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    Moka69 , Jun 30, 2021 :
    Hello Everyone! Many of you must be following this OnePlus TV space for around 3 years when a TV Naming Contest was held. I am one of them too ;). Since then, there's a lot happening with OnePlus TV Section and around 9 models have been launched along with a TV Camera Accessory too. With such a decent ecosystem of TVs, there will be numerous facts of them which many weren't aware of. So, I thought to conduct a fun trivia around facts of TV.

    Without further ado let's start it!

    1. Which TV is the thinnest overall?
    OnePlus TV Q1 with 5.06 cm

    2. Which TV is the thickest overall?
    OnePlus TV 40Y1 with 8.6 cm

    3. Which TV is the lightest
    3. Arrange these three TVs in ascending order of net weights- OnePlus TV Q1, Q1 Pro, and 65 U1S
    Q1 Pro (22.2 Kgs) > Q1 (19.5 Kgs) > 65 U1S (18 Kgs)

    4. How many models of OnePlus TVs have a Sub-woofer inbuilt?
    Two, namely OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro

    5. Which TV has the highest Screen-to-body ratio?
    OnePlus TV 65 U1S and Q1 Series with 95.7% each

    6. In which state is the OnePlus TV manufacturer is located in India?
    Telangana (Radiant Appliances and Electronics Pvt. Ltd.)

    7. Do you know OnePlus TV Q1 Series Free Netflix Remote shipped with a major easter egg?
    OnePlus TV Q1 Series Netflix Remote (announced in November, 2019) shipped with the new logo of OnePlus. I thought it's mistake of manufacturer for misprinting it. Later in March 2020, realised that somebody in design team printed it way early than it was supposed to be!

    8. How many microphones do you think OnePlus TV Camera has?
    Two Noise-Cancellation Mics

    9. What do you think is the display panel thickness of OnePlus TV 55U1?
    It's 0.69 cms (any particular reason 👀) slim for almost 60% of its height

    How many did you get them right? Also, do let me know if there are any other interesting facts/trivia. I will add them up here.
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