OnePlus TV U1S: Beta Testers' Write-Up

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    Batman360 , Jun 25, 2021 :
    TV Hardware Review

    • I received 65 inches variant of U1S - 65U1S, in which there is a four unit-speaker system with 30W sound output. The rest of the variants, 50U1S and 55U1S have 2 speaker units. The two extra speaker units in the 65U1S are additional tweeters.
    • This speaker units are placed in a stereo box design cabinet, which results in ‘sympathetic vibrations’. These speakers can get really loud and you can even feel the vibration of the sound on where you are sitting.
    • Unlike OnePlus Q1 Pro, the speakers are hidden back, inside the body of OnePlus TV U1S, and are bottom firing.
    Body frame-

    img_20210616_154515-1 (1).jpg

    • The bottom of the frame of U1S is made of metal, giving a really smooth metallic finish to it, making it feel premium, with the OnePlus logo in the bottom middle of the frame and ‘Co-tuned with Dynaudio’ written on the bottom corner of the frame and also a slight protrusion on the bottom where the IR receiver is with 6 LED lights.
    • The back panel though doesn’t seem to be so premium, as it appears to be made from a thinner metal casing which helps in cost-cutting and also makes the U1S lighter, but again you don’t have to see the back, do you? As the back is usually faced against the wall so it doesn’t matter much until and unless you get to pay less. 😉
    • The screen frame bezels are not really great in quality, and have a plastic-like feel unlike the metal bezels/frame of OnePlus Q1 series and U1 TV.
    • The screen of U1S is a 4K UHD LED screen. The size of 65 inches variant feels humongous. It will surely turn the room it is in, into an art gallery.
    • Due to the screen size, the videos and images in the TV looks life-like. If it weren’t for the bezel-less design, the TV wouldn’t have looked this good, such thin bezels with more than 95% screen-to-body ratio is to die for.
    • This screen consists of 8.3 million pixels with DCI-P3 93% as well as Delta E<2 rating which helps in brilliant color reproduction.
    • It also has 10-bit color depth which shows over a billion colors, which helps in giving its user vibrant visual experience.


    • The OnePlus TV U1S have 6 front facing LED lights and all of them placed in the bottom protrusion of the TV. Two LEDs in each corner of the protrusion and the rest four circular LEDs in the middle of those two.
    • The middle four LEDs are for Speak NowTM feature, when the Far Field Mic is on, these four LEDs shows white light when the Google Assistant is triggered by “Ok Google” and shows orangish-yellow light constantly when the Far Field Mic is off.
    • When the TV is in Power Off mode, the corner two LEDs will constantly show white light and when the TV is in Sleep mode, these 2 LEDs will go dim, then bright, then dim again - in small periodic intervals, which will give a feeling that the TV is breathing. We call it the Breathing Effect :p
    Buttons & Switches-

    WhatsApp Image 2021-06-25 at 11.54.16.jpeg

    • The U1S has a power on/off button below the TV and also a toggle switch beside it, which when on, turns on the Far Field Mic of the TV and when off, turns off the Far Field Mic of the TV.
    • The power button is a push to turn the TV on/off and the mic toggle disables the mic when you slide it to the left and enables it if you slide it towards right.

    img_20210616_093536 (1).jpg

    • Now, coming to the rear end of the TV, there are multiple ports to be seen.
    • Three HDMI 2.1 compatible, with HDMI 1 supporting eARC and all support CEC ports; two USB 2.0 Port; one AV input (mini 3 in 1); one port for inserting power cable and one Ethernet Port.
    • All these ports are very well placed, with power cable port on the right and rest of the ports on the left.
    TV Stand-

    image (5).png

    • The combined weight of these metallic stands are 200 gm. They are as sturdy as they are stable. They can hold the TV on them quite easily and keep it stable. The material of the stand looks minimalistic - and matches with the bottom bezel of the TV. The metallic stands have a rubber padding in the bottom to prevent damage to the stands or the table.
    • The good part about having the TV on these stands is that you can easily move the TV from one room to another without any difficulties.

    img_20210616_101904__01 (1).jpg

    • The wall-mount bracket that comes inside the box is a straight metallic structure with nuts and bolts included.
    • There are 8 holes in the wall-mount bracket, that means you have to finalize the place for wall-mounting the TV and not move it anywhere else so that the holes are drilled at once on the wall, because the number of holes to be done on the wall are a lot, so think carefully where to place the TV before wall-mounting it.


    P.S. For clearer video click here.

