OnePlus Two Hands on Review, also a ton of questions answered

  1. zues
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2015

    zues , Oct 16, 2015 :
    Hey everyone! Some of you may recognized me, hanging out on the forums, posting off n on. Mostly lurking and answering question when I can. But truth be told, i'm actually a writer for a website called extraquarter.com, which is relatively new. Well recently we discussed about releasing a new Tech section for the website, and instantly I knew I wanted to cover the OnePlus 2. However, I wanted to experience it like any other consumer would, having to wait in line through the invite system. To truly get the authentic OnePlus experience, by trying to win an invite through contest and from other members.

    So I dove into the world of OnePlus, devoting my time, eagerly waiting on the invite list and hoping to snag an invite from all the random spur of the moment invites from fellow OnePlus forum members. After a few weeks, my efforts proved to be fruitful and I finally had the invite and try out the OnePlus 2 for myself.


    Just to hit the major highlights. The phone feels very nice, comfortable to hold, not overly large and the weight I find perfect. The phone still passes the pocket test and so far, durability wise, its pretty solid. Despite running into a few things with the phone, not a single mark shows, I also purchased the tempered Glass Screen protector, that fits pretty well on the phone. Its not a 100% perfect cutout for the display but its pretty flush. When I handed the phone off for others to try out, they were surprised when I told them, it actually had that cover on. They couldn't tell at all.

    The phone performs really well too, which is not too surprising, packing a snapdragon 810 cpu and 4GB of DDR4 Ram. It would be hard to mess up a phone with specs like that. Also I found the Camera to be dang good, takes pics surprisingly quick and the quality, i'd argue, is up there with any top phones.

    Now I could go on n on, but we are all familiar with OnePlus here, so if you want to check out the full review and see more pictures, head over to my post, also feel free to leave me any feedback, im always looking to improve.

    So instead, i'm going to list down a ton of commonly asked questions I constantly hear and give my answer based on all my time with the OnePlus 2, and hopefully clear up a questions I know you guys ask a lot.

    Do I have to use Paypal to purchase the phone?
    Yes, also, if you don't already have a Paypal account, I recommend setting up one now, as depending on your region, could take 24-48hrs before your account is setup and ready.

    How is the display, did you notice any yellowing?
    The display been fantastic, while it might not be as stunning as a QHD or Sony new 4K display, its been comfortable to look at and color wise very accurate. The Yellowish comments came out when compared to a OnePlus One, which was know for having a more blue'ish display.

    Does the Snapdragon 810 cause the phone to become overly hot?
    Depending on use, the phone can become warm, more noticeable from the metal edges, but for the most part, never found it to be hotter then any phone under similar use, However, when using the OnePlus 2 with Google Cardboard VR caused it to become pretty hot. Which isnt that uncommon to hear about when using a phone for VR. Not to mention you are wrapping your phone with cardboard. But never once did the phone become so hot I couldnt hold it or have it shutdown because of the heat.

    How long was your order in processing status?
    I timed it, around 48hrs. Once the order was processed, it was shipped out of California.

    Does the battery last a full day?
    Again, it all depends on your use, but I found I was able to get through the entire day without worrying about battery life, generally, when I go to call it a night, my battery hovers around 20-30%. Truth be told, im having more issues of using up my monthly high speed data, more than the battery. But for those who are pretty cautious, here's One, Two, Three links to help improve your battery.

    How is the Camera?
    Good, really good. Its fast, images have great clarity, not to mention it does hold up pretty well in lower lit settings. Only downside, as many people point out. Its pretty much stock. If you never used a stock android phone, you may find this a bit empty then. But never worry, there's plenty of camera apps to use.

    I hear the phone vibration is pretty weak, this true?
    Yeah, I found it pretty light as well. Missed a few text and calls, while the phone is in my pocket.

    How long did it take to get the latest Oxygen update OTA?
    When I received my phone, charged it, booted it up, there was the latest update waiting to be downloaded. So for the most party, OnePlus been pretty proactive on having the latest updated pushed to your phones.

    You mentioned Google Cardboard VR, does that work with OPT?
    Yes, totally. I actually purchased a VR kit from EightOnes. Took little time to set it up and play with. Just make sure the VR kit you buy is large enough to fit the phone. Needs to be at least 5.5 or larger. Though I did have some issues with the screen going dark, so changing some settings around, preventing the phone to turn its screen off when enclosed in the VR headset resolved that issue. Warning, it will get hot, however never once did it have any functioning issues.

    Any issues with the finger print scanner?
    I know there's been a few videos showing people having contentious issues with the print scanner, but for the most part, ive had little issues. Its much better then the first generation of fingerprint scanners and I actually found when lightly pressing works better then a hard press. But thats been just for me. Rarely do I have to try, again and again, repetitively to unlock the phone.

    Do you know anything about this OnePlus X? Are you going to review that?
    At this time, I know nothing besides the various rumors floating around, nor do I have any clue on how OnePlus plans to sell the phone, invites again? Who knows. But hopefully OnePlus will drop me a line, and I can get my paws on a review unit to write up for everyone. ^ - ^

    Alright everyone. That's all the time I have to share. If you want to follow me, see more of my material I write, feel free to follow extraquarter. For me, I plan on sticking around and hopefully I can finally upgrade from my Froyo status....

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    ratification , Oct 16, 2015 :
    By the way you don't need PayPal account to buy phone. You can just signup when buying phone. It works. You don't need worry about missing out invite because you don't have PayPal account .

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    Pirmas , Oct 16, 2015 :
    Positive one. Good to hear a positive review. It means OPT is improving. and the hardware quality is increasing with every bach.

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  10. zues
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    zues , Oct 16, 2015 :
    Hey, thanks for all the comments. Also, just a heads up, I received the latest update for OxygenOS which was pushed out last Wed. So only took around 48hrs.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.