OnePlus Student Ambassador Program: Month 4 In

  1. susi_
    Donut Dec 29, 2020

    susi_ , Dec 29, 2020 :
    This month was mammoth, super jam-packed as we had our exam going on. And these kinds of situations really teaches you how to multitask and perform under pressure. Adding on to that WFH makes it a hell of a task. This was the time when teammates came for the rescue, we took turns and share workload according to our exams dates.

    The kind of exposure we got this month was of the next level. We managed to brainstorm with Nord team for “New Gear - OnePlus Urban Traveler Backpack”. There were other campaigns too but this is what excites me more because of my Industrial design background.

    Currently, we are planning to launch a few more campaigns in January. I know, I always mention about some campaign happening but never name it or give specifics about it as we are not allowed to disclose them. So, if you are really keen to know more about them do visit our Instagram page.

    December was a blast and we are really excited for next year which has a lot for our student community. It has already been four months in OnePlus Ambassador Program. I had a lot more to write about but can’t, as my mother is calling me to do the dishes.
    I might come back to this later and rewrite it, till then Goodbye Boiz.

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