Oneplus watch is forgotten via OnePlus Nord 2

  1. zorangelev
    Donut Nov 23, 2021

    zorangelev , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 23, 2021 :
    Hi, I'm opening this thread just to check if Oneplus watch i forgotten by the company that exists and also think that this product is still in beta phase of software on watch an also Oneplus Health, does anyone shares the same feelings? 😊


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  2. wmm
    KitKat Nov 30, 2021

    Best Answer
    wmm , Nov 30, 2021 :
    Different users will have different wish lists. I think we can all agree on the slow GPS location fix. I don't care about AOD watch faces, though, since I prefer the longer battery life and raise-to-wake works fine for me. I'd like a more functional ordinary watch face, though - one that shows time with seconds, day and date, and with a couple shortcuts/displays like the "Big Numbers" face has. A way to turn off the automatic media control display when playing media on the phone would be very welcome, too. Overall, though, I agree; it's pretty nice for me even in its current state.

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  3. wmm
    KitKat Nov 23, 2021

    wmm , Nov 23, 2021 :
    It's beginning to feel that way. It's now been close to 9 weeks since B.67 was released, which is longer than the previously-longest interval of 8 weeks between updates. If there isn't another release in the next week or two, I think that there's a pretty good chance OnePlus has written off the watch and won't be supporting it any more.

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  4. M1637287440385
    Cupcake Nov 29, 2021

    M1637287440385 , Nov 29, 2021 :
    Just found out That THE b67 launch that included spotify just Mirrors the phone in a superbasic way. So impossible to transfer downloaded songs to the watch and use it as stand alone. As a most runners u wanna leave the phone Home. And the annoying oldfashion way to convert to MP3 is Long overdue with other brands. Can anyone confirm the above? IF so i Will return it asap.

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  5. zorangelev
    Donut Nov 29, 2021

    zorangelev , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 29, 2021 :
    Yes that is correct, there's walk-around but its not official, btw this not the only reason for thi watch to be returned...

  6. MH9
    Froyo Nov 30, 2021

    MH9 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Nov 30, 2021 :
    There is so much potential with the watch. OnePlus could have a major hit if they kept bringing new features. I like the watch but it could be so much more.

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  7. zorangelev
    Donut Nov 30, 2021

    zorangelev , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 30, 2021 :
    Yes that's for sure, the only watch I will keep in for my collection, I've used from apple watch 1 till 6 and i can say this one more enjoyable as hardware, i ordered amazfit gtr 3 pro will come in some time and i think this watch will be what i expected from Oneplus watch which for me is still in beta software... 😊

  8. Liehjan
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Community Expert Nov 30, 2021

    Liehjan , Nov 30, 2021 :
    I must say the software is surprisingly good now compared what it used to be. The only thing I would like to see improved is more AOD watch faces, and faster gps positioning.

  9. zorangelev
    Donut Dec 1, 2021

    zorangelev , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Dec 1, 2021 :
    Compared to competitors is still very basic in features both the watch software and oneplus health app on phone, for example the watch doesn't do nothing when you swipe to right on home screen and when you swipe to left it only shows you limited data which is fixed how it is... Pedometer has bad accuracy, heart rate has terrible accuracy and so on.... Btw you can turn off music control l in Device Settings under Music and the disable Music Controller if that is what you're looking for...

  10. wmm
    KitKat Dec 1, 2021

    wmm , Dec 1, 2021 :
    There is certainly room for improvement, and there are other enhancements besides the ones I mentioned that I would use if they were present (calendar and calculator apps are two that come immediately to mind). However, with the exception of the GPS issue, what it does currently is sufficient for my needs, and its more-capable competitors are currently, at least, significantly more expensive. (BTW, I don't find the heart rate currently, after the B.67 update, to have "terrible accuracy", although in B.65 it was unusable. It reads too low for the first ten minutes or so of my workout, so there's definitely room for improvement, but I generally work out for an hour at a time and the last 40 minutes are pretty much spot-on.)

    Thanks for the tip on turning off the media controls on the watch! Since I don't download music to my watch, I hadn't visited the "Music" setting in the Health app since they added the automatic feature, so I hadn't noticed that toggle. That's exactly what I was looking for and addresses a major annoyance. Now I'm even more satisfied with the watch! ;-)

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  11. wmm
    KitKat Dec 1, 2021

    wmm , Dec 1, 2021 :
    Actually, I have to temper my previous enthusiasm for this setting. What I objected to was the automatic replacement of the watch face with the media controls when playing media on the phone. I'd like to disable that behavior while still being able to open the Music app on the watch and get the media controls that way if I want. What this setting does instead is to prevent using the watch to control the media on the phone altogether. Given the choice between not being able to see the time hands-free and not being able to control media playing on the phone, I'll definitely choose the latter. It's still not quite ideal, though. Thanks again for pointing out this setting.

  12. MH9
    Froyo Dec 2, 2021

    MH9 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Dec 2, 2021 :
    Having a calendar and nfc would be welcome additions. The navigation feature has been a good addition and use it regularly.

  13. (Tyz1Plus) , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 5, 2021 :
    I've been using your watch for awhile now and overall it's a good design but still needs a few Tweeks here and there. It would be great to be able to reply to text messages with a quick reply of a few quick reply messages the same way you can reply to messages from Instagram directly from the watch. I don't understand why you would allow us to reply to Instagram messages on the watch and not to text messages.
    Also the step counter is not that accurate, I'm talking about a 1000 steps off of what it should be.
    Please if you would address these concerns in your next software update for the watch.
    Thank you
    Sincerely, your loyal OnePlus customer
    Tyrone Wasson

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  14. Szalámi
    Cupcake Dec 11, 2021

    Szalámi , Dec 11, 2021 :
    Lots of ideas came to the watch, but seriously 2 months ago nothing. Why are they doing this?

  15. zorangelev , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 12, 2021 :
    My view on this is, they will leave it as it is and maybe for watch version 2 will swith to Wear os and Google fit...

  16. Szalámi , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Dec 12, 2021 :
    I feel like when I bought Microsoft Band 2. I was able to text and display the caller's number with a lot of features in it. Then his support ended and never be contiued.

  17. zorangelev , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 12, 2021 :
    Yes this will be same thing it will work the way it is with some bugs and limitations... We will have to waith for watch 2 if they release one... 😊

  18. Szalámi , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Dec 12, 2021 :
    I switched from GTR. I really liked the watch he thought he knew more than my first generation GTR. SPO2, and phone calls plus answers. But I thought they could finally put new things into it. After I bought my GTR, maybe every two months, I never had a problem with GPS. Deep down, I believe I have no regrets about choosing watch. Then the list was gtr2 or this watch.

  19. zorangelev , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 12, 2021 :
    Best option for now is to switch to Gtr3 pro it has all the missing features... The only thing that makes me keep Oneplus watch is warp charge...

  20. Szalámi , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Dec 12, 2021 :
    Yes the charge is incredible with my standby time. (7 days)