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  1. YRJ
    Marshmallow Dec 31, 2019

    YRJ , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Header Design by, @FlixbusLennart
    Time is the wisest counselor of all – Pericles

    Hello everyone,
    Hah! How time flies.... Even before I realized 2019 is over (We may still have a tad bit of it left, though) it means that it is REWIND TIME!! ;)
    Does this sound familiar, does it remind you of something that happened exactly one year ago? :p

    What exactly is Rewind?

    The idea for rewind struck me last year when YouTube rewind emerged as the most disliked video in the history of YouTube! Thankfully, the Community forums does not have a dislike button so, I thought what have I got to lose, no harm in trying! I gave this a shot and that's how OnePlus Rewind 2018 happened! :D

    So basically, Rewind is a fun look back at what happened in 2019. It has the good, the bad and the ugly. But in addition to that you will also hear from a few community members, the staff and moderators! ;)

    Sounds HOT enough? Is this want you wanted? :p

    Let's look back at everything that 2019 had to offer!
    • We started strong this year, with @Ruby G. Kicking off 2019 with the most interesting campaigns, my personal favorite #PMChallenge and #GlobalTutorial
    • @Carl is back - Carl asked us for our opinions on stubs!People were confused but I think things are clear now. Netflix wins!
    • Thread of the Week - @Ruby G. brought to life Thread of the Week (my brainchild) it was fun while it lasted.
    • Welcome @Fry B. To the forums, the chief bark officer ;)
    • February was the most lovable month of the year, @Joel Jacob invited us to write poems for your significant other!
    • MWC was the talk of the Town and so was 5G, stealing all the spotlight, @dsmonteiro brought us live news from the event and stood guard to the securely enclosed 5G prototype ;)
    • @Malindi S. Brings to you the one of a kind Mobile film-making masterclass series and a great contest with huge rewards!
    • We bid @Ruby G. Goodbye as she moves to NYC to take charge as NA Community Manager, where she enjoys hosting contests which we can join, "just for fun"! :rolleyes: xD
    • Behind every successful man is a woman, is what I've heard. Meet the powerful women who shape the future of OnePlus - Celebrating the Women of OnePlus
    • With hundreds of entries #PMChallenge finally meets a winner.@Its.Leandroo 's Reworked Oxygen OS idea makes the cut!
    • Oxygen OS Open Ears Forum is held in NYC and Developer Community OEF is announced for India.
    • How do you unlock the true potential of 5G? Dale F. Invited users from all over the world to ideate on the 5G apps of tomorrow!
    • Android Pie for OnePlus 3/3T is FINALLY released in community beta!
    • @Pete tells us about the OnePlus 7 Series and announces the launch dates and events.
    • @Trista W. Opens the doors to The Lab for the OnePlus 7 Pro!
    • Marriage is a new chapter of your life, we say goodbye to @Dale F. as he embarks on a new journey!
    • Everyone jumps onto the hype train as the launch of 7 Series and BW2 nears.
    • @Joel Jacob and @Trista W. provide you with an opportunity to win an all expense paid trip to the launch of the 7 Series
    • The 7Series go official, with the OnePlus 7 Pro being the star of the show. (Voted as the Smartphone of the year by MKBHD)
    • The Community Sample Shot Program is launched. The best shutterbugs from the community are handpicked, they stand a chance to test the camera and the photography prowess of the upcoming device months in advance. @Bouncer71 and @optical are the very first sample shot photographers. (They did an excellent job!)
    • The Lab reviews of the 7Pro come flowing in and the new Tutorial Section is inaugurated.
    • Time to take a break from the multifaceted digital Life, @Gary C. Introduced Zen Mode! Bloat or not? It's up to you to decide ;)
    • A new member joined the community team, @Carrie L. joins us and brings a great WFT - share a story from your gallery!
    • @dsmonteiro kicks off the Weekly photography Challenge!
    • Forum moderators invade the OnePlus HQ! I was told that, It was a very fun trip. @Ruby G. write a detailed trip report too. What went down at the 2019 Mod Meet Here it from the attendees below ;)
    • Leveling up on the user ladder is now a lot more fun as @Crystal Z. recently revamped the list!
    • The much needed Camera OEF was hosted in Amsterdam by @Nigel Rijkhoek they are still working on it, hopefully the Camera gets better in the future