    Talking about the picture quality, I would say according to the price range, the picture quality of the U1S is really good. The black looks crisp, but again there is always room for improvement. It definitely has a wide range of colors giving the user a vibrant visual experience, also, the viewing angles are really great on the U1S.
    If you ask if I dislike anything about the picture quality, I would say only a few things such as the HDR mode, the dark scenes get really darker here, close to not being visible, which I think needs tweaking. There are lots of Picture settings for the new U1S U TV series, but for a normal user, pre-set picture modes will help a lot too without much adjustments. Now, let me enlighten you with the features that a user would be using in day-to-day usage and how these features perform:

    screenshot_20210616-115126__01 (1).png

    Backlight -

    Now that this feature has been decoupled from the picture mode adjustments, user can set it to whatever brightness they prefer their screen to be, without it being changed when the picture modes are changed.
    • When you are watching the TV with all the lights in your room, off, you can keep the backlight at 20-30% and with the lights on, you can keep the backlight above 50% for comfortable viewing experience. But again, you can change it to according to your preference.
    • When the TV is switched on for the first time, the brightness is set to 100%, so you may feel a slight discomfort while looking at the screen, so to correct that you can change the backlight brightness by using this feature.
    • I would’ve loved it if it was more customizable by giving two options “Day” and “Night” and in here we can put in the values at which we want the brightness to be during any time of the day. But I don’t mind not having it too, as I change the backlight brightness once a day.
    Global Dimming -

    With the help of this feature the dark scene gets darker and the bright scene gets brighter.
    • I don’t use this feature much as the OTT apps providers provides accurate amount of brightness to the scenes that are being played on the U1S.
    • But when I use it, I keep it at “Low” setting, as there are 4 options in it: High, Medium, Low and Off. I will not recommend keeping it at “High” setting as when the dark/night scene arrives, you won’t be able to see what’s happening on the TV screen, while keeping it at “Low” settings will not make that much of an impact but sure does help in enhancing the viewing experience in bright scenes a bit.
    Picture Modes:

    screenshot_20210616-115138__01 (1).png

    This part is where magic happens!
    There are in total 9 picture modes on the U1S TV, which would fulfill most of your viewing scenarios. These 9 picture modes are: Standard, AI Picture, Vivid, Eye Comfort, Movies, HDR 10+, Sports, Images, Custom.
    • Though all the modes are customizable (except AI picture), it is good to have a separate Custom mode too, so that the user can set their preference separately.
    • I keep the picture mode at Standard mostly and use it as a custom mode, setting brightness to 30%, no change in color, sharpness, contrast and tint. This mode works fine for most of the contents, more picture settings for this mode will be covered in next point.
    • My second preference goes to AI Picture mode, as no adjustment is needed here, even if it was needed, you won’t be allowed. The only problem with this mode is that the Ultra-smooth motioning is pre-defined and can’t be changed.
    • Third preference would be, Eye comfort, I turn this mode on at night, with all my lights off, because of this mode, the TV viewing doesn’t get unformattable as the color temperature of the screen changes to warm.
    • And rest of the mode like Movies, Sports and HDR 10+ can be used while watching movies or any kind of sports or a HDR contents and the remaining I leave for you guys to explore as these won’t be used as much as the rest of them.
    screenshot_20210616-115145__01 (1).png

    More Settings (under picture mode) -

    Here you will find some more picture mode settings:
    • Color temperature - Where you can change the RGB gains, with “Warm” you will see less of blue and more of yellowish color, where are “Cool” is vice versa of Warm, you can even set it to “Normal” or customize it according to you
    • Adaptive Contrast - To balance the whites and blacks according to the scene
    • Digital Noise Reduction - Helps to reduce the noise (Grains) in the video
    • Smooth Gradation - Helps in reducing the color banding in the video
    • Ultra Smooth Motioning - This is the MEMC that adds the extra frames to the existing lower framed video to reduce the ghosting or blurring for fast-paced scenes like action sequences or sports.
    All these picture settings have Low, Medium and High options to chose from to suit your requirement.
    • Color Space - Gives you an option to chose the color gamut to use for the picture colors. Setting it to Auto would be the best so that depending on whether the content is SDR or HDR, the color gamut is changed to cater for the colors.
    screenshot_20210616-115151__01 (1).png

    Advanced Picture Settings -

    I won’t be getting much into it as most of us won’t be using it much. Though one feature is worth mentioning here and that is HDR mode, you can keep this setting on Auto or Off. Keep it at Auto for better viewing but if the scene gets really dark, you can turn it off to get better colors and brightness even when the content you are watching is shot in dark lightings.

