OnePlus SAP'20: Eventful Third Month

  1. agarwalpratyush
    Donut Nov 30, 2020

    agarwalpratyush , Nov 30, 2020 :
    November was quite eventful, not only with regards to festivals but with SAP as well. Right at the beginning of this month, we lost our page, and we had no idea how long it was going to take us to recover it. But that didn't stop us from brainstorming new ideas and planning out the campaigns that we wish to organize in the coming months.

    This month was packed with surprises, from the US Elections to our colleges providing us with updates regarding re-opening, exams, and whatnot. What I learned this month was that not everything is in our control, and working in a company, you can't let the situation direct your work. Instead, you should be able to adapt to certain situations and ensure that the teams work efficiently and keep churning out work so that when everything normalizes we get back on track almost immediately.

    With a few ambassadors being called back to college, we understood the importance of working together in a team, since now we were supposed to cover for one another, and those few who were still at home were helping pick up the slack for those who were forced to return to their universities.

    Towards the end of this month, quite a lot of the universities had announced exams, and working around that exact theme we decided to have a ShotonOnePlus Campaign revolving around the theme of exams.
    Looking forward to the month of December, and everything that is in store for us, especially with the OnePlus 7 year anniversary being very close. Stay tuned for exciting announcements.

    Never Settle.