    • @Trista W. introduced a new subforum, which also happens to be my favourite, The CUBE. It is in a dormant state but @dsmonteiro is working on it and things will be up and running soon :)
    • We welcome @Hee H. who brings some exciting new contests and quickly becomes everyone's favorite.
    • The TV gets a name, OnePlus TV it is! @Pete is very enthusiastic about the OnePlus TV, a lot of teasing follows the announcement.
    • @Joel Jacob announces OnePlus Music Festival - A music concert curated by OnePlus. To keep things ticking the road to #OPMF is studded with smaller musical nights and gigs across India.
    • The OnePlus community gets together for the first PUBG game night.
    • The power of the community is that it can achieve the impossible and do great things, with the community tweeting, OnePlus plants 27,333 trees together with WWF!
    • The Oreo cam, OnePlus 7T and "Top to bottom, front and back" beautiful, OnePlus TV is launched in India. The OnePlus 7T Pro / McLaren edition is launched in London.
    • Talking about the great things community has done, OnePlus launched the "Be the Change" campaign up for grabs are 5 OnePlus 7T's. @dsmonteiro is asking for your suggestions let him know in the comments below!
    • @dsmonteiro does the unthinkable! The Lab gets a twist, for the first time ever the lab is opened for everyone.
    • @Chris dB brings to us the much loved Addition No.1 magazine! He also gave 500 of them away later. Aha! How generous :D
    • Apparently, low-battery anxiety is a thing, so OnePlus took #WarpChargeSOS battery trucks to give you that much needed power boost on the roads of London
    • It's the 21 Day Zen mode challenge, have you completed the challenge or are meeting completion? Hurry up, share your experience on the forums before December 31 to win a Zen mode trophy and a signed addition magazine from @Carl and @Pete :D
    • Yet another OEF, @David Y. announced a videography OEF for the US residents, they are working on the commitments now.
    • The magnificent OnePlus Piano equipped with 17 OnePlus 7 Pro's is displayed to the world. I'm still waiting for it to come to India @Ard and @Pym C. :rolleyes:
    • OnePlus Music Festival is held in Mumbai, Dua Lipa and Katy Perry gave a wonderful performance! Looking forward to the next Music Festival 🤩
    • 2019 is a year of goodbye's, and just when you thought it was over @David Y. stood up! David Y. Is now a part of OS Product Marketing, he has penned down a letter to the community commemorate his time as a Community Manager. We hope that you will find time to visit us. All the best!
    • Welcome @Amanda W. as she takes up the position of Community Head. Amanda is asking for your feedback and she is committed to making the community a great place for everyone. We wish her all the best.
    • OnePlus is 6 years old!! How time flies, feels like yesterday when people were trying to get hands on their invites. Share with the community your story and stand a chance to be featured in Addition no.2
    • We are all ears, we want to hear your stories. Be it about the avatar, your username, a heart-warming story or just any story. Tell us and win exciting prizes in return ;)
    • OnePlus concept one - A exciting new product. Alternate Design. Alternate future. I can't wait to see it during CES 2020 :D What do you think? Is it a foldable?
    • @Manu J. is also calling 7T Series users to join the Closed Beta Testing!
    • Welcome Santa @Zach X. Zach has joined the community very recently and is already giving away a lot of gifts! I hope to hear from you often :)
    • @Joel Jacob announces Red Cable Club, an exclusive membership with added benefits. Try your luck at the jackpot (once everyday until December 31) :cool:
    • @SoniaB wants you to link your favorite post of 2019, thread closes on January 1st 2020 CET
    • OnePlus Community witnesses a first online proposal on this platform, congratulations to @Drasm19 and @RaraBunny :hearteyes:
    • Even as the year is closing in, there is still a lot of fun activities going on. Redesign an existing OnePlus products, share your Spotify playlist, find your birthday twin, tell us your stories and keep sharing your amazing pictures. Whatever you do just make sure you have fun ;)
    Of course this list wouldn't be complete without the many informative threads that the US Ambassadors created, the fun contest threads posted by community users and the Amazing photography threads and/photos posted by everyone!

