Oneplus two has very poor standby time

  1. bala
    Gingerbread Aug 31, 2015

    bala , Aug 31, 2015 :
    Im using oneplus 2 for a week now and it offers an below average battery standby time....the phone was in Aeroplane mode with 14% battery left when i was off to sleep and the following morning i was greeted with a fully drained battery with the phone being switched off...i have used various phones and this is quite peculiar hope oneplus does something in the next update to fix it the standby time is too bad for a flagship killer that to in aeroplane mode ...
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  2. imattv4
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 31, 2015

    imattv4 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    yea standby is ridiculous.
    set app permissions to no wake. it helps alot

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  3. hicken
    Honeycomb Aug 31, 2015

    hicken , Aug 31, 2015 :
    Is the standby mode with everything else off too like Sync and Location? I turn off those as well with airplane mode and that seems to help on my OnePlus One

  4. bala
    Gingerbread Aug 31, 2015

    bala , Aug 31, 2015 :
    @imattv4 i think the culprit is some android process that keeps on running in the background ...next to screen on time the battery killer is some android service...and i even tried force stopping some and it just helped a little but the standby time is so bad really this is a big bummer in software side hope the devs notice and improve it

  5. imattv4
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 31, 2015

    imattv4 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    android system is unavoidable depending on how the rom is utilized, most roms actually hide that process, but its often not the culprit for poor stand by.

    stock apps like gmail, map, clock can some times have silly wake times, but most misc apps are the problem, especially facebook

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  6. rachitwadhwa
    Froyo Aug 31, 2015

    rachitwadhwa , Aug 31, 2015 :
    Their have been a lot of issues about the standby time is the standby time really low how much battery it drains if the cellular data is also switched on ? Will it be fixed in the update ?

  7. aenews
    KitKat Aug 31, 2015

    aenews , Aug 31, 2015 :
    You can suffer from poor idle battery life in any device depending on the ROM/Update. The best way to maximize idle life is to use Greenify and Amplify. Greenify works minimally without root but much better with Root/Xposed. Amplify requires Root/Xposed. IMO they are staple apps that should be installed on every Android device.

  8. p51d007
    KitKat Aug 31, 2015

    p51d007 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    If you have a phone like I do, with a 4,100mAH battery, you don't need to worry about
    the standby time. :D

  9. bala
    Gingerbread Aug 31, 2015

  10. marian_1x
    Donut Aug 31, 2015

    marian_1x , Aug 31, 2015 :
    Mine lasts for a full day but only with call function and some light tasks like photo viewer and sms.
    If used for anything else (taking photos or recording) the standby time reduces to half a day...

  11. atiq.qasim.12
    Honeycomb Aug 31, 2015

    atiq.qasim.12 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    Just wait for android marshmallow..... Doze feature on it will fix all standby time issues.
    So just have patience for now.

  12. atiq.qasim.12
    Honeycomb Aug 31, 2015

    atiq.qasim.12 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    For now the only fix you can try is to root your phone and use betterbattery stats app and find what process is draining your battery, then disable it.

  13. splen0
    Honeycomb Aug 31, 2015

    splen0 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    It is not an option. Marshmallow could take a couple of months till it is implemented in OPT.

  14. bala
    Gingerbread Aug 31, 2015

    bala , Aug 31, 2015 :
    new android version is not solution to this problem its optimization issue and i hope this will be fixed asap

  15. vijaywidluv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 31, 2015

    vijaywidluv , Aug 31, 2015 :
    i looses only 5-8% of battery on standby during my 8hrs of sleep and beside that am getting above 5hrs of SOT on my op2 so cant complain

  16. Yousuf.shareef
    Eclair Sep 1, 2015

    Yousuf.shareef , Sep 1, 2015 :
    Have you rooted your phone or stock??

  17. vishesh.jindal10
    Gingerbread Sep 1, 2015

  18. vijaywidluv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 1, 2015

  19. Yousuf.shareef
    Eclair Sep 1, 2015

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  20. vanjarameshbabu
    Honeycomb Sep 1, 2015

    vanjarameshbabu , Sep 1, 2015 :
    please visit service centre,its may be software issue