OnePlus Two launch in France live

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    Cuerex, Aug 11, 2015 :
    "If Apple does it, why not OnePlus? This is what must have thought the communicating of the Chinese brand which organized this morning a flash sale of its new phone in the trendy Parisian boutique Colette. We were there to attend the event.


    Had to get up early this morning for a chance to be among the first to gain access to the Colette store in order to get hold of the OnePlus 2. The opening of sales yet begun in the late morning at 11 o'clock exactly. I arrived around 10:30 am and already lining up to buy the phone almost down to the Tuileries Gardens, about 100 meters away.


    In front of the gates of the store was Benedict, 28, who patiently waited since midnight. 11:00 "difficult" in his words and rewarded by buying a OnePlus 2 and a handshake with Carl Pei. Behind Benedict stood on potential buyers a little better equipped than him coats on the shoulders, back to fighter backpack straps and portable stools. Specialists from the queue who arrived around 4 or 5 am.

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    OnePlus officials are also remained very vague on the phone stock offered for sale. "There are not many, but enough to satisfy a portion of the queue" explains forcefully demonstrated Emmanuel, head of brand marketing team. And indeed, once in the store, I did not see more than twenty phone boxes. Maybe there were there other stocks elsewhere in the store.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Only OnePlus 2 64 GB - 399 euros - were sold in the Parisian brand. OnePlus however had the good idea to come up with their hands full of covers and it was possible to buy another (bamboo, Kevlar, etc.) in addition to the phone. For those who have not had the chance to buy the mobile OnePlus Colette assured that we allow them to reserve a device, so that they can find or have it sent by Colette "in the days come ". As for stocks, the sending or receiving of appliances by Colette dates are very blurred.

    Apart from Colette, the first shipments of OnePlus 2 starts today in Europe - but in the US, where they will have a few weeks late. The OnePlus 2 is in writing FrAndroid for a few hours and we will publish the test by the end of the week."


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    Cuerex, Aug 11, 2015 :
    that's what i thought aswell. i was expecting regional employees instead only.

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    Nice article! Waiting now to see how the store invites are going to be handled...

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