    52 weeks and 52 Weekly updates, 4 New smartphones in 10 different finishes, An extra G, A new BIG TV, Numerous updates, countless threads, Oreo to Android 10, thousands of threads and millions of users but in the end it is all wired together as a community that never settles!
    For everyone who strives harder, everyday and makes this world a better place to live in, cheers!

    We meet so many new users here everyday, almost every username has a real person sitting behind the screen, thousands of miles away connected by this platform, today we invite such users, moderators and Staff Members to share about the past year! :D

    OnePlus Community Interviews!


    @Amanda W.
    Head of Community

    • Amanda is the newest member of the community team! How do you like it so far, what new ideas/changes are you working on?
    I think that transferring to this new position was the most amazing and exciting thing in my entire career so far. It has brought a completely new and different experience and challenge to me. In the past 4 years, I worked in the China social media team, bringing new ideas or campaigns based on users interests, getting in touch with the users and achieving good product promotion result. While some of the work are very similar to what I'm doing now, the goals are quite different between social media and community. When I work in the community, I‘m not required to promote products. The only thing I need to focus is whether our work can meet our user‘s needs and expectation. I appreciate this challenging and interesting change.

    Community Consultant - Global Community

    • Hi @dsmonteiro this year you worked on some very interesting ideas! You were a part of addition, reinvented the lab (opening it to everyone) and also the positivity drive, "Be the change" initiative.Which among these got you most excited/ working on what did you have the most fun?
    It's funny that you mention those three, as they are the three campaigns that were the most interesting to do this year, each one in its own way.
    Being part of Addition was probably the most exciting part for me. Writing is something I love doing and this project gave me the chance to better explore that area. It's also an opportunity for me to better develop that skill, so I hope to keep writing for future Addition editions.
    The Lab was a cool one as well. The new format allows for more people to participate, but we need to get more people writing reviews. We'll explore this in the future.
    "Be the Change" was a good idea on paper and that we were really excited about, but that didn't achieve its potential. I hope to pick up on this in the future, to make it shine. Any suggestions?

    • What can we expect in the future?
    For me, the main focus for the near future is working on making the online community a more friendly, helpful and interesting place to visit. Better content, better interactions.

    • What is your new year's resolution? Did you achieve last year's?
    I don't really do "new year's resolutions". [​IMG] But I guess it's the same as 70% of people out there: start going to the gym. [​IMG]

    @David Y.
    OS Product Marketing
    • 2019 has been a turning point for you, community manager to OS product marketing it's a leap! As you embark on a new journey, what is the most exciting part of the new role?
    Well the most exciting part of my new role is that I can dig so much deeper and actually involved into our software strategy, roadmap and development, rather than just see things on the surface.
    • You've had fun times with the team and community, playing PUBG, replying on threads....Even though, it's too soon to ask, do you miss being a community manager?
    I do, but I know Amanda and the team will take good care of the community. To some degree, my new role probably allows me to have more time to have fun in the community.


    @Trista W.
    Global Community
    • You sound like the mystery box of the team. We hear very little from you, will that change in 2020? Do you lurk around on the forums?
    Haha, this is the first time I was described as mysterious. I have to admit that I haven't formed the habit of hanging around on the forums and will try my best to improve this situation in the coming year. Besides, I pretty look forward to meeting more of our community in offline activities in 2020 and you will see how willing I am to share stories and gossip.:p
    • What is your new year's resolution? Did you achieve last year's?
    Talking about my previous new year's resolution',
    I would say I have almost achieved all. Firstly, having lost 5 kilos in 2019. Secondly, thanks to @Davidm for always helping correct mine and intensive communication with our community, my English gets improved a lot, although french study has been delayed again...Thirdly, I would see my planned transition to insights team as acknowledgement of my data analysis skills. And lastly, I'm trying to strike a work-life balance.

    For 2020, I hope there is continuous hard work and consequent self-improvement and more chances to travel around.


    @Crystal Z.
    Global Community
    • Hi Crystal aka Forum Santa, you've given out a lot of prizes this year, and also have given community users an opportunity to host wft's and contests! What plans do you have for next year?
    As for 2020, I hope to gather more creative ideas from you guys. And I can have more time to work on something different and interesting, stay tuned.;)

    • What was the most fun thing you did in 2019?
    There're a lot happening in 2019, I can only recall the recent ones - the Christmas party, where I got a nice perfume from @Amanda W. in the gift exchanging part;
    the Halloween get-together, where I first joined a dressed-up party; the mods meet, where there're a lot of memories, and my birthday, I got a gift from my younger brother who finally grow up and bought me a gift with his first salary.