    screenshot_20210616-115208__01 (1).png

    Now, to summarize this section - I would say I am pretty impressed by the picture quality of the U1S, color reproduction is amazing, color contrast is good, black looks fine, you won’t feel any compromises done.
    But if you start nit-piking you may get some issues but those are negligible. On a personal note, these are my settings: Picture Mode - Custom; Backlight - 30%; Brightness – 0; Color – 50; Sharpness – 10; Contrast – 50; Tint – 0; Color Temperature – Normal, Adaptive Contrast – High; Digital Noise Reduction – High; Smooth Gradation - High; Ultra Smooth Motion – Low; Color Space – Auto.

    Sample Shots -

    img_20210616_134642__01 (1).jpg

    img_20210616_134429__01 (1).jpg

    img_20210616_134522__01__01 (1).jpg

    img_20210616_134725__01 (1).jpg

    img_20210616_134447__01 (1).jpg

    Sound Quality Review


    This is my favorite part in this review as I have tested it thoroughly while watching shows, movies and listening to music for almost 500+ hours during the entire testing period in this four-unit speaker system providing 30W of sound output. There are some very good points and some drawbacks to the sound quality of the TV, which I will be elaborating further in this section, so let’s see what all features and customization will the user get to use inside the sound settings:

    screenshot_20210616-114744__01 (1).png

    Sound modes -

    Here the user gets 4 different types of sound modes which they can choose according to the content they are viewing or listening to:
    • Standard: I personally use this mode most of the time as it’s nicely balanced with good bass, dialogue clarity, loudness, thanks to Dynaudio for co-tuning this sound profile. Watching action movies with lots of gun firing with volume above 50% in this mode, the scene starts to feel realistic as the sound becomes really immersive after the volume goes above level 50. The highs and lows are perfectly balanced and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or artificial to listen to. Though in some OTT apps like Zee5 while playing a movie or show, the dialogue may seem muffled, in my case, I was watching “Saand ki Aankh” on Zee5 and the dialogues were not as clear as they should be. But again, there is a dialogue enhancer feature to fix this issue too.
    Will recommend? Yes, 100%.
    • Surround: You may expect the surround sound to be better than the Standard sound mode, but sadly that’s not the case here. Surround sound mode doesn’t feel like surround sound at all and after using this mode on OnePlus Q1 Pro, I can tell that the surround sound mode on U1S doesn’t even come close to Q1 Pro. The volume in this mode is really low , the dialogues aren’t clear but muffled, sound output feels artificial, I wouldn’t recommend you to switch to this mode, as you won’t be getting a surround sound experience that you were expecting. I really hope they fix the sound quality of this mode via a software update.
    Will recommend? Nope!
    • Clarity: This mode can be used while listening to podcasts or watching sports with commentary. You can also use it this mode while watching shows or movies but you will not be able to feels those thumps, the sound in this mode kinda moves towards the flatter side to give you clearer dialogues without having to turn on dialogue enhancer. I have used this mode only in some scenarios as explained above, I wouldn’t recommend switching to this mode when you are listening to songs though. It still feels better than the surround mode.
    Will recommend? Maybe, depends on the content you are watching.
    • User: Here the user will get different adjustment bars to set the audio according to their needs, you may call it custom sound mode too. But again, no matter how much you tweak these adjustment bars, you won’t be getting that loudness and bass that you would get in Standard Sound Mode. To explore these settings, just play a song on YouTube and start adjusting the levels, you will start recognizing the change yourself and when the adjustment is done, it gets saved in the system, until you change it again. Also, you tune upto 200 khz for bass, upto 8khz for vocal and above for treble.
    Will recommend? Sure, if you can sacrifice a little of loudness and bass.

    screenshot_20210616-114843__01 (1).png

    Note: You may come across with a scenario where even if you are listening to the content at 100% volume, it will still feel low, then kindly switch the audio mode from 5.1 to normal in the app itself. For example, if you are watching Thor on Disney+ Hotstar at 100% volume and the audio is set to English 5.1, then select the settings gear icon on Disney+ Hotstar itself and change the audio to English (stereo) - the volume will increase significantly.

