OnePlus TV U1S: Beta Testers' Write-Up

  1. Batman360
    Accessory Tester, OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Jun 19, 2021

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  2. Batman360
    Accessory Tester, OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Jun 19, 2021

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    McJader , Jun 19, 2021 :
    One of the most important parts:D

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  5. Batman360
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  6. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Jun 20, 2021

    Venky61 , Jun 20, 2021 :
    Thank you all... @Batman360 did a great job in bringing out every bit of information to the users so as to help making their decision of purchasing easier. The content posted is just a teaser and more of his work is yet to come, so stay tuned ✌️

  7. Navdeep_Malik
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Jun 20, 2021

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  9. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Lollipop Jun 20, 2021

    Yash Pratap Singh. , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 20, 2021 :
    The team is fixing the issue, and a hotfix will be released soon ✌🏻

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    gopal.kul , via OnePlus Nord , Jun 20, 2021 :
    Thanks. So it means this is bug not hardware issu

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    zerocoool , Jun 20, 2021 :
    Did you face any issues in the display. I observed when watching 4K content, dark areas there is slight flicker.

  12. Yash Pratap Singh.
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    Yash Pratap Singh. , Jun 20, 2021 :
    Yeah the TV is in the first OS version, that's why.
    Hotfix is expected soon...

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  13. Batman360
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    Batman360 , Jun 21, 2021 :
    TV Software Review
    This section is made keeping in mind to give you all an in-depth perception of how good or bad the OnePlus TV U1S software is.

    As you all know from the previous sections that the TV running on Android 10, along with the enhanced security due to it, there are other functionalities that has been implemented on this TV Series. Now, allow me to provide you with feedbacks on these functionalities that you would use and notice during your daily TV usage.

    Google Duo Video Calling-

    screenshot_20210616-113925__01 (1).png

    • With the launch of OnePlus’ very own webcam, the video calling via Google Duo is now possible on the U1S TV itself. You can now talk to your loved ones on TV, now with wider viewing range and bigger screen.
    • Though the usage of this feature is less as one won’t want others to see how messy their room is. :p I would have preferred Zoom integration though, with virtual background on or video off.
    • With Google Duo now available to install on the U1S, I don’t think other video calling apps availability is far away. The Google Duo app works as expected, calls are being made and received is expected manner, it all comes down to the network speed which is the deciding factor for the lag during these calls.
    • Although the OnePlus TV Camera comes with 1080P resolution, but with the limitation of Google Duo, one can only get 720P resolution while using it.
    OxygenPlay 2.0-

    screenshot_20210616-120359 (2).png

    • This app is created by OnePlus especially for their TV. It will come up when you press “1+” logo button on the remote. Here you will get to see the contents of various OTT and music apps filtered and sorted by contents like: sports, live TV, kids, music, movies, shows; genres, OTT and music apps, languages, paid and free content and what not!
    • This app also has a global search feature which searches within every apps for the title you are looking for and provides you with appropriate results within seconds. It also has a status bar on the top right corner which shows Data Saver Plus settings, login status of your OnePlus account, Settings icon which take you on settings menu when clicked, Wi-Fi status, weather and local time.
    • On OxygenPlay, you will also find a tab named “My Videos”, where you can see your Watch history, add/remove content from Watchlist, add/removes reminders for new shows/movies, rate your favorite shows/movies and more. The most important feature that I use in this tab is adding the contents that I love in watchlist and the watch history to continue the show from where I left it off. And if you don’t like anything in here you can always go on the Android TV Home by pressing home button on the remote.
    screenshot_20210616-120522__01 (1).png

    Personalization -

    screenshot_20210616-110729__01 (1).png

    There is a “Personalise” section in Settings menu, which I mostly use to change screensaver settings in previous version of OnePlus TV, but this new U1S has brought many customization options such as -
    • Built-in Chromecast: This lets the user to cast the screen of their phones/mobile on TV, and also allows Laptop/PC users to cast their screen to TV by selecting ‘Cast’ option on Google Chrome.
    • Quick discover: With the help of which the OnePlus phone can quickly discover the TV, right now this feature is implemented on OnePlus phones running on OxygenOS 11.3 and above. There is also an option to let some devices allow/disallow to use this Quick discover too. Though, we did not get the opportunity to test this feature. Will update you regarding this when any one of our phone gets that update.
    screenshot_20210616-110735__01 (1).png
    • Auto discover nearby OnePlus Earbuds: This feature, I’m personally a fan of. As soon I open my Buds and Buds Z cases the TV discovers them so quick and gets connected to them by just pressing “OK’ button on the remote. This feature shows that how seriously OnePlus is taking building an IoT ecosystem. This features also shows how much battery is left on both your earbuds and the case, just like on OnePlus phones. Pretty neat addition in my opinion. What do you guys think?
    Data Saver Plus -