    @Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager
    • It's not even a year since you left for NYC to take charge as the NA Community Manager, how different is the NA Community when compared to the global community?
    Wow, I can't believe it hasn't been a year yet! From the first few months on the job, I started to notice how NA community seemed energized by different types of content. USA community is actually the second largest population on the forums, but you might not have guessed that since generally you see less USA people hanging out online for long periods of time. I often spot more NA community members spread out across various product discussion threads, posting about purchase experiences and software tips here and there. That was part of the reason I focused on building up the USA section this year, so that we can have a stronger sense of unity as a region. It's still a work in progress, but I will say we're on our way.

    As a caveat, I will add that similar to global, there is an interest in sharing life moments, but it seems more on specific occasions/opportunities. That's just what I've observed - please feel free to chime in if you see otherwise.

    • As is very evident from your activity and postings on the forums, you seem to have organised a lot of fun offline events this year, which among those is your personal favorite?
    The grass is always greener on the other side, as I am constantly envious of the cool offline events @Joel Jacob gets to hold for the India community. My personal favorite was doing campus tour in my home state, Texas. I had kind of known in the back of my head that we have a significant number of users in TX (beat out only by New York/Cali), but getting to meet all of these OnePlus users in person was staggering. Quite of few had impressive collections, dating back to the OnePlus One or OnePlus X. Unlike launch or gaming nights, campus tour was an opportunity where I could purely focus on chatting with community members. And that for me, is one of my favorite parts.
    • Hanging out with the community, what's your favorite fun memory?
    Well Weekend Fun Time/Bitmoji portrait will always be one of my most cherished memories. If I had to pick something more recent, I would have to say the 2019 mod meet was pretty epic. I had missed @David Y. @Trista W. @Crystal Z. so much (okay, and @dsmonteiro ), so getting to reunite with them offline + meeting many of the mods in person for the first time was wonderful. It was fun to experience the bustle of Shenzhen again, with the mods' fresh perspectives.
    • Do you have a vision 2020 for NA ?
    2019 was the first year for the US brand ambassador program in terms of content creation. I'm extremely proud of all of them as we've worked through various challenges to create educational content on a weekly basis. There's so much knowledge in this group, and they've been generous to share their expertise with the community. I hope that our operations and content topics will continue to mature, and that we'll be able to serve even more interesting threads for the community to read. In terms of offline, we definitely have plans expand our geographical reach in the US. The rest, you shall have to see...
    • What are your new year resolutions? Did you manage to achieve last year's?
    I think last year's was sleep related? Something about getting well rested. Per OnePlus life, I don't think I got remotely close ha. Maybe I should just make the same resolution again :D


    @Zach X.
    Global Community

    • Hi Zach, you are the newest addition to the community team, when did you join OnePlus and what exactly is it like to be here?
    It’s been more than 2 weeks since I joined OnePlus on Dec 16. Although it is not a long time, I already know for sure that this is the right place for me to start my career. Being part of this energetic and international company, my life is filled with more exposure and possibilities which I would have never thought about back then. This is a place where young and talented people gather, where innovation collides, where great ideas get implemented no matter if you’re just an entry-level staff. At the first few weeks of my tenure, I already got opportunity to participate in important project with high-level manager.
    • Can you share with us your experience as a OnePlus user, before you joined OnePlus? How did you hear about the brand and what drove you to it?
    I first heard about this brand from one of my friends about 2 years ago. As a former 6T user, I really like the way it feels when I am holding my phone. All the function together makes it a perfect phone for me which I would love to recommend it to others who don't know this brand yet. The more I get to know this brand, the more I am intrigued by the 'Never Settle' spirit. It would be awesome to be part of it and I'm glad that I am now.
    • Can you tell us about, A day in the life of "Santa Zach" ?
    As a Santa for our community this year, I interviewed many staff and finally decided to launch the Christmas contest you guys saw on the forum. I spent much time reading every post and discuss with other staff on which post should get the Christmas gift. This was an interesting experience for me because I like listening to people sharing their stories!
    • What is your new year's resolution for 2020? Did you achieve last year's?
    My new year resolution for 2020 is to travel to 5 new places which I haven't been to, read 10 books, do new sport and make more friends.
    My last year’s resolution was to finish my degree and find a job. Luckily, I finished all my courses and made the Dean's list. I also found a job which I am very satisfied with.