    Dialogue Enhancer -

    This is self-explanatory feature.
    • It has 4 settings, namely: High, Medium, Low, Off. If you are watching a content where the dialogues aren’t clear enough and feels echo-y and muffled, you can turn this feature on at low or medium.
    • Choose high setting at your own risk, because once you set it to high, the system will prioritize only dialogues and all the background music will feel muted. Also don’t listen to songs with dialogue enhancer ON, as the experience you would be getting would not be good - as the lyrics will get all the clarity and background instruments will get lowered in volume.
    • I will recommend that if you use this feature, use it on Low and if really necessary than Medium, else you won’t be needing this feature 70-80% of the time, but it’s always nice to have more features than to have none.

    Overall, I would say the sound quality of the U1S TV is decent given its price. The Sympathetic Vibrations due to the box speakers gives a good punch to the bass and makes you feel like you are in the action.
    Though I’m really hopeful that the sound quality will only get improved as the software updates starts coming because the TV has only received it’s first update as of now, so the users can expect more enhancements and optimizations in sound quality, especially in Surround sound mode.
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    There's a reason why we're calling it a review write-up ;)

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    Thankyou brother ❤️🤗🍻

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    Batman360 , Jun 26, 2021 :
    Things We Absolutely Loved
    • Minimum bezels due to which we are able to see a bigger & immersive screen.
    • OnePlus TWS Battery Indicator.
    • Far Field Mic, which provides convenience as we can command the Google Assistant just by saying “OK Google”.
    • AI Picture Mode.
    • Great Viewing Angles.
    • Decoupled Backlight Controls, which is placed perfectly inside the picture settings for easy access and quick change of the screen backlighting according to the content that is being viewed on TV.
    • Ultra-Smooth Motioning (MEMC).
    • Minimal lag in Game Mode - We have tested the TV with both PS4 and PS5 and the gameplay had no lag/delay at all. The TV switches automatically to the Game mode once it detects the PS (thanks to ALLM) and it provides a latency-free experience.
    • Breathing LED while the TV is in sleep mode, though I really wish the colors of this LED to be customizable too.
    • Connectivity to OnePlus Watch, will help you to control your TV via the OnePlus watch, you can either use it as a remote control, or enable other features like auto-dim while asleep and smart volume control.
    • File transfer feature in the Connect App.
    Potential Areas for Improvement

    Disclaimer: These issues have been reported to the TV team and they will be resolved in upcoming updates.
    • Lag faced when Settings menu is opened and browsed during video playback.
    • Delay in audio while listening to the audio via Bluetooth audio devices, occurrence is 30% though. Audio might break too for few seconds after Bluetooth audio devices are paired with the TV.
    • Surround sound mode sounds really bad.
    • The volume bar appears after few seconds on the TV screen when the volume buttons are pressed on the remote.
    • Optimization of dialogue enhancer when it’s set to high is needed.
    • For AI picture mode, the ultra smooth motioning is pre-decided by the system and the user can’t change it, letting user to change it would be a better option.
    • Some features do not work correctly or don’t work at all in Kids Mode, such as Google Assistant, Weather app, etc..
    • The UI of the File Explorer and Bluetooth Stereo feels very bland with lots of empty space which could be utilized to make the UI more interactive and informative.
    • Audio and video out of sync for few seconds in Netflix app, occurrence 20-30%.
    With this price range, the OnePlus TV U1S is a hit, though there are some downsides but most of them can be resolved with software updates, so you all just need to keep patience. With 4K picture resolution the content on this TV looks beautiful and yes, for the U1S, the bigger the size of the screen the better the experience you will get (not selling it, just saying from my personal experience). The sound section could be improved in the Surround Sound Mode and bass could be a bit better in the Standard Sound Mode, but for the rest, I feel it does its job pretty well. The bezel-less design will blow your mind, the breathing LEDs might scare you at night, gaming on this will give you an immersive experience, the 65 inches variant can act like your personal movie theatre and the connectivity to devices like OnePlus Buds, OnePlus Watch, etc. are pretty neat for your convenience. I thoroughly enjoyed my testing and reviewing period with the new OnePlus TV U1S and I really hope that you all enjoyed reading the review, I know I know, it was long, but I wanted to give you guys a clearer picture of what you will be purchasing.

    OnePlus TVs Comparison

    Specs comp NEW.jpg

    This comparison was made by @Yash Pratap Singh.
    For clearer image, click here.

    Video Review
    Now it's time for a detailed video review from our very own Community OnePlus TV Expert @Venky61. Go and watch it folks:

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    Yash Pratap Singh. , Jun 26, 2021 :
    Thanks for the review @Batman360!
    @Venky61 awesome video!

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