    screenshot_20210613-125633 (1).png

    This feature can be found under the “Network & Internet” setting and I have personally used it a loT.
    • I regularly have Wi-Fi connection issues due to which I have to switch on the mobile hotspot which has 2 GB/day data limit and we all know while watching shows/movies in HD, 2 GB data goes within 20-30 minutes.
    • Now, this feature comes to the rescue - when I switch on the Data Saver Plus and set bandwidth control to low or medium (which helps to run all videos in low resolution by default) and also set data usage notification alerts after every 500 MB of data used, then select the apps for which data won’t be used when they run in background, I’m able to go on watching shows/movies for an extended period of 10-12 hours.
    • I’m really thankful for this feature without this I would have felt like a caveman with nothing left to do for entertainment when my 2 GB/day data vanishes in thin air.
    • Here in this feature you could even see how much data has been used in a month - a proper chart and table is maintained for better analysis of your data usage.
    screenshot_20210613-125651 (1).png

    And the rest as features which are already there on OnePlus TV like setting Screensaver (in-built apps like Backdrop and OnePlus Pictorial, or 3rd party apps) and its start and sleep timer settings; ‘Input Source Memory’ which allows the TV to directly enter the most recent used input source when it is started and ‘Font Switch’ which lets you switch the TV fonts, right now there are only 2 fonts (Roboto and OnePlus SlateTM), but I really hope OnePlus introduces more Fonts for the TV.
    Android TV Home-

    screenshot_20210616-111008 (1).png

    This launcher we are all familiar with, anyone who owns an android TV must have used this launcher atleast once.
    • Here you can speak to search for the results you are looking for or type it, customise your home page by arranging, adding and removing apps according to your preferences.
    • Play Next feature, which shows the user what they left off, so that they can continue watching it from there.
    • You can find Google Play Store here too. System Time, System Settings and Wi-Fi status can be opened from Android TV Home too.
    • In addition to that the user can directly enter the Kids mode by clicking on the “Restricted Profile” icon on the top right corner and can also select their preferable inputs.
    Most of the time I use Android TV Home rather than using OxygenPlay, as I think it is convenient and easy to use.

    Remotes and Accessories-

    screenshot_20210616-111124__01__01 (1).png

    This is a combined Bluetooth accessories section, from where the user can pair the Bluetooth of the TV remote and also see the battery status and other information of the remote and also connect their other Bluetooth accessories such as speakers, earbuds, watches, etc. Although the user won’t be able to see the battery status of those accessories in this section, hopefully OnePlus adds it in their future updates.
    • Earphones, as we all know can be connected to the TV via Bluetooth to listen music or watch movies/shows, but this time OnePlus has launched a watch with a feature on Connect TV.
    screenshot_20210616-163402 (1).png

    • When the watch is connected to the TV, and this feature is opened, the OnePlus Watch acts like a navigational pad, with other features likes TV sleep mode on/off, auto-dim which automatically makes the TV go into the sleep mode when the user is detected by the watch to be asleep and auto-volume adjustment when there is an incoming call.
    • All these watch features work smoothly but there is a slight audio delay when the TWS earphones and wireless earphones are connected, but this delay can be corrected using the Audio delay and SPDIF delay adjustment given under Sound Settings.
    Kids Mode-

    screenshot_20210616-104138__01__01 (1).png
    Kids mode is useful in 2 cases, one, if you have a kid in the house and second, if you have relatives with kids coming over (if you know what I mean 😉).
    • It basically restricts the usage of a TV and these restrictions can be decided by parents, guardians or the owner of the TV.
    • Restrictions includes, limiting apps, limited settings options, requires PIN set by the owner/parents/guardians to come out of the Kids Mode, restriction of TV usage with the help of timer which when triggered asks for the same PIN to continue watching the TV.
    • The owner/parent/guardian can also switch on the Eye-protection mode in Kids Mode, so that the kids don’t strain their eyes. Though this Eye-protection mode is not of any importance if the kid can change the picture settings while in Kids Mode, which is the current scenario.
    Apart from the above mentioned restrictions, the Kids Mode works perfectly fine and your kid will be in safe hands when this mode is on.