    Forum Moderator
    • How has the year 2019 been for you on a personal and work front?
    First, let me thank YRJ for giving me the chance to answer some questions.

    2019. Well, this year was like salt and sugar at the same time for me. I have experienced some difficult - negative and sad events about people I care for and their life. But I was there for them and supported them by trying my best. It could be better I guess. From the other side, I got a new job as a Customer Support employee for the technical part, in the biggest telecommunication company of my country that its half part belongs to Deutsche Telekom.
    • As a moderator for a rapidly growing forums, how hard was 2019?
    I like this question. It might be a bit tl;dr because I would like to say some things about being a moderator. It's not that simple as it looks from the outside. Moderating one of the best, big and alive communities at the moment in the Internet, it's surely a pleasure and a challenge for me but at the same time it has its difficulties. And this is because it has to do with people and communication. Similar to our daily real life routine I supposed. Like every year, the moderation work it's full of action and I can't say that it was harder or easier than the previous year. Specially when a new OnePlus products is going to be released as well as a new software update for the devices and after their release, there are a lot of common content threads that I have to handle along with the whole moderation team plus the Regional sub forum that I care for and trying to help many people of my country to understand how everything works about OnePlus products, sales, customer support, service, warranty etc., all these years that I am here. So yeah. It was like always for me. Trying to be focused and do the right thing by being as more fair as I can with every single user in the community. Because I never forget how I started here as a new user.
    • The worst and the best memories of the year?
    I would like to start from the worst and let the best for the last. But I think you can guess by seeing my answer in question 1 right? :)
    The worst memories were the sadness and sorrow moments that I have experienced with some of the people I care for and their difficult life events. But let's go to the best memories now. These are none other than the China Mod Meet in Shenzhen in 2019. This trip really recharged me and filled me with a lot of a great and unique experience. Being there it was really something and specially with people that I know for years and of course by meeting some other for a first time. (Deep inside of course, I was a bit sad because some members of the moderation team couldn't be with us there). It was like a dream trip for me that became reality. Can't thank enough everyone from the OnePlus team that made this happen. Every single day there was a great specific memory for me that I will remember forever. Bellow you can see a few photos from the China trip experience:

    The tallest building in Shenzhen:


    Traffic roads in Shenzhen city:


    Preparing the hot pot:


    And an Easter egg by the Mod China trip below: :oops:

    • What plans do you have for 2020?
    My main plans for the 2020 it's mostly job plans. I will try to evolve from my current job and go further. Now if it will be still in my country or to another one I don't know, but I really looking forward for the best. Hmm. I think that maybe I could be married as well :oops: Who knows? inner gaster will let me know I guess hehe :D

    Thank you again YRJ for this rewind. It was my pleasure to answer these questions. I am wishing everyone in the community Merry Christmas soon and of course the new year to bring to all of us and the people we love, only happiness, love and success. All the best ladies and gentlemen. Cheers!


    Community user - User of the Year 2019
    • Hi Bits, I'm glad to have you be a part of the community rewind 2019.Talking of 2019, it is also the year you joined the forums.... How do you like it here. What makes you keep coming back?
    I've been around not long, as an active community member since late August and at the begining I was a bit lost among all the random spam threads, but then I discovered contests and I started participating and that drove me to the soul of this community. I was lucky to found a bunch of awesome human beings and that's actually what makes me keep coming back, the individuals that inhabit the community. Some people might not understand it but this community generates a feeling of belonging, I feel like I can have fun and at the same time share my worries and my feelings because there will always be someone that will listen and advise.
    • Would you like to share some fun moments in the community? Did you come across any post that made you smile/laugh?
    Many fun moments. I just can't remember all but the wonderful WoHo is usually a fun place and also the thread where I got my beloved notebooks, that intense spam where I posted my first story. Many other threads around that can make you forget reality but it wouldn't be fair to share a few and leaving others behind. And also to many the smile can be provoke by the new OTA upgrade! :p
    • With another year passing by, what is your takeaway from 2019 and what do you expect from 2020?
    My takeaway has to be the amazingly grow up my inner mind has experienced. I am not the same person that started this year. (I am not even the same person that started answering this questions...)
    I expect many things. Hopefully I'll finally start writing, seriously. I also want to shoot more. And read more... Ah well, who knows. To be honest I just want things to continue being good and surviving the best possible way. The rest will arrive alone (I hope).

