OnePlus SAP 2020 Experience, December

  1. Mridul_Ahuja
    Donut Dec 29, 2020

    Mridul_Ahuja , Dec 29, 2020 :
    As this year finally comes to an end, our team actually saw the start of bigger, bolder initiatives and collaborations to hit the next year running. We worked on an extensive survey to track and analyze the shifts in technological collaboration and innovation within the student community during this lockdown and saw thousands of interesting responses. Along with this we further continued exploring our tech community by scouting major clubs and exciting initiatives. We also worked on several tech event ideas that we can host on our platforms and look forward to executing the same. Another exciting project was that of our podcast which was something we wanted to do from the start and turned out to be a wonderful activity. As a part of another exciting collaboration this time with Netflix, we also worked on the beta testing of the AKvsAK game and assisted in streamlining its user experience before its release. Apart from that, we continued to work on tech breakdowns which centered around colour psychology for this month and has turned out to be another great asset! With so many things already underway and even more lined up, next year definitely seems to be getting off to an incredible start for us at SAP.

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