    Wireless Screen Casting-

    img_20210613_130014-01 (1).jpeg

    The OnePlus TV U1S TV provides and allows 4 types of castings, namely: Miracast, Chromecast, DLAN casting and Multicast.
    • All these casting solutions lets the user to mirror their device’s screen on TV, devices like: smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc.
    • Though you may see some lags during casting, which is natural, for laptop casting I would suggest get an HDMI cable, for rest the job would be done with minor lags which can be ignored.
    Hands free Google Assitant: Speak NowTM -


    A very amazing software feature added to the U1S this time. A far-field mic is placed at the bottom of the TV for Hands-free control. I was waiting for something like this to get implemented since long.
    • I use it multiple times during the day, whether to open any app, listen to music, listen to news or know about the weather.
    • It’s Google Assistant but it now gets triggered on TV, just by saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google”, without having to touch any button or even lift your hand.
    • The Far Field Mic of the TV which can be switch on and off with the toggle switch given below the TV, is really responsive, the voice recognition is absolutely perfect.
    • The user has to say “Ok Google” with a normal pitch voice to activate Google Assistant, the sensitivity of voice recognition is kept at medium level to avoid accidental triggering of the assistant. But occasionally it may pickup the voice from the content that is being played.
    Now the wall with the TV literally has ears. 😉

    OnePlus Connect App compatibility-

    Lost your remote between those sofa cushions? Younger siblings fighting with you for TV remote? Parents hidden your remote so that you can’t watch TV? Worry not, because OnePlus gave the solution for these problems and named it OnePlus Connect App.
    With this app the user can control their TV with their smartphones, but this is not just a remote control app, it shows and does a lot more than just being a remote control. This app includes features like:
    • Explore Page: Here the user can find app recommended latest movies and can also search for their favorite content.
    screenshot_20210616-104414__01 (2).jpg
    • Local video folder: In the tab, the user will find all the videos stored on their smartphone which can be directly played on the TV screen.
    screenshot_20210613-130249__01 (1).jpg

    • Sleep Timer: User can set the TV sleep mode timer remotely via the Connect App.
    screenshot_20210616-114103__01 (1).jpg

    • User Metrics: Here, user will be able to see the total data usage of their OnePlus TV with the help of a given bar graph and table. The user can also see the TV’s screen-on time and time spent on various apps.
    screenshot_20210613-130305__01 (1).jpg screenshot_20210613-130308__01 (1).jpg

    • Brand new File Transfer: With the help of this new feature, now the user will be able to share the media files such as audio, photos and videos directly from their smartphones to their OnePlus TV. The size of transferable files is anything less than 200 MB.
    screenshot_20210616-105810__01 (1).jpg

    • Clear background apps: One tap solution to clear all the apps running in background from the TV, just tap on this option and your job is done.
    screenshot_20210616-105804__01 (1).jpg

    • Mirror cast and Multicast: Mirror cast will help the user to cast their single device, for example only one smartphone to the TV. On the other hand, with Multicast, the user can cast multiple devices to the TV, maximum number of devices/smartphones that can be casted using this feature are 2.
    screenshot_20210616-104439__01 (1).jpg

    • History: Here user can find their TV watch history and play the content from where they left off from their Connect App itself.
    • Brand new Kids Mode: This feature is added on the Connect App too, so that parents, guardians or owner of the TV can have a remote access to this Mode, and if the Kids Mode is setup on the TV, the user can switch the mode on and off without entering the PIN.
    screenshot_20210616-105624__01 (1).jpg

    • Smart Volume Control: With this feature switched on in the Connect app, whenever a call is received on the phone, the TV volume automatically goes down to 10%, and comes back up once the call has ended.
    screenshot_20210616-105757__01 (1).jpg

    • Takes screenshot of the TV screen: This feature is in remote section of the app, with the help of which you can take the screenshot of the TV screen (excluding the OTT apps due to DRM Protection). You can also choose to include or exclude the TV frame from the screenshot.
    • Quick Switch Section: This section is also to be found in the app’s remote control, with the help of which the user can open the apps installed on the TV directly from the Connect App by tapping on the respective app icon.
    screenshot_20210616-104401__01 (1).jpg