    • Favorite Photo of the year?


    Community User
    • Create a phrase or a statement that would describe 2019 for you.
    A year of change with many wonderful memories.
    • Single best (can also be favourite memory) and worst things that happened in 2019?

    the Good
      • Winning the trip to London and meeting some good friends in real life that I've met in the forum in London and then in Köln (e.g. script Otto, Bouncer71 woSch Hennes @Overzee )
      • Worst thing: let's think of the good and leave the worst behind.
    • In what ways do you want the year 2020 to be different from 2019?
    Starting a new decade. Starting new opportunities: living, occupations, and hobbies. I'd like to travel and meet up with friends (from Köln photowalk) again.
    • What is your new year resolution for 2020? Did you achieve last year's?
    Enjoy life and help others.


    Community User - Photography Guru!

    • As we already know, Bouncer71 is also our resident sample shot photographer for the 7 Pro! How was your experience taking up this challenge?
    Thank you @YRJ for having me here... :)
    In retrospect I can say it was a whole lot of fun and lot's of hard work.
    Thinking of locations, planing the visits or trips, dealing with weather, coming up with alternatives on rainy days and constantly writing on the diary.
    All of that in the limited time before and after work or on a day off.
    But it was worth every moment and an experience I wouldn't want to miss.
    Also because of the great communication with @David Y., @Crystal Z. and @optical...
    I'm still very thankful for that opportunity..!!!

    • Did 2019 treat you well? Did you achieve everything you wanted this year? What's for 2020?
    Yes, thank you. This year treated me very well...!
    I was never into new years' resolutions or a person planning too much ahead. More about enjoying life with my beloved wife, family and friends, and taking opportunities as they come.
    Just like the OP7Pro prototype surprise, or meeting @woSch and @otto2 in June and later in October again along with @script, his and woSch's lovely wifes and of course @cdnfarmer. :)
    Sadly I missed @hennes that day.
    Visiting OnePlus at the Race day in Hockenheim and meeting @Joachim T.
    Had a marvelous 3 Weeks summer vacation in Croatia.
    I wasn't in for a new car this year but about 3 weeks ago got a deal I just couldn't resist.
    So for 2020 I hope that my life will stay as enjoyable as it is and for more opportunities to finally meet up with Hennes and with other community friends... :)

    • Did you come across any post that made you smile/laugh?
    I probably missed a lot of threads and post this year. Sometimes there's so much going on it's actually hard to keep up and way to many that liked to mention them all here.

    I really loved how much work and dedication @antonyjen put in the OP7T prototype sample shooting. Also the the LAB reviews for the OP7Pro and the OP7T, or the reviews of the latest devices, just like yours, @BobbyV8_ , @thoma_hawk, etc. were awesome examples how community members want to get down to the bones with their device and don't leave out the nitty gritty.
    I did spend a lot of time in the German section this year. Always funny, interesting and sometimes just plain out silly conversations. :D
    There's one thread I always have to come back from time to time.
    @Ruby G. 's
    Weekend Fun Time: Let’s take a group photo via Bitmoji.
    for some easy fun entertainment with community friends... ;)
    I could tag hundreds here that should also come by to join the fun.
    But no Tagfest today.
    I'm pretty sure every she/he knows that I mean her/him when I say I love you gals and guys... :D

    Happy New year everyone...!!
    Stay as you are...!!! :D

    • Favorite photo of the year!
    My personal favorite is this night shot from Cologne...
    Perfect ending of the Photowalk with awesome friends... :D
    There where so many stunning photos in the Monthly/Weekly Contests...
    One really touched me the instant I saw it with it's simplicity...
    By @otto2

    It just says...
    "Good morning sunshine. Have a coffee and everything will be fine..." :)

    Well, this is the end of Community Rewind 2019! Two months in the making, I just hope I missed nothing. ;)
    A BIG thank you to everyone who took time to answer the questions and @Crystal Z. this would not have been possible without you. Also an honorable mention to @dsmonteiro without his assistance this thread could never have been posted. :cool:
    Apparently, the huge post triggered the security systems :p But now that you are reading this, you know that it all ended well!

