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  1. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Apr 20, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Apr 20, 2021 :
    So what’s the new “user membership system” and how is it different from the “old membership system”?

    I’m just confused or I might have missed something.:confused:

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  2. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Apr 20, 2021

    derLenno , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Hey Kate, thanks for the opportunity. One thing that I have always wondered about is whether OnePlus have any sort of design guidelines, UX principles or rules for their apps that the company follows.

    The Gallery app is a horizontal swipe interface with a big font in the top bar that dynamically changes size as you start swiping vertically. Indication of swiping position is done via 3 lines above the header text. No bottom navigation.

    The same horizontal swipe interface, with the same font sizing, element positioning and so on, can be found in the Games app.

    The Settings app does not have a horizontal swipe interface, but it incorporates the big dynamic font. The top bar has a different height compared to the Gallery app's top bar. It does not have bottom navigation.

    The Weather app also has a dynamic top bar, but the font size does not match the font size of the other apps that have this interface. Add to that: The additional icons are now in the same row as the top bar text, as opposed to the style of e.g. the Settings and Gallery app.

    The Community app does not have the dynamic top bar. It does, however, sport a bottom bar. The bottom bar is labeled. Indication of the active page is done via the icon and label turning red. The Community app is one of the few apps that have some features behind an FAB button in the lower right corner.

    Speaking of FAB: Clock, Recorder and Notes apps. Clock app has the big top bar, but has a bottom navigation bar. It looks roughly on par with the Community app's navigation, but the indicator color is not the OnePlus red. FAB button in this app is centered, not on the right. The Recorder app can be scrolled but it still has the alpha-state scrolling behavior of the dynamic top bar, so it's buggy. It has the FAB centered. Notes app surprisingly does not look too broken.

    Zen Mode in itself is a horizontal swiper, but it does not have a dynamic top bar, albeit the big font is there. It does not have the line indicator up top, but dot indicator in the middle of the view. Icon alignment and positioning are completely off here as well.

    In comes the new Store app. It has every element of the other apps, yet it does not look anything like the other OnePlus apps. The Store app sports a bottom navigation bar. But the bar is not as high as the Community app bottom bar. It is not labeled and the icons are in a different style, size, have different line thickness. Indication is not done via the red indicator color here, but rather via just a darker shade of grey. The app also has a top bar that swipes horizontally and kinda has the big text on top. But: The big text doesn't get smaller, it just disappears with a vertical swipe. It also has a boldness to it that no other app is seeing. The line indicators that could be found in the other horizontally swiping apps are not there. Their place is taken by a different type of labeled indicator (Recommended, Phone, Offers...) with small images that stay up top. Plus, it has a persistent Cart icon that moves up with the line indicator. An item nowhere to be seen in the other apps with, again, a different animation and hierarchy.
    The Profile icon on Community doesn't match the Profile icon in the Store app.

    The SMS, Phone and Contacts apps have been exchanged for Google services in the EU, so I cannot say anything about inconsistencies there. But the exchange for Google apps in itself is a big inconsistency, so that counts as another app that doesn't look anything OnePlus.

    I didn't even check OnePlus Health yet or the OnePlus TV app etc. But I am sure they also have creative ways of ignoring the design guide, if there is one.

    OnePlus are a multi billion dollar company. OnePlus have "Never Settle" as their slogan. OnePlus announcements always start with "bla bla bring the best tech to customers". When OOS11 got introduced, a blog post praised it as being so refined and what not.
    OK then - start with the basics: Consistent sizing and positioning of elements. Consistent navigation principles, design language or even font weights.

    The OnePlus Store app is a new release, yet it didn't manage to incorporate ANY of the design elements that OnePlus ever offered. I understand that different types of apps need their form adjusted to functionality and that some navigation principles just don't work for some apps. However, using the same fonts for titles, using the same type of page indication and labels across the apps that share their UX - that's not rocket science.

    Made a little something that marks the different indicators in different apps. It also shows the misalignment of icons and the different font sizes:


    All this and I ONLY covered the top and bottom navigation. Don't even get me started on the other elements that don't fit each other inside the apps, the app's background coloring etc.

    Instead of hiring some New York hipster to sell Helvetica as a custom-made OnePlus font, how about you guys make a style guide for your apps?
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  3. Dr_Mridul
    Gingerbread Apr 20, 2021

  4. JelleZon
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Apr 20, 2021

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  5. obakesan
    Jelly Bean Apr 20, 2021

    obakesan , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Apr 20, 2021 :
    tbh what's the point of an actual store app? What benefit does it bring over the website? Will this improve the backend so the experience doesn't crash during promotions?will it bring more stock to buy? Will it make unavailable items available to purchase? Maybe the effort and time could be used in more important areas.

  6. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Apr 20, 2021

    Dresa91 , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Same as Community App;)

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  7. Murali-5725
    Cupcake Apr 20, 2021

  8. obakesan
    Jelly Bean Apr 20, 2021

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  9. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Apr 20, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Apr 20, 2021 :
    So what’s the point of the community app?:rolleyes:


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  10. adi.muhic
    Froyo Apr 20, 2021

  11. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Apr 20, 2021

    Dresa91 , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Being the input for such discussions :p

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  12. adi.muhic
    Froyo Apr 20, 2021

    adi.muhic , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Hahahaha noticed that too. Never had a chance to follow them so much as I've been lately, and I kinda regret doing that because they surely failed massively in some aspects, such as android 11 update for 7 series devices. Everything about OnePlus seems more and more unproffesional and rushed.

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  13. Macha9989
    Cupcake Apr 20, 2021

  14. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Apr 20, 2021

    YRJ , Apr 20, 2021 :
    I highly doubt that this is an example if professionalism of the S/W or product teams but I agree it just sticks out and doesn't look good. Unfinished is what I would call it.

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  15. #36
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  16. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Apr 20, 2021

    jlasensiofi , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Wow, thanks a lot for the information @Kate A.! :);)

    Downloaded and installed, now you just need to test it. At first glance, it looks very good.

    Many thanks.

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  17. Javvadibabajee
    Gingerbread Apr 20, 2021

  18. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Apr 20, 2021

    YRJ , Apr 20, 2021 :
    It was open for testing when it was first announced, a few months ago, but not anymore.

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  19. stajni13
    Gingerbread Apr 20, 2021