    File Manager-

    screenshot_20210616-114301 (1).png

    This app, you will find pre-installed on OnePlus TV U1S and also on previous generation of OnePlus TVs. With the help of this app, you can see what all media files you have transferred to the TV, using File Transfer from Connect App or any third-party app, or any external storage. This apps includes:
    • Devices: In this section you will get to see an internal storage, where you can see all the files installed in the system and other external storage devices if attached to the TV.
    • Images: Here you will see all the images in stored in the TV (if external storage is attached then images in that too will be shown here). You can open the image, zoom, rotate and much more stuffs.
    • Videos: And this section does the same but for video files. Here you can also play the video files using TV’s default video player.
    • Audio: Similar to the image, this section also does the same for audio files, you can also play music saved on your TV or external storage by using default music player.
    • File Sharing: The file explorer has a ‘Share To Phone’ feature which makes it really easy to share media files like photos and videos directly from TV to phone by scanning a QR code.
    Camera Application-

    The OnePlus TV U1S now has an inbuilt camera app which allows you to click pictures and record videos.
    screenshot_20210616-113512__01 (1).png

    • It has a simple and easy to use UI with basic function buttons on the bottom and access to camera settings just by clicking the menu button on the remote
    • The Camera App has some other settings, like - Timer - which can help to delay the clicking of pictures on the basis of time set by the user (1s, 2s, 3s, etc.), Shutter Sound toggle - which turns the shutter click sound on/off, Date Stamp - displays a watermark on the bottom right corner with the date of image creation, and Shot On OnePlus Watermark - which displays the OnePlus TV Camera watermark in the bottom left corner of the image.
    • The photos clicked are post processed to make them more vivid when viewing them on the TV. All photos clicked from the camera app are directly stored in the internal storage of TV and can be accessed through file explorer and also can be shared to your phone by scanning QR code.
    • The videos recorded by the camera app have a maximum time limit of 3 minutes.
    • It has some pre-loaded fun photo frames which can be accessed from bottom right option - however, we’ll love to have more photo frames added to camera app in the future updates.
    screenshot_20210616-113602__01 (1).png

    • The camera app, however, had a lag in footage - around 0.7 -0.8 ms lag was observed. But since its just for casual photo clicking and video recording, this should not interfere with the usage of the app.

    Bug Report-

    If you encounter any issue with the TV or apps on the TV, you can go in this section to report the bug.
    • You can report these bugs either from TV or from the OnePlus Connect App from on your smartphone.
    • Path to report bug on TV: Settings >More Setting > Report Bug > Choose Issue Type > Press OK button on the remote.
    screenshot_20210616-110143__01 (1).png
    • Path to report bug from OnePlus Connect App: Open app > Tap on Profile > Select TV issue feedback option > Select Issue type > Elaborate the issue and attach a picture showing the bug (optional) > Tap on Report button.
    screenshot_20210616-110320__01 (1).jpg

    Remote Review

    img_20210616_102227__01 (1).jpg

    What’s black, sleek, has buttons, even has Bluetooth, NFC, mic and runs on AAA batteries? That’s correct, the new OnePlus TV U1S remote.
    • The remote has total 11 buttons and circular D-pad, enclosing the “OK” Button.
    • This remote feel clicker, there is a satisfying feeling when the buttons are pressed, you could even use this remote as a fidgeting device - yes, it’s that relaxing!
    • You guys must be thinking why is NFC there on the remote, so this feature is under development as of now and the TV Ninjas have provided some amazing ideas for this remote feature, so, stay tuned, will update the feature here once developed.
    • Once the TV is installed and powered on, you will first need to pair this remote with the TV. The steps to pair the remote will be shown on TV, but let me guide you here too, keep the remote at a distance of 50cm or less from the TV and press and hold the “Ok” and the “Home” button simultaneously.
    • You can also pair the remote by going to TV Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Remote Control.
    Now, let me show the function of each button to you (you can find this in E-manual on the TV unit):

    screenshot_20210612-003000 (1).png

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    Thanks for the software and remote review @Batman360
    @Venky61 - looking handsome :p

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    The software features are surely a great add-on to the TV usage experience. Greatly summarized in detail @Batman360

    I was about to say who's that "Wreck-it Ralph" :p

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    Very detailed, even though I'm not very interested in TV tech, I did read the whole thing:p
    Well done.

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    Ayeee thanks alot for giving it your time. Really appreciate it❤️🙏🔥

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    Softwear part really well explained . Every details from start to end 👍

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