    I would love to hear from you all about your 2019! Here are some questions to put you in Rewind mode :D
    • Favorite Movie of the year
    • Favorite Song of the year
    • Best memory of 2019?
    • What is your New Year's resolution for 2020?
    I look forward to hearing from you. Happy New Year's eve, I'm gearing up for the party tonight :D have a Splendid 2020.

    Never Settle ;)
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  2. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 31, 2019

    gaster , Dec 31, 2019 :
    This is some great work and well organized @YRJ Thank you again for the recap and of course happy new year soon to you and everyone here in the community. Have a blast tonight guys!

  3. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Dec 31, 2019 :
    great work:) thank my friend for this thread:)
    have a great evening:)

    and: take a look at https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/unofficial-happy-new-year-2020-thread.1164166/ :) :p

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    luigimario , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Holy hell man! That's a serious recap! You been keeping track all year? Great work with all the interviews too. Thanks big guy!

  7. Starcommander
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    Starcommander , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Time changes everyone dear :)
    Change is relative
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    Niklasg85 , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Favorite Movie of the year
    Cant say one... Only looks at series.

    Favorite Song of the year
    Always remember us this way - Lady gaga

    Best memory of 2019?
    I have two great memories this year first my gradutation to an It-architect and my BIG WIN in the launch contest, the greatest OnePlus 7T phone! Thnx onche again OnePlus![e]2764[/e]️

    What is your New Year's resolution for 2020?
    I dont know, take it easy and continue to influence as a floorball- and soccercoach for my childrens teams.

  10. script
    Nougat Moderator Dec 31, 2019

    script , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Great post!

    All the best for 2020,


  11. SoniaB
    Nougat Senior Moderator Dec 31, 2019

  12. B.I.T.S.
    User of the Year 2019 Dec 31, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Such an intense and interesting read!! All your hard work saw finally the light, and it shines at every word.

    Thank you very much for including me in the list. I really appreciate being there so well surrounded by everyone else.

    I can feel that this 2020 is gonna be great!!

    Happy New Year everyone ლ(ꈍωꈍლ)

  13. Drasm19
    Honeycomb Dec 31, 2019

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  14. G_plusone
    Marshmallow Dec 31, 2019

  15. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Dec 31, 2019

    Bouncer71 , Dec 31, 2019 :
    WOW man...
    Just WOW..!!
    Did I ever tell you that you're mad...?
    Thank you for your compassion and the time you put in to this...!
    Awesome read and thanks again for having me and the choice of all the wonderful interview partners...! :)

    It like @B.I.T.S. says...

    Everyone makes one feel like we all belong here... :)

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  16. woSch
    Marshmallow Dec 31, 2019

  17. Starcommander
    Lollipop Dec 31, 2019

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  18. Starcommander
    Lollipop Dec 31, 2019

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  19. YRJ
    Marshmallow Dec 31, 2019

    YRJ , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Thank you! Happy New year Gaster :D
    Thank you Dresa and I checked that thread it's a great one. ;)
    That's just the reaction I was wanting! :tearsofjoy:
    Thanks Script! All the best have a good one ;)
    Hehehe! I'm glad I could join the peices ;) it's a fun look back. Thank you :D
    Thank you!! :cool:
    That's an awesome song. Thanks for sharing :)
    Congratulations on the win and all the best for 2020 ;)
    Happy New year, bits! I'm glad you liked it :)
    Happy New year! :blush:

    Happy New year :)
    You just did. :rolleyes::tearsofjoy:
    Hahahah! Thank you for your inputs. Have an amazing 2020 :)

  20. manojsurya99
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 31, 2019

    manojsurya99 , Dec 31, 2019 :
    Best Memory of 2019..
    During the Launch of OP7, Cheer by the crowd given while announcing the future OP Hyderabad Office..

    By the way.. wishing the community, a very huge happy and successful decade ahead..

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