OnePlus SAP'20 - My first month as a Student Ambassador

  1. shru_tikkaa
    Donut Sep 30, 2020

    shru_tikkaa , Sep 30, 2020 :
    It has been a month now since I began my journey as a Student Ambassador at OnePlus India. Looking back to what went behind the scenes was a 2-month long interview process with 3 rounds to crack before finally making the cut to the top 25 Student Ambassadors for 2020.

    The selected 25 students studying in different fields in campuses across India were onboarded on 1st September 2020. And yes, the excitement had already started building up!

    I began this new journey with an open mind with just one aim to keep learning at every point and not only from the OnePlus India team but also from the fellow Ambassadors. I have a few learnings and experiences to share and capture the essence of the 1st month in this program.

    Ø Non-tech meets Tech: I am from a management background and have not really in the past worked or studied anything related to Tech. However, ever since this program began, I have started reading about it and have developed a keen inclination towards this topic.

    Ø Practical Application: I have been a student of marketing since the past 5 years now and have completed a number of projects/roles in the marketing space but working here with the team at OnePlus India has made me realise how different and diverse marketing in itself is and how the team is constantly creating marketing disruptions. I have in a true sense got to experience all my bookish knowledge in a practical and real-life scenario.

    Ø Teamwork: The one thing that I have loved about this journey is how everyone is inclined towards working with each other and carving out better and out of the box ideas by collectively brainstorming. This has provoked me to think and come up with several unique ideas and concepts.

    Ø What I worked on? In just a month I got to work on so many different projects. Be it marketing a #ShotOnOnePlus documentary, launching a new flagship device, writing articles for the RCC Discover page and analysing the OnePlus_SAP Instagram account it has truly been a wholesome experience.

    To sum up, I could say that I learnt something new every day and I look forward to fostering some great ideas with this amazing team during the next coming months.

    Here is a short video that captures what went behind the scenes in selecting the SAP’20 ambassadors - https://www.instagram.com/p/CFRyno8DmZ5/?igshid=1xz6gxfgx9ubj


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  3. Y1587997728728
    Cupcake Nov 16, 2020

    Y1587997728728 , Nov 16, 2020 :
    Interesting practice as a student ambassador. I think it is an invaluable contribution to your development and learning in general. Not everyone can boast of such success in learning. A lot of students are not something they can't dream about, they just can't cope with their studies.
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