldnt find it :p

  20. impinas
    Honeycomb Nov 20, 2014

    impinas , Nov 20, 2014 :