OnePlus Pop-up European Recap

  1. David S. OnePlus Europe Staff Member Jun 26, 2017

    David S., Jun 26, 2017 :
    Dear Friends,

    Last week we held pop-ups all over Europe to celebrate the launch of the OnePlus 5. Pop-ups are the most important events when we launch a new device. They gives us an opportunity to meet with many of you face to face, and allow us to share our excitement and passion!

    We will be posting our wrap-up video soon, for now here’s an overview of what happened:

    Modern Society, London


    It was a sweltering day in London but that just made the ice cream even more tasty! It was great to meet so many of you. Congratulations again to Samuel who changed to a flight one week later back home to Kenya so he could be the first in the UK to get a OnePlus 5. It was fantastic to see so much positivity despite the incredible heat!

    Colette, Paris


    For the second time this year, our partners at Colette helped put on a brilliant pop-up event for us in Paris. With a queue stretching well over 100 metres down the street, you turned up in your hundreds and emptied our OnePlus 5 stocks by 6pm. Considering the crazy temperature this was an amazing achievement- Vive la France!

    LFNA, Berlin


    A great thank you to all of you who came down to our Berlin pop-up. It was a pleasure to talk to so many of you while having a drink and enjoying the music. We were blown away by your dedication, passion and patience for us and the OnePlus 5. Even though it was a very long and hot day, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Ein Hoch auf euch!

    Daily Paper, Amsterdam


    The OnePlus 5 made its debut in Amsterdam at the Daily Paper store in must-visit district “oud-west”. With a queue that ran around the block, and some fans who visited us all the way from Belgium and Germany, you guys absolutely brought the house down. With a beer in one hand, and a OnePlus popsicle in the other, we had fun from dawn to dusk. We’ll be back again, this time with more phones. Iedereen ontzettend bedankt en tot de volgende keer!


    We have held pop-ups for each of our devices all over the world, each time they evolve as we try new ways to create an even more unforgettable experience. For the launch of the OnePlus 5 we wanted to create a party vibe, with drinks, DJs and ice cream! However, we understand that not everyone who attended felt like they were at a party.

    One area we tried to improve was queuing. We know that waiting in a queue isn’t a fun experience, so we tried to find the quickest way to get everyone’s OnePlus 5 into their hands. We also wanted to ensure that nobody was waiting if we had already sold out. This year, at some of our pop-ups, we tested a new way to reduce the number of people who would be waiting unnecessarily. We printed cards to be handed out to everyone in the queue, 1 card = 1 device. The aim was to be able to communicate to everyone waiting immediately that we were now sold out. Unfortunately, we had quite a few people leave the queue without returning the cards, this led to confusion over the amount of devices we had left. When the queue was at its longest, and we believed we were out of stock, we turned people away as we did not want them waiting in the soaring temperatures without the possibility of getting a device.In London, after discovering the stock discrepancies we acted as quickly as we could to communicate this and we even brought in more stock later that the evening in the hope that nobody else went home empty handed.

    We are sure there are other things we can improve on. So we would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make our pop-ups better, so please complete our survey here.

    Never Settle,

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  9. Moin2200 Jelly Bean Jun 26, 2017

    Moin2200, Jun 26, 2017 :
    Wierd no mention of copenhagen?

    I was there and it was awesome! Really happy how it turned out with seats, ice cream, and drinks.
    Also the goodiepack was really worth the 4 hour wait as that travel backpack is lit.

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    Maximus Decimus Meridius, Jun 26, 2017 :
    Filled in the form! There's a lot to say and much room for improvement! Also lots of good things happened too of course!

    Nice form btw

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    they should have popped up at a costco or some big store and rented out their parking lot for a day

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