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  1. tylerhill999
    Donut Mar 26, 2015

    tylerhill999 , Mar 26, 2015 :
    Hey all,

    Recently I purchased the OnePlus silver bullet headphones, and for only $14.99, I must admit the build and sound quality are pretty decent. I've seen a handful of posts regarding the earphones, and it appears that people in the community are having some trouble using the controls for volume and playback. I was initially experiencing issues getting the controls to work properly as well - after some tinkering with settings, I believe I've found the solution to getting the controls functioning properly.

    Volume Control

    While in my pocket, I was finding that the volume controls would not respond; I could click Vol+/- and nothing would happen, however, I did notice that they would respond in particular scenarios. After careful observation, it looks like the screen must be able to turn on for the headphone controls to be able to adjust volume. Moreover, in settings if you have SETTINGS>DISPLAY & LIGHTS>PREVENT ACCIDENTAL WAKEUP checked, it is meant to prevent the screen from ever turning on while say in your pocket. However once you uncheck this, it will allow the screen to turn on in close proximity and the responsiveness of the volume controls should work beautifully.

    Back / Skip Tracks

    The buttons on the controls can also provide functionality to skip, restart, and jump back on your tracks. This is done by long pressing either the Vol+/- keys for about a second, and the music player should respond accordingly. I use Spotify as my daily music driver, however this has worked with a few other apps as well.

    By default, this will not be enabled. To turn it on, you must go to SETTINGS>BUTTONS>PLAYBACK CONTROLS and check that box. After that is checked, you will have the ability to use the volume buttons to skip tracks when the screen on your One is off. It is important to note, that tracks will not skip when the screen is one because the volume controls will be invoked from the button input.

    Lastly, forgive the obvious but the middle button will function as a pause/play button - I have never had any trouble with this though and doubt many people have either.

    For anyone that has been experiencing trouble getting the most out of their OnePlus headphones, I hope this post helps explain how to use the features! Go OnePlus! :)


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  2. DaxNagtegaal
    Marshmallow Mar 26, 2015

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  3. Kenneth Lopez
    Gingerbread Mar 26, 2015

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  4. Sn1cky
    Donut Mar 26, 2015

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  5. avaneesh
    Cupcake Jul 14, 2015

    avaneesh , Jul 14, 2015 :
    Hi I find that the mic on the headphones is way too sensitive. There's a lot of noise at the other end due to this.
    Is there a way to turn down the sensitivity?

  6. vijaywidluv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2015

  7. #HYPEorGTFO
    KitKat Jul 14, 2015

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  8. NFSantos
    Cupcake Jul 17, 2015

    NFSantos , Jul 17, 2015 :
    I got mine silver bullets and the sound is amazing... But the + volume selects icons on screen. The other butons are doing their job. :( i've tried almost everything in definitions menu. If u saw the solution anywere let me know

  9. tylerhill999
    Donut Jul 26, 2015

  10. tylerhill999
    Donut Jul 26, 2015

    tylerhill999 , Jul 26, 2015 :
    @avaneesh are you using AudioFX within CM12S? I find this is a great way to tune the audio regardless of what headphones you are actually using! ;)

  11. Tanush
    Honeycomb Jul 26, 2015

  12. tylerhill999
    Donut Jul 26, 2015

  13. Jumpi1234
    Jelly Bean Sep